Royal College of Art Students Design a Coat and Tent in One

Sometimes, a great design isn’t about beauty. Instead, it’s about usefulness. It’s about pragmatism. That’s the truth with a new design that was inspired by Syrian refugees. The students at the Royal College of Art, which is located in London, decided to design a coat that could be used as a tent, a coat or a sleeping back. They designed it will Syrian refugees in mind. In some ways, they call it a “wearable dwelling.”

Getting Ready to Hit Markets

Right now, this wearable dwelling is just in the prototype stage, but the students are hoping to release it soon in stores. They have already begun a Kickstarter campaign for the coat and dwelling, and they want Syrian children, men and women to be able to use it by the end of July in 2016.

The coat looks like a regular raincoat, and right now the color of the prototype is white. But when you take the coat off, it can turn easily into a tent. It has big pockets on each side that allow for this. The pockets can be used for storage when the coat is in use as a rain coat, but when you fold the coat out to be used as a sleeping back or tent, the large pockets come into play so that the surface area is much bigger.

The students at the Royal College of Art in London are extremely excited about their design, and they are currently taking donations for anyone who is interested in giving.