Hippeas: Taking Snack Food To A Healthier Place

hippeas bisterzo


Can the small chickpea actually be the next big thing when it comes to healthy food snacks? When one looks at it, it hardly seems likely, after all, it isn’t exactly a food that has had large impact to American consumer’s diet to date. But when one takes a look at what chickpeas health properties, a case can be made for it becoming a staple for those who are looking for better for you alternatives. Chickpeas are low in calories, delivers a supply of fiber and protein.
Livio Bisterzo saw the appeal and the possibility of a snack based on chickpeas, when he embark on a journey to create a healthier alternative snack, Hippeas. The vision was to produce a snack that would be ideal for millennial consumers, knowing that many are very conscious of their eating habits.

Bisterzo and his company Green Park wanted to be sure that the health benefits were just as rigorous as the need to have a fulfilling and delicious snack treat. By combining the two, they have introduced what may very well turn out to be the next big global snack treat.

In today’s competitive market, Bisterzo realized that his idea had to be well differentiated when compared against the  snack options available to consumers.   Since its introduction earlier in the year, Hippeas has taken off, and is quickly set to become one of the most exiting fast-growing snacks in America.
Hippeas has recently joined the snacks available in over 7500 Starbucks stores.