Don Ressler And The Purpose Of Fashion

Some people have a basic view of clothing. Clothing was meant to protect people from the elements and keep them warm. However, that does not mean that there is no room for any pleasure and beauty. People, especially women, love great looking clothing. They also like to find clothes that they personally like because it makes them feel special. A lot of women want to be able to find their own style, their own trademark, and their own look. Fortunately, a lot of clothing stores offer a lot of variety to fashion for women. However, not all categories are varied.

One example of a category that is not as varied as other categories in women’s clothing are the athletic clothing. Pretty much every store has the same products in the women’s clothing aisle with no room for differences outside of the pricing. Everywhere people would go, there is the same exact type of clothes. The designs are the same, and the material is the same. The stores seem to have been run with the mentality that athletic clothing is to be merely functional. However, one person stood up in the face of that tradition. His name is Don Ressler.

Don Ressler has understood the desire of people to feel special. He also understands that a lot of women love to work out. Therefore, Don Ressler has taken the time to come up with a way for women to feel more special while they are getting their workout. Also, he wanted to take the time to design clothes that have a different look, but are made of the same material as athletic clothes. As a result, The LA Times wrote that Fabletics was born. Also, with Fabletics, the concept of ‘athleisure‘ clothing has come into the spotlight.

With athleisure came the type of clothing that women could wear for any occasion. While some of the clothes can be worn for physical activities, there are some clothes that are designed more for socializing and meeting with others. Don Ressler’s creation has turned out to be a truly successful deal. This is because he has consulted with others in order to make sure that what he has created was not just different, but aesthetically pleasing.

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