The Art of Fashion from the Designers

In the fashion industry, it is up to the designer to come up with something new so that they will be able to sell while maintaining originality. Fortunately, it is a lot easier for the fashion industry to sell to women. They can come up with all of the outlandish designs that women can enjoy. For men, there is a tighter limit as to what can be done. In many cases, men are stuck with either the t-shirt and slacks as well as jeans and shorts, or the business suit. This type of limit can be rather frustrating for designers because there is only so many ways a suit can be designed.

This doesn’t stop fashion designers from going to the extreme for New York Fashion Week. Both genders have some very outrageous looks. Some of these looks will impress and inspire. The other looks will cause people to shutter. The designs range from the unique cuts to a regular cut with some graphic artwork thrown on top of it. Either way, fashion week is where the designers get to express themselves.

For people who wear the clothes to express themselves, they can go to some of the fashion retailers and find some items that are a little more normal with the hint of style in it. Then they can put together the type of outfit they want. It depends on the effect they want to have on people. Some people may want to dazzle with their sense of elegance while others just want a more fun type of casual.

How Shopping And Fashion Can Improve Self Image

If there is one thing that is underrated, it is the effect that fashion has on the person’s feelings towards him or herself. This goes beyond the conventional ideas of dressing well. The more important aspect of fashion for the person is in buying what that one person wants for his or herself. There are a lot of unconventional items that could actually help people feel better about themselves and their lives. They could also find something unique that people will also enjoy. They will then be encouraged to live a happier life with their fashionable choices.

The best way that one could feel better about himself is that he does not worry about what others think about him and what he wears. This opens up all possibilities for him to find some new items that he could enjoy throughout the day. As he experiments with the different styles available, he will also get to feel the fabric of the clothes that he tries on in order to help him determine what he likes. As a result, he will get to feel like he is worth something when he finds an outfit that fits him well and brings out all of his best attributes.

He doesn’t have to worry about trends. Trends come and go. Also, he could start a new trend with the type of clothes that he wears. One thing that could help with fashion is the confidence that comes with it. At the same time, fashion can also boost one’s confidence when he makes sure that he is wearing the clothes that he likes and not allow people to dictate the trends that he should follow. This allows a lot of room for creativity. With the right clothes, one is going to find himself able to take on different aspects of life.

Nike Features Curvy Woman on Instagram

Last Thursday, Nike Women’s Instagram account posted a photo featuring a plus sized model. Paloma Elesser, a New York-based model from Muse Management’s plus sized division, is shown wearing Nike leggings and one of the brand’s new sports bra styles. Women of larger sizes are mostly absent from fashion campaigns and especially activewear ads, so this post is pretty groundbreaking.

The post was unique in that, unlike many instances of plus sized models popping up in “regular” fashion campaigns, there was no mention of the model’s size. The caption referred only to the product being modeled, as it should be. What’s more, the caption discussed how to know if you are wearing the correct size sports bra and included a link to further help on the topic. While the post obviously aims to sell Nike products, the post was actually helpful to its customers and shows that the company cares about their well-being, not just making sales. It was an overall empowering post for women of all shapes and sizes. This image will hopefully encourage the account’s 4.8 million followers, as well as women across the world, to accept and love their bodies while living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Aside from body-shaming haters, other complaints about the post come from fellow curvy women. They lament the fact that many of Nike’s sports bras including the one Elesser wears are only available up to a size XL, equivalent to a DD/E cup size. While there is still a long way to go for representation in fashion, this is a step in the right direction.

Tie Knots for the Fashionable Businesspeople


Why tie a plain old tie when you have the chance of making a statement with your knot? Haidar Barbouti has shown us some amazing (and not so difficult) knots that you can practice and wear on special days to make a strong impression on your boss or clients. The following are some top options –

Eldredge – This knot looks elaborate and chic, but more than anything, it makes a strong statement. If you have this hanging by your neck, you would definitely look more imposing than your boss.

Trinity – This knot looks like a classy windmill, with the three lines converging in the middle of the knot. It looks especially great if you are wearing a tie with a smooth and satin finish.

Van Wijk – Everyone has seen this on Prince Albert but you don’t have to be a prince to pull this off. The final effect looks particularly arresting when the tie is light in color.

True Love – This would give the impression that your knot has been divided into four equal quadrants, all meeting in the middle. This might not be as difficult as it looks for people who are accustomed to tying a tie.


Standing Out: 2015 Spring Style

Spring is an exciting time of the year, namely for fashion’s sake. This year, designer collections will include a subtle nod to the ’70’s. In addition to the ever-lovely spin upon masculine sophistication, staying trendy will also be remarkably doable this season, on any budget. As cold-weather staples transition seamlessly into the season’s fabulously new, 2015 style, a few key pieces are all that’s needed for a successful wardrobe update.

The Trapeze Dress and Lengthy Hemlines
Trapeze-cut tops and mini-dresses are as versatile, as they are interesting. With a tight, halter-style neckline, and flared bottom, these pieces can be layered over pants, and easily transition from day to evening-wear, with some quick accessory updates.

2015 Color Pallet
The lightest, pastel hues will be featured, alongside a spectrum of neutrals, and indiscernible patterns. Some of the most stylish combinations in clothing, will also include ingeniously-faint Hawaiian patterns. The tiniest of check patterns have also been featured on this years runway, in addition to bold, black, and white contrasts.

The previously known Bermuda short, has been fiercely upgraded this year. Now known as Culottes, this ultimate wardrobe piece remains ideal to be combined with anything tailored. Finally, blazers, and high heels will polish of each modern, 2015 style appropriately. If you follow these spring fashion rules, I guarantee you’ll look as good as Fersen Lambranho this season.