China Aims for 6.5 Percent Annual Growth in Next Five Years

The Premier of China, Li Kequiang, opened China’s Parliament March 5 by saying China planned to grow its economy at an annual rate of 6.5 percent over the next five years, but faced tough struggles. The government intended to create more jobs while restructing industries that were currently inefficient.

6.5 percent growth would be the Chinese economy’s slowest rate of growth in 25 years. However, China is facing a softening of world demand for its exports and tumultuous financial markets. The government also wishes to stop environmental destruction.

The 2016 goal of the Beijing government, according to the article, is to achieve growth between 6.5 and 7 percent. And it aims to increase the money supply by 13 percent while keeping inflation around 3 percent. In 2015 the actual rate of inflation was around half that figure.

In the inefficient sectors of the economy, so-called zombie firms are inefficient and underperforming. They account for a lot of the corporate debt still leftover from the 2009 stimulus money China spent. China will be layoff 5-6 million workers in the coal and steel industry sectors over the next two to three years. It will restructure the zombie firms through mergers, debt deals and bankruptcies. They wish to hold the rate of urban unemployment below 2016. With the layoffs, this means they plan to create 10 million jobs.

To reduce environmental problems, they plan to hold the consumption of energy to 5 billion tons of coal. They also intend to raise spending on their military by 7.6 percent, which is the lowest rate of increase in six years.

Economists expect China’s rate of growth to come in at around 6.5 percent in 2016, a figure most countries would welcome.

Li said the government planned to reform the bond and equity markets. This comes after a period when the Chinese stock market caused worldwide concern through its widespread losses. Its currency the yuan went down in value. The government intervened in these cases. The Parliament will no doubt consider what measures to take to control the stock market.

China’s government aims to maintain stability and reduce the chance that economic problems and unemployment lead to widespread political and social unrest. Chinese citizens are allowing the government to manage the economy with the assumption higher growth will continue to make the Chinese people more affluent.

Another economic issue inside the country is the disparity between property values. In big cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, values are spiking up. However, in smaller cities they are stagnant.

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Technology and the Great Outdoors

As an outdoorsman, technology changed the game. I used to hunt, but I mostly photograph the outdoors and guide tours into the pineywoods of East Texas. Formerly, I had to work my way through endless woods that all looked the same with a compass and what I call wilderness wit. Things like knowing on which side of trees that moss grows, the North Star, the direction of the sun and things like this. However, no matter how much I tried to teach these things to the people that I mentor, someone will inevitably get lost. The previous Nokia handset type phones had excellent range, so we readily utilized the technology, but the newer smart phone’s range is awful as far as getting a signal is concerned.

Because of this, people that could formerly find a high spot and call us are now simply lost in the woods. However, since the advent of GPS, I do not let them enter the woods without a personal location device because anything can happen, and help can be many miles away, and accidents happen all of the time. Before this technology, people would die in the wilderness that had simply lost their way and not for a very long distance. It was just simply too hard to find the people without GPS. Now I map coordinates so that now, the wilderness is really not the wilderness anymore for anyone that is connected with our group, and anyone else that we can help if lost.

I also have hunting dogs. We do not catch, but we chase feral hogs and sometimes cougars from around settlements and communities. Every year hunters and outdoorsman lose their dogs to being lost on the chase. I personally have found dogs that have ranged hundreds of miles from their destination, and the only thing that returned them to their owners were microchips. I never have these issues, but I do microchip all of my animals. However, the GPS system that is made specifically for my dogs keeps my buddies from getting lost. This is important because my dogs are also my pets, and my girls would never forgive me if I lost their friends. Additionally, not only does it cost approximately $3,000 to replace the special breed, the selection, training and time that I put in to these animals is often irretrievable.

It would only take a few losses like that and of particular dogs to hurt my business for at least a year or more, and maybe permanently. I was reading about how Shaygan Kheradpir had ushered many of the world’s largest tech firms into the digital age with his technological and business acumen, and I thought about ways that I could incorporate technology into my business. He lifted these companies up by simply instituting the technologies that were available but underutilized and in their infancies in some cases. This is the type of forethought that I utilize now for the safety of those that I mentor, those that are lost and even my dogs.

Doe Deere : Color Is Not A Crime

It all started with the search for the right cosmetics. Doe Deere was once just another woman trying to find the perfect make-up. She desired saturated pigments that would pop that were also vegan and cruelty free. She was surprised to stumble across the number of cosmetics lines that are not vegan, such as companies that use blubber or honey in lipsticks. She wanted pigments that looked as though they had been lifted from the pages of a fairytale, with all of the magic and no animal byproducts. When she could not find what she was looking for, she set off to create her own and the Lime Crime cosmetic line was born.

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime is a full time beauty entrepreneur. Her cosmetic company celebrates color and embraces a playful spirit. Lime Crime has been featured in Nylon magazine and Deere was named as one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” by SELF-MADE magazine. This success echoes of that of a fairytale.

Though she has experienced a great amount of success, Doe Deere still recalls her humble beginnings. She started the business with a few hundred dollars and realizes that she would not have been able to build her business empire without the use of the internet. When she began, she was solely an online retailer. She would not have been able to cover the costs of renting a space for a brick and mortar store on a shoestring budget. The use of social media afforded Deere the opportunity to find customers from all around the world. This is ideal for her bold makeup line. A brick and mortar shop that sells such vibrant makeup would only fare well in very specialized markets, but an strong online presence drew women that crave dramatic makeup from all around the globe to her website.

