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Shannen Doherty says 'my fear is obvious' as breast cancer metastasizes to brain

Shannen Doherty said a CT scan earlier this year showed her breast cancer spread to her brain. 'This is what cancer can look like,' she wrote on Instagram.

The Xs and Os: How pre-snap motion regulates a defense

Should You Avoid Using Your Gas Stove When Air Quality Is Poor?

Gas stoves have been shown to decrease air quality. A few rules and adjustments will help lower the risk for you and your housemates.

Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Hotel Spa Experience at Home

Eucalyptus shower spray, comfortable robes, and calming teas help set the tone.

Hippos Have Red Sweat + Other Fascinating Animal Facts We Never Knew

Hippos Have Red Sweat + Other Fascinating Animal Facts We Never Knew

Celebrities who have learning disorders

When most people think of learning disorders, they think of dyslexia, which affects the areas of the brain that process language, making it difficult to read and relate speech sounds to letters and words. It's the most common of learning disorders, but there are many others like dyscalculia, which involves difficulty comprehending arithmetic. There is also attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which can cause abnormal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors and lead to trouble focusing or sitting still, and there's dyspraxia, which is a neurological disorder that impacts your ability to plan and process motor tasks. It’s important to raise awareness of these learning disorders so that people can get the help they need earlier on, and so that the people around them can stop labeling them as "lazy" or “stupid," which is unfortunately too often the case. Even celebrities were doubted by their teachers or family members when they struggled with things others kids had whizzed through, and many only learned decades later that they were simply wired differently from other people. Click through to see which stars have achieved greatness despite, or oftentimes because of, their learning disorders.

Signs and Symptoms of MRSA

Medically reviewed by Anju Goel, MD, MPH Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type of bacteria that has become resistant to the antibiotic methicillin, and oftentimes other antibiotics as well. Antibiotic resistance makes MRSA infections more difficult to treat, which can contribute to it becoming a more dangerous disease. MRSA i...

Orange: Expert opinions, health risks, and more

MTV star placed on psychiatric hold after family issued plea to find him, more news

MTV alum placed on psychiatric hold at mental health facility, Britney Spears didn't know who Mick Jagger was, more news.

Friends of Sheba gala raises NIS 10m. for Israel's largest hospital

The event saw a record number of 1,400 guests come to visit Israel's Sheba Medical Center, including high-profile Emirati businessman Mohamed Alabbar.

VBI Vaccines gains ahead of upcoming presentation on hep B shot

VBI Vaccines (NASDAQ:VBIV) added ~9% on Wednesday, albeit on below-average volumes, after the biotech announced an upcoming presentation on its Hepatitis B vaccine PreHevbrio at a European medical event later this month. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech said that an abstract containing PreHevbrio data was accepted for a poster presentatio...

Wildfire smoke live updates: NYC tops list of world's worst air quality rankings

Heavy smoke from Canadian wildfires is engulfing the East Coast, creating serious health risks for millions.

How to Stay Safe From Wildfire Smoke

Stay indoors if you can, and wear an N95 mask if you must go outside.

Bernie Sanders says price of Alzheimer's treatment is unconscionable, calls on HHS to take action

Sen. Bernie Sanders said the $26,500 annual price for Alzheimer's treatment Leqembi would financially burden on Medicare and increase premiums for seniors.

New contraceptive injection could help manage stray cat populations

Researchers hope to help alleviate the strain caused by the roughly 480 million feral or strays cats globally. Six female cats were treated with the long-lasting contraceptive

12 Outdoor Workouts to Get Shredded This Summer

Get out of the stuffy gym, and into your best summer body with these workouts.

Berry Mint Yogurt Smoothie

You are going to love the flavors in this Berry Mint Yogurt Smoothie. We're switching from eating high-sugar fruit yogurt to blending plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit in a delicious and healthy berry smoothie. Have you seen the grams of sugar in a typical fruit yogurt? I'm referring to one of the most popular... Read More

We tested 10 hand creams: here are the best for healing and protection

Much like your decadent moisturizers with SPF and ultra-soothing body lotions and body butters, using a smooth hand cream to help soothe the skin is always a good idea. However, it’s not something we typically resort to unless we have severely dry and chapped hands — as is the case with lip balm — but, in reality, we should be using these travel-friendly skincare essentials more frequently. “The most important feature of hand creams is the...

This poem is scientifically engineered to boost your mood

“Using sounds, chords and frequencies, you can increase blood flow in regions of the brain that stimulate different emotions." The post This poem is scientifically engineered to boost your mood appeared first on Talker.

He has stage 4 cancer with no cure. His treatment ended to due the chemo shortage

Cancer drug shortages, including cisplatin and carbonplatin, impact Americans with cancer. Doctors, patients hope for a solution to the chemotherapy shortage

That Tart Cherry Juice Sleep Myth, Explained

We've uncovered whether or not tart cherry juice will actually help you fall asleep.

