Creating The Dorchester Collection brand without sacrificing individuality

To manage the luxury hotel brand, former Dorchester hotel manager Christopher Cowdray was appointed as CEO and given the difficult task of creating a brand from the five very distinct and individual hotels The Dorchester Collection included. The task of creating a brand saw Cowdray look beyond conventional wisdom and not like to make each location look the same, but instead sought out the best options for keeping the individuality of each location and its own distinct style.

In search of a way to make sure The Dorchester Collection was seen as a complete brand the CEO decided the best option was to create a climate of innovation and high quality customer service that was instantly recognizable to guests. The individuality of each location was maintained, but the staff from Cowdray and his team of executives through to the front and back of house staff are now required to create the best feeling of luxurious customer service available to guests that begins the moment they look to make a booking at one of The Dorchester Collections locations.
To make sure the members of staff of The Dorchester Collection always create the perfect impression, a large amount of investment was made in the staff members themselves. The result of this investment in the people who provide The Dorchester Collection experience has resulted in the brand winning a series of prestigious awards for providing the best working environment for its staff members at a recent London awards ceremony. As The Dorchester Collection continues to expand and becomes an even larger and more prestigious luxury hotel brand the investment in people will continue as these people are seen as the main reasons for guests returning to The Dorchester Collection and its many different locations: London, Ascot, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, each of the hotels offers an unforgettable experience.

We are thrilled to share the news that Dorchester Collection won ‘Company of the Year’ at the The Employee Engagement Awards last night. Congratulations to everyone! Here’s a snap of Eugenio Pirri, VP of People & Organisational Development with Jaques, one of our lovely colleagues. #DCmoments on @DC_LuxuryHotels

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