Energy Shift with Agera Energy

When an energy company seeks to bring power to the energy world, one would think that they would only be interested in big business and financial numbers. Agera Energy doesn’t see power that way; they see power through their customers and what energy means to them. Agera means, “to take action” and that is exactly what this young but fast growing company has done for their customers by putting them first.

This business model is ground-breaking for an energy company but Agera Energy has found that doing this has led to big growth in a short amount of time. Formed in early 2014, Agera Energy says, they decided from the outset that they would be approaching the energy game with a different process than the other companies that were beginning to fold due to financial strain. By putting their customers first and serving both cozy homes and burgeoning businesses alike, they have since watched their customer base grow to 1.8 million strong.

A company operating with about 130 employees, Agera Energy has the ability to get to know their customers well and connect with them in various ways. Through the Agera Twitter account, they are able to connect with their customers in a more familiar way, sharing thanks and well-wishes for the holidays. A tight-knit group of colleagues, Agera Energy values both their employees as well as their customers. Located in southern New York, Agera Energy is just getting started and is hoping to electrify more homes and businesses all across America.

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