Dick DeVos, Jr. is the Founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy

West Michigan is home to one of the best and highly rated aviation schools in the mid-west. The West Michigan Aviation Academy began training and teaching instructional aviation courses in the fall of 2010. The academy was founded by Mr. Richard M. DeVos, Jr. who also ran for governor of the state of Michigan in 2006.

The mission of the West Michigan Aviation Academy is to prepare students for unlimited opportunities and success in the aviation field. The vision of the academy provides students with a well-disciplined environment. The vision looks at every student as having the potential to be a successful candidate. Instilling character, providing tough educational and technical training, and providing one of a kind educational experiences for their students is also a vision of the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Mr. DeVos, Jr. understands a basic philosophy that people learn best by having a hands on experience working in the aviation industry. With diverse staff and faculty West Michigan Aviation Academy is known as being among the top 10% of high schools in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Students graduate with a firm understanding of the aviation industry and the career opportunities that await them.

The academy has a website that gives a breakdown of the deans, faculty, founder, CEO and snapshots of activities that have taken place at the academy. The snapshots reflect picture of students and staff as they prepare to make a positive impact on the aviation industry. The site also provides information about events that the West Michigan Aviation Academy will be hosting, along with news about the academy. Students are also able to go to the website to utilize a list of student services that the academy offers. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the academy’s academic, career, and personal counseling services.

West Michigan Aviation Academy is developing and training the next generation of the aviation industry by training and developing young adults in their formative years of learning.

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