Purina Showcases Pride through its New Campaign Dubbed I Stand Behind Beneful

Recently, Purina launched a new campaign that features men and women involved in making the Beneful dog food brand. They talk on the reasons that they feed their own dogs with the brand. This story was originally reported on PR Newswire.
The shooting of the commercial took place at Purina’s Atlanta factory. The commercial highlights the accountability and care that goes into each bag of Beneful. It also dismisses misinformation on the safety and quality of Beneful, one of the best brands of Purina, from unfounded baseless class action lawsuit that was filed in February. Purina associates featured alongside their beloved pets to talk on their confidence and pride in the product used to feed millions of dogs across America every day. The ‘not on my watch’ reaction is shared by Purina associates and lives up to the long-standing values and standards of Purina. According to Tom, an operations performance manager, he is totally convinced that no other food compares to Beneful food. Brandon, an ingredient unloader, says that his dogs love the Beneful food and that Purina ensures competent employees of the firm manufacture top quality dog food. Cliff, a materials accounting officer, asserts that the food is not only made for clients’ pets but they also feed their pets with the same food because they know it is good.
Juli Plassmeyer, the vice president of dog food marketing for Purina, points out that Beneful is a safe, nutritious and quality dog food. He also notes that no one cares more about pets other than Purina. Juli adds that they are pet owners too and can never compromise the trust placed on their products by consumers.
Nestle Purina Petcare Company produces the Beneful brand. Beneful offers a complete line of wet and dry formulas that provide a perfect balance in terms of both taste and nutrition. It is one of most successful brands of dog foods in the history of the company.
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