Slyce Releases Fourth Quarter Report

Slyce, a leading visual search provider for retailers and brands that allows you the customer to connect with product search technology at any moment has announced their financial results for the year and fourth quarter which ended October 31, 2015.

Key important notes of the business side of Slyce reports a new partnership with This new partnership will allow customers to take photos of pictures they see in stores or magazines and instantly be able to find where these shoes can be found. Additionally, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters and Shoe Carnival have also joined in their partnership.

Slyce unfortunately terminated their short form prospectus and are now using private placement financing.

On the technological side Slyce has achieved much success in new innovations. These innovations include a universal scanner, slyce link, Enhanced 3D Object Recognition,2D Content Management System and coupon author.

While their were some significant losses during this year Slyce continues to evolve as a company and strives daily to create innovative products that will not only become profitable to the company but will be a product that many customers across the globe can rely on no matter where they are.

Slyce’s business model offers ways for the company to obtain multiple revenue streams thanks to not only it’s search platform but also consumer apps.