Melania Trump Makes a Splash With Her Dress at the RNC

The news has been rife with stories about Melania Trump recently because of her appearance at the Republican National Convention or the RNC. At the RNC, she was a keynote speaker who gave a largely publicized speech that many in the media are now criticizing.

They’re criticizing the speech because they say it too closely resembles the speech that Michele Obama gave when Barack was running for president. According to many sources, there are large parts of the speeches that are almost identical.

But there’s more news than just speech parallels here. Ms. Trump wore a terribly interesting dress to the convention. It was white and tight fitting with large sleeves that puffed out at the elbows. The news is interested in this dress because it was not from an American designer.

Her dress was from a designer who is from Serbia and based in London. Her name is Roksanda Ilincic. Interestingly enough, Roksanda has a story that is closely related to that of Melania.

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia. Both women are from countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. Both women left their respective countries to find a future in the big world of fashion. Melania Trump is a former runway model who has toured the world and been highly successful. Ms. Ilincic is, of course, a fashion designer who lives in London. Because Ms. Trump comes from the world of fashion, we can expect to see a lot more interesting pieces from her as the campaign moves forward.