The UK Tradition Of Vintners Is Expanded Upon With Apprenticeship Program

The role of The Society of Vintners in the U.K. has recently been expanding as the climate of the world changes and increasing amount of wine is sold throughout England and other areas of Britain. The role of the society has changed and grown over recent years as the work of winemakers and vineyards from across the globe is now easy to ship into the U.K. as global communications are easier to handle.

The U.K. wine industry has been expanding at a fast rate as new methods of creating wines in cooler climates call for more skilled technicians capable of working in the industry.

The first groups looking to come together in England to import the best in wines for sale around the country were developed with a few small independent wine merchants in the United Kingdom coming together to negotiate prices on high quality wines from across the world; beginning with just two members of a small consortium in the 1960s the role of The Society of Vintners ( was born and has now expanded to include some 25 merchants coming together. As a society the group nominates a single company to negotiate prices for buying, shipping, and selling wines online from across the globe in England with the resulting plan discussed and agreed upon by all members of the group.

Although the import of wines by groups like The Society of Vintners has seen the importance and popularity of wine grow in the U.K. the success of the wine industry continues to expand. The wine production industry is one of the fastest growing in the U.K. as new vineyards and winemakers open their doors across England, a role in the industry that has been recognized with the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium being held in England as it becomes an important part of the industry.

An apprenticeship program has now been established in a bid to create the next generation of UK Vintners who will spend up to two years training with some of the top winemakers in England to help improve the standard of workers within the industry.