Looking to Get More Out of Your Workouts? Try these 5 Superfoods

Looking to Get More Out of Your Workouts? , Try these 5 Superfoods . Diet plays a key role when it comes to fitness goals. Try these 5 foods to boost your athletic skills!. Try these 5 foods to boost your athletic skills!. Try these 5 foods to boost your athletic skills!. Try these 5 foods to boost your athletic skills!. 1. Chia seeds , These ancient Mexican seeds provide steady energy by slowing glucose absorption. They also soak up 10 times their weight in liquid, keeping you hydrated. 2. Beets, Beets are shown to increase endurance by up to 16% by boosting oxygen efficiency and lowering blood pressure. 3. Green Tea , Catechin, the active ingredient in green tea, can improve metabolism to burn fat. The tea's caffeine can also reduce fatigue and increase adrenaline. 4. Pomegranates, The high levels of the polyphenol punicalagin can help put bad cholesterol in check. 5. Watercress, According to a 2012 study, the peppery leafy green can significantly decrease damage by free radicals when eaten before an intense workout

These Air Purifiers Protects from Smoke, Germs, and Allergens

These home devices can reduce contaminants while keeping your space fresh, clear and mold-free.

Why Some Sports Science Experts Call Heat Training the New Altitude Training

There are shared benefits—and risks.

Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

Experts explain the connection between dryness and aging.

Shop Outdoor Voices' OV Extra Sale Right Now to Score Up to 54% Off Athleisure Apparel

But you'll want to hurry, since many of these items are selling out fast!

AI can help doctors with breast cancer risk predictions, a new study found

A new study published Tuesday found that artificial intelligence could aid doctors in discovering breast cancer risks in patients.

Hilinski's Hope expands beyond football in effort to honor Tyler Hilinski, raise mental health awareness

Tyler Hilinski was a talented quarterback who played for Washington State University. Born on January 26, 1996, in Southern California, he grew up in a supportive and athletic family. His passion for football was evident from a young age, and he excelled in the sport throughout his high school career. In 2015, Hilinski committed to play for the Was...

The 10 Best Lotions for Eczema That Actually Provide Relief

Anyone who deals with eczema or itchy irritable skin can find relief with these best lotions we researched for this roundup — details

Get Fit at Home With This Commercial-Grade Equipment

This gear will make you never want to leave your personal fitness sanctuary.

‘Like it’s on fire’: Eastern US faces serious health risks from Canadian wildfires

Wildfires in Canada are creating serious health hazards across the United States, turning the New York City skyline a tint of orange on Wednesday that made America’s largest city look like a location from a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film in widely shared photographs and broadcast images. New York and Detroit were listed among cities having the worst air…

13 Clarifying Shampoos That Could Fix Your Scalp Issues for Good

Say goodbye to oil and product buildup with one of these shampoos.

Powder Sunscreen Is the Quick, Easy SPF Solution You've Been Missing

Just brush it on and go.

This Race-Day Strategy Could Mean You Crush or Just Miss Your PR

These coach-approved tips to running tangents help you make the most of every second of your race.

Rep. Bowman looks to 2024 for health equity legislation

“We still have to make major investments and pass transformational legislation,” he said, identifying mental and maternal health as key areas of focus.

Shannen Doherty Showed ‘What Cancer Can Look Like’ in an Emotional Instagram

The actor was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and she recently learned it has spread to her brain.

The 6 Best Air Purifiers for Any Room in the House

Now you can breathe easy.

12 Excellent Rowing Machines for Your Home Gym

Bring your home gym to the next level with the help of one of these rowing machines.

For Chicago Girls Confronting Violence, A School Solution for Reducing PTSD

Nearly 40% of girls in Chicago Public schools experience PTSD and violence-related stress — double the rate for returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, a new report has found. Confronted with that startling reality, the new study from the University of Chicago’s Education Lab has identified a cost-effective, school based model that can support young […]

Demi Burnett Gets Vulnerable About Life With Autism: "I Don't Take Care of Myself"

Demi Burnett, 28, is most known for her bold and bubbly personality on the Bachelor franchises.

Foods you eat every day that go impossibly back in time

Many beloved foods we eat regularly have been around in one way or another for thousands of years.Here are some of your favorite foods that have ancient origins.

New study examines how parental phubbing behavior fuels cell phone addiction in junior high school students

New research published in Frontiers in Psychology explores the consequences of parental phubbing for junior high school students. The findings indicate that parental phubbing (ignoring their child to focus on their phone) is related to poor parent/child relationships and is implicated in cell phone addiction for junior high school students. This st...

Your friends and family might be making you fat: diet ‘sabotage’ study

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you — or maybe do if you’re trying to lose some weight. We often rely on loved ones to be the voice of reason when struggling to stay the course, but a new study suggests that friends and family may be the hurdle to our weight loss finish line. According to University of Surrey researchers in England, there are three main ways that the people closest to you — friends, family and lovers — can have a big effect on...

Arnold Schwarzenegger's parents thought he was gay because of his obsession with this bodybuilder

Prior to becoming a bodybuilding icon, Schwarzenegger's infatuation with the male form had his family questioning his sexuality.

Read the room: Tone-deaf celebrity moments

With each year that passes, and with every new world crisis that befalls us, celebrities become more and more unrelatable. From their towering mansions and even bigger public platforms, they seem to be scarily removed from the reality of the rest of the world, a fact which only becomes