Does Kim Kardashian’s Two Spanx Trick Work?

Kim Kardashian is perhaps one of the most famous reality television stars that this decade has known. She’s the “queen” of getting beauty treatments on the reality television series Keeping up with the Kardashians. One of her beauty tricks she uses is a two spanx trick. Whenever Kim wants to wear one of her designer or Dash boutique bodycon dresses and she is feeling a little heavier than usual, she wears not one but two layers of Higher Power spanx to shape her body so she can rock her bodycon dresses. Does the trick work for non-reality television stars though?

The truth is that spanx is not the most comfortable thing when you only are wearing one layer of them. Wearing two layers of spanx is a very uncomfortable and confining experience. In the realm of comfort, two layers of spanx is not a good idea. It’s a bit like wearing a corset. Ironically Kim also swears by wearing a corset for “corset training” her waist.

The two layers of spanx don’t really make an extraordinary difference in appearance either. One layer of spanx does somewhat control and shape the body for a bodycon dress without a second layer. The second layer of spanx that Kim wears must just mentally make her convinced she looks better if she is feeling a little heavier than usual.

If you need the extra confidence of thinking that two layers of spanx will automatically give you a bod like Kim Kardashian when you are wearing a bodycon dress, you could give it a shot. Just be prepared that it might not be a comfortable experience or a noticeable difference. You’d probably be safe just wearing one layer or spanx or no layers of spanx and accept your body for it’s shape. You could always check out what Kim Kardashian’s current fitness routine is instead if you want to get into shape for your bodycon dresses.