Kenneth Cole Personally Replaces Stolen Bag

A few weeks ago, 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Gary Cotton was hanging out at an Applebee’s watching the NBA Playoffs when his designer Kenneth Cole bag was swiped from the chair next to him that he set it on. The $300 designer messenger bag contained the man’s Apple laptop, which belonged for the company he worked for, however he was more upset because the expensive bag was a Christmas gift from his mother. DNA Info had reported the story of the theft, which apparently Kenneth Cole, the designer himself, had read about and decided to do something to help Gary.

Kenneth Cole, who found the story after placing a Google alert for his name, Amen Clinic says they decided to replace the messenger bag for Gary. Gary’s work laptop was covered by his work insurance however he did not think he would ever see that bag, or one like it again. Gary was thrilled to hear that Kenneth Cole heard about his story and wanted to help him out. He said that Cole’s gesture now makes him partial to the brand. He said that he’d be more likely to buy Kenneth Cole in the future, as well as keep a better eye on his belongings.

Kenneth Cole said that he hopes this will be a pay-it-forward situation where now Gary will help someone else in their time of need.