Dr. Chris Villanueva: Revolutionizing the Dental Practice

Being a doctor is most young people’s dream career. When people look at doctors, they only see the alluring money that they rake in. It seems like they live the same kind of life as rock stars; driving fancy imported cars and living in the nice neighborhoods.Sure, a few people envy doctors for the impact they have on their patient’s lives and the fact that they get to bring people joy by healing their loved ones.What most of us tend to overlook is the amount of work required to become a doctor, and the enormous amount of work involved when you do become a doctor. In some busy hospitals, doctors have eighteen-hour shifts. A dentist is probably the most dreaded individual at a hospital. When we see a dentist, we involuntarily flinch maybe remembering a previous visit or a story we have heard about someone’s experience in a dentist’s chair.These are the worries patients have concerning dentists, but the dentists themselves have a harder time doing their job. On top of treating patients, dentists still have to do administrative work and everything else involved in running a business.Chris Villanueva set out to solve this problem by launching MB2 Dental, which is a dentist-owned company focusing on easing the workload that dentists face.


Villanueva’s motivation for launching his innovative company came from his own experience when he was starting out. After graduating, his first job was as an associate dentist at a clinic, which was managed by the owner’s wife.The owner was a dentist; the wife was not. Chris saw the challenges he had to face being led by someone who although well-meaning, did not have a working understanding of the business.He also understood the difficulty in treating patients while at the same time running the practice. He sought to solve this problem, and this is the main reason why he founded MB2 Dental.


Although Villanueva was born in Ohio, he spent most of his pre-medical school life abroad. He lived in both Asia and South America, completing his high school education in Venezuela.He held several jobs after becoming a doctor, all in the dentistry practice. His extensive experience was invaluable to him when he was setting up his company.

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