The Rise of Cassio Audi in his Music Career

Earlier in his life, he became very popular when he formed a band with four colleagues. These were Yves, Machado Andre, Pit and Felipe. The band was popularly known as Viper Rock Music. At the group, he started working as a drummer. The rise of the band to fame is attributed to his role. He helped the band to compose more music and in developing new marketing strategies. After a short period, their great music was being played in major media stations and the group won the hearts of many fans due to their electrifying performance on the stage.

Some of the hits in the early years include Killera, Princess from Hell, and Nightmare.Years later, the band started touring other parts of the world such as Europe and the United States. One of his main focus was on composing new music from time to time. In 1987, the band had enough songs to launch a new album which was dabbed Soldiers of Sunset. He led to the band being labeled as rock stars in many parts of the world. Despite using English during their performances, they attracted large crowds in Brazil.

To retain their popularity among their fans, Cassio Audi composed more hits that led to the launch of a new album in 1989. It was titled Theatre of Fate.Cassio Audi left the music industry to deal with financial-related issues. Even today, he is still considered as one of the greatest rock artists in Brazil. He has made massive investments in the country. According to the artist, the music industry has taught him many lessons that have enabled him to succeed in his financial career. He is a graduate of the Pontifical University of Sao Paulo where he majored in Business Administration. He later advanced his education by enrolling for a Master’s in Business Administration.

The British New Wave Of Heavy Metal Influence The Early Career Of Cassio Audi

The career of financial expert Cassio Audi has recently made him one of the best-known investment specialists in Brazil with a reputation for being one of the economic leaders who opened up the financial markets of the nation to continued success. Cassio Audi may now appear to be the epitome of success in the conservative financial markets but his early career took him on a completely different career path as one of the pioneers of the Brazilian heavy metal scene as a teenager.

Cassio Audi

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassio Audi was found to be one of the leading lights in the heavy metal scene of the nation in his early days as a drummer in his home city as he made his way through a number of bands before the formation of Viper finally allowed him to find a musical home. Formed by the Passarell brothers Felipe Machad, and Andre Matos, Viper was formed through a shared love of the new wave of British heavy metal led by the iconic Iron Maiden band.

The new wave of British heavy metal was an undoubted influence on Cassio Audi and his fellow members of Viper who crafted songs for their first demo recordings with a clear background in the British music of the 1970s and 80s. Audi himself was undoubtedly influenced by Iron Maiden drummers Clive Burr and Nico McBrain but was praised for his personal musical ability by critics and fans alike who see his career as a member of Viper as worthy of the heavy metal hall of fame despite only lasting for “The Killera Sword” recordings and the debut album, “Soldiers of Sunrise“. After touring with the band to launch their debut album, Audi made the decision to change career direction with a move into the world of finance in 1989.