As an entrepreneur, she recognizes that it can be a difficult road for other female entrepreneurs to find their footing in the market. Deere often offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or businesses run by women. There is a bit of trial and error. Sometimes you have to try new approaches and fail. Some failure is necessary and humbling, and should always been seen as an opportunity for growth. The key to growing from failure is not to avoid it all together, but to try to not repeat patterns and to not fail in the same manner twice. Above all, it is most important to have the courage to get back up and stand once more in spite of opposition.

Deere is an inspiring figure that reminds us to have fun. We don’t always have to take make up or ourselves so seriously. Life can be hard enough as it is without us being so hard on ourselves. If a bit of glittery eye shadow or high impact lipstick can make you feel like you could grace the pages of a fairytale, why would you want to suppress that? It is never too late to embrace a playful spirit.

Find A Product Your Looking For With Image Recognition Technology

Sometimes you may be walking down the street, and maybe you spot a very hip girl with an extremely nice pair of boots. Maybe she even has a purse that has caught your eye. In certain cases, a person may ask the lady where she got the items that she has, but not everyone is bold enough to do this. Some people may take offense to being asked questions about the products that they are carrying, so it may not be the best idea to ask where they got their items from.

Someone who is slick, they can quickly snap a photo of the purse or the boots that the lady has with her, and run the pictures through a product recognition software. The software will be able to identify the exact product, and it’s even possible to find the price, and the place the products are being sold. Technology has come a long way, and product recognition software, it is a great tool to help those who love to shop. Maybe a person is not able to recognize a specific product without more information.

Image recognition software is also great for companies who sell retail items, especially if they have an application available to their customers. Stores that sell retail items, such as clothing, purses, shoes and more, they should consider having image recognition software implemented into their current application. If there is a shopping application that the store has, and the application is available to the general public, then product recognition is an excellent idea. Slyce is the leading innovator when it comes to image recognition software, and it’s possible to implement their software within a current application.

Slyce’s software has been able to help companies bring in additional money because the product recognition software helps customers to find products easier. If a customer takes a picture of a product that they see, they can run it through the software, and it can bring back an exact match. Even if the picture isn’t clear enough, it’s still possible to bring back a close enough match to where the customer may be able to know exactly where to buy the product. Slyce’s technology is extremely powerful, and many companies have chosen to implement the software into their application. If Slyce’s software makes it easier for customers to find products they are looking for, then why not choose to use Slyce technology, especially if it can help to boost your sales?

Berkeley, California Right To Know Law for Cell Phones Sales

Did you know that carrying your cell phone in your bra or pants pocket exposes you to too much radio frequency? Not many of us did. That’s one reason Berkeley, California passed a Right To Know Law which requires retailers that sell electronics to warn all their customers about the potential danger.


The government has set federal guidelines for the amount of radio frequency exposure which is deemed to be safe for humans. Carrying a cell phone in your pants or shirt pocket or tucked inside your bra, while the phone is turned on and connected to a wireless network, causes the exposure to radio frequency to exceed those guideline limits.
Radio frequency has been determined to be a carcinogenic and can cause cancer and are particularly damaging to children. Sergio Cortes didn’t really know that until recently when checking LinkedIn. The Right To Know Law suggests that all cell phones be carried in a holster to prevent unwanted exposure to radio frequency.

The Art of the Season


There is nothing in the world that is exciting a Christmas day. It’s that day when you get presents for no reason in the world after you have not done anything to really deserve it; everybody at Qnet loves fee stuff.In our time though, Christmas has been marked with increased fashion trends that have been appreciated all over and the progress is very good.

There is still this one thing that has not really ben addressed enough and is really dampening the new modern Christmas spirit. It is that plague of ugly Christmas sweaters: yes, you know the ones, those that just scream Christmas a bit too loudly.

There are also those that look like your grandmother knitted for you and look like it has about ten layers of wool between the outside and yourself. People have to take a firm stand and just say no to these ugly Christmas sweater.

The reddit fashion site emphasises the need for fashion choices that will reflect well on you this Christmas and will not simply embarrass you.

3-D Printing Poised to Revolutionize Fashion Industry

The design studio Nervous System has made a breakthrough in the use of 3-D printing technology in the field of clothing. We have all seen the YouTube videos of someone shooting a gun where at least some of the parts were 3D printed. Typically, any time 3-D printed products that are featured are hard and rigid in nature. The technology, however, is advancing. Until now, clothes made through this technology wore more like suits of armor than clothes.

Enter Nervous System design studio and their custom software called Kinematics. This software has refined the printing of the plastic used in 3-D printing to a sufficient degree that it can actually be used to make a dress. By dress I do not mean some rigid thing that just hangs off some poor model. A video of it shows that it moves and flows on and around her as she walks in it. An amazing step forward for the printing of clothing. At a current $3,000 a pop, though, sweat shop workers in Bangladesh can consider their employment safe at the moment. The technology will of course improve. That seems to be the one constant of technology in any field.

Will we soon all have the equivalent of “replicators” from Star Trek in our homes (obviously a joke, right Sam Tabar)? A device will contain some source material (plastic or something else) and when we tell it we need a spatula it just prints it out right there.