George Soros Warns Of Putin’s Plan For EU Destruction

George Soros has issued another dire warning to the European Union (EU). This time he is warning of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s plan for the destruction of the EU.
In an opinion piece posted to the Project Syndicate website the billionaire activist warns that Putin’s aim is to “foster the EU’s disintegration” by posing as an ally in the fight against ISIS.

Soros contends that this is merely a Trojan horse so that Putin can hasten the disintegration of the EU. His reasoning is as follows.

He believes that Putin has so mismanaged Russia that the country will go bankrupt in 2017. He sites the Western economic sanctions and the falling price of oil as two factors that will contribute to this.

Russia’s involvement is the war is Syria is a way for Putin to help force Syrian refugees to relocate to Europe and thereby quicken the EU’s demise. Soros argues that both the EU and Russia are on the verge of collapse. If the EU collapses first, he contends, then they will not be able to continue the sanctions against Russia. Thereby saving the Russian economy and keeping Putin in power.

The EU, led by Angela Merkel, is doing its best to stave off its own destruction. Soros points out that Merkel understood that the refugee crisis had the potential to weaken the EU and perhaps lead to its dismantling.

Soros astutely points out that the EU has been bouncing from one crisis to another lately, but now it faces “five or six” crises all at once and my not be able to solve all of them.

The terrorist attacks being carried out by ISIS in the West are are a threat but, according to Soros, they “do not compare with the treat emanating from Russia.”

George Soros has always had in interest int he plight of displaced people. As a teenager he fled Nazi-occupied Hungary, landing in London where he became on of the richest hedge fund managers in the world. He most famously known as the man who broke the Bank of England.

He currently runs the Open Society Foundation which seeks to protect human rights throughout the world. The Russian government has recently labeled the Foundation as an undesirable organization and prevented it from distributing grants to other organizations in the country.

Soros has been a major player in Democratic politics in America and recently donated $6 million to a super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton.

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