If you are tired of talent agencies taking a hefty percentage of your income that you worked so hard to earn or if they promise the moon but deliver very little, perhaps it is time you tried the “UnAgency” known as Nine9. Hitting the acting and modeling scenes with robust aggressiveness, they seek to help potential stars where others only fail.They provide some great free tips to those seeking to break into either industry. Their top tips include:

  1. Networking- In these industries, especially in Hollywood or in New York, it is not what you know but who you know. By networking, you can actually meet people who know people who know people and get your foot in the door to experience lucrative career opportunities. Networking is one of the best ways to work your way up the career ladder.
  1. Enroll in all of the classes and workshops you can find. To become a professional, one must learn how to act like one. Classes and workshops are generally run by industry veterans who can provide much needed guidance and advice. Remember, just like with anything else in life, knowledge is power.Nine9 is here to help you with your budding career. They never charge a percentage of what you earn. They are not like any other talent agency because they are NOT an agency. They are at the forefront of the UnAgency movement. With help as strong as they provide, you will be unstoppable in your chosen career path.

NINE9 The UnAgency: The talent agency of choice

Gone are the days when everyone wanted a desk job, these days even talent pays. The Nine9, The UnAgency talent agency, provides comprehensive management for this.However having talent is just half of the work, the other half comes from the management that you’ll choose. Nine9 is that different management that will ensure the success of your performance career. You don’t have to take my word for it. Here are a few success stories from the Nine9 the UnAgency talent team.

Nine9 TheUnAgency Talent Agency Success Stories:

Daniel C is a handsome actor who has had the opportunity of being booked as the background in Kevin Hart’s movie Untouchables.Lorena C is just a child, but she has also had a chance of tasting success by joining Nine9. This young girl is going places, and she has already modeled in a fashion show.Vanessa J is another Nine9 success story; she has already worked in the Thornetta Davis Music video, Hattie Ice Cream commercial, an extra in Conduit and Dream Sequence and her lead role in Love Thy Neighbor film.


Nine9 TheUnAgency was started in 2003. Their mission is to ensure that the 99% models and actors, who are unrepresented by any agency, are adequately taken care of. This dynamic agency has experienced and professional staff that ensures that their clients are booked advised and ready for business.The talent agency books its clients for television, film, commercials, music videos, runway, print and promotional castings has a comprehensive database of clients that ensures that they are all booked to suitable castings and opportunities. This talents agency doesn’t favor any customer, as it ensures that the ideal talent is matched to the appropriate industry client.