Everyone Is Talking About These Leather Pants

People in politics are a lot like celebrities. This means that the wardrobe choices of politicians are open for public criticism. This is exactly what happened to Prime Minister Theresa May in Britain. Dubbed “Trousergate” by the media, all of the hullabaloo surrounds May’s decision to wear a pair of $1,250 leather pants. The pants were designed by Amanda Wakeley, and the public learned about the pants after a photo was released showing May lounging on her sofa at home wearing them.


Nicky Morgan, a former education secretary, was one of the first people to criticize the expensive pants. She said, “I don’t have leather trousers. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on anything, apart from my wedding dress.” Morgan also added that the Prime Minister’s sartorial decisions had been noted by the membership of the Conservative Party.


Presumably in response to the criticism, Mrs. Morgan was uninvited to a meeting at Downing Street where leaders were set to discuss the departure of Britain from the European Union. In turn, this made the Prime Minister seem petty and thin-skinned. The controversy over this simple pair of pants just won’t die down.


While the Prime Minister may not like the attention, the controversy has certainly elevated the profile of Amanda Wakely. Known previously for her evening and cocktail dresses, she is now being seen as the designer of leather pants for the wealthy and powerful.


What do you think about the leather pants? Do they deserve this much attention? Let us know below!



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