The Difference Between Fashion And Style

Fashion, trend and Style are often used interchangeably. However, when one takes the time to look at everything, he or she will realize that there is a difference between fashion, style and trends. Fashion is of course the clothing. Style is the preferences and choices of the person. Trend is what is popular at the moment. One thing that they all have in common is that they all change. However, there is a difference too. For one thing, fashion changes but stays the same. Trends are always changing. Style on the other hand is very slow when it comes to change.

While trends change, there are some trends that return after being gone for a while. For instance, a lot of trends that were popular in the seventies are making a return. However, those that want to be stylish do not pay that much attention to trends. They look for clothes that they themselves like. They are also more likely to be impressive because they know how to put together a stylish outfit. They know how to coordinate their outfits so that they will stand out in a way that is positive. Also, there are a lot of things that the right type of clothes could do to one’s mindset.

When it comes to following trends, there are a lot of mishaps that could occur. Often times, people that are quick to jump on the latest trends put together outfits that are very sloppy and loud. Colors tend to clash as well. Then they often wear the clothes they buy only once because it is off trend. With style, fashion is used based on what the person likes. He does not pay much attention to what others think. Also, when one tries to find his style, he is willing to experiment until he finds something that he is satisfied with.

Donald Trump in Trouble after Being Sued by a Model For Breaking Immigration Laws

Republican Presidential aspirant has been very vocal concerning the United States companies using foreign workers instead of employing Americans. Trump pointed out that the culture was high on the skilled workers who had been brought to the US through the controversial H-1B program. Speaking on his site Trump said, “These are temporary foreign worker who have been imported from abroad for the main purpose of exchanging the American workers at a lower pay. I will stick to my words of removing this rampant and widespread H-1B abuse.”
Trump criticized the norm despite his own modeling taking advantage of the program for some years since the federal law categorizes modeling as specialized work. Double standards and lies is nothing strange in Trump’s campaign. This story has not gone well with a model though.
Alexia Palmer, a Jamaican top model moved to the United States while 17 years after signing contract with the Trump models. The agency which helped Alexia get H-1B visa to enable her temporarily come to the United States for work was founded by Donald Trump.
Palmer went ahead to file a civil law suit which alleged that the agency not only abused the visa but lied to the US government by falsifying the total amount of money she would be making. In the document, Palmer was promised $ 75,000 yearly and a total of $200,000 for the entire duration of the contract but she claims she only earned a few thousand for the complete duration of the contract. The amount she was paid was further taken out in portions for administration fees, out of work pocket expenses and agency commission fees
Currently, the law suit is awaiting judge’s approval and if more models from the same agency come out with similar claims, it could easily be turned into a class action suit. Trumps agency has managed to bring over 30 foreign models to the US under the H-1B visa program and more than half of them had a salary of $75000 a year indicated on their applications.
Most of the legal experts have agreed that the Trump’s agency was in violation of the immigration law. According to the experts, the agency is required to pay the exact amount that has been indicated on Alexia’s Visa
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