Doe Deere Has Made Lime Crime A Success

Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere recently did an interview with Galore magazine about her beginnings as a make up artist. She also spoke about how she decided that she wanted to work with make up. Ever since Doe Deere was young, she knew that she liked color. When she was a child she was often found with colors and crayons in her hands. She loved jewelry and dressing up like an adult. She would often wear her mother’s clothes, and she wanted to be able to do her makeup just like her mom. The first real makeup encounter that Doe Deere can remember was when she was nine years old. Deere and her friends were trying to get into the mood of their party, so they got together and pulled out all of her makeup. Deere began to color her face and to make herself look as spooky as possible.

Doe Deere continued with her love for color, and after she graduated from college, she decided to make her own clothing line. Deere named that clothing line Lime Crime. She would wear her own clothing and do her makeup when she was showcasing her clothing. Her fans really liked the way that she did her makeup, and she realized that she liked doing make up even more than she like to sew clothing. Doe Deere was not always that good at makeup. She did a lot of experimenting, but when she found theatrical makeup, she knew that she had to continue with her vision.

Doe Deere is a young woman that was originally born in Russia and she and her family immigrated to the United States. Deere was able to start up her Lime Crime cosmetics line with only a couple hundred dollars and her dream. Doe Deere was named one of Self Magazine’s most influential entrepreneurs, and she feels like that is truly an honor. Not only is Doe Deere a self-starter and an entrepreneur, but she is also a woman that encourages other women to follow their passions and start their own businesses.  She runs all of Lime Crime’s social media, including their prominent Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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