Securus Offers Automated Document Processing

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that has been a leader in providing technology and communication products to the prison and correctional facilities industry for the past decade. The newest product offered by Securus now ensures that correctional facilities will be able to run more efficiently.


The latest product sold by Securus is a new mobile application called ConnectUs. ConnectUs is an online application that can be used by an inmate to file a wide variety of pieces of paperwork. The paperwork can range dramatically to include forms that include requests for visitation, to complaint forms, to those needed to request a medical check. Regardless of the form, an inmate will be able to use the device to quickly find the form that they need and then have it filled out on a more automated basis.


While the new product is clearly a convenience for inmates, it is also very convenient for the prison system as well. Prisons and correctional facilities are required to document almost every event that occurs, regardless of how minor it is. ConnectUs will allow much of this documented to be automated. This can greatly reduce the amount of paperwork that is needed and can help to free up valuable resources.