Nike’s Profound Move in the Plus Size Community

Big is beautiful seems to be the mentality embraced by most in today’s contemporary affairs, but people will always demonstrate mixed emotions depending on exactly who is embracing this concept. The weekend of July 16, 2016, Nike launched a new ad that featured plus size model, Paloma Elsesser. While most shared sighs of contentment, others found it to be wrong of an exercise ad. Regardless of the opinion, there is no denying how fierce, strong, and healthy that Elsesser looked, which only further validated Nike’s reason for using her.

The ad was for a new line of sports bras for those with a bigger bust, so for women who have long awaited the popular brand to release sizes made just for them and their needs, this ad was spot on and exciting more than anything. However, others complained that the model’s bust was still not big enough but, still, Nike backs their campaign as well as their featured plus sized beauty.

Some of the positive feedback circulating the ad included:

  • “More of this; curvy women workout hard, too!”
  • “Thank you, Nike, for taking a step toward the change.”
  • “So glad to see Nike embracing women of all shapes and sizes.”
  • “I’ve never seen anyone who has looked like me in a major ad, until now.”

Nike’s response was overwhelmed with appreciation and disclosed that they are always working on improving their products, and those who represent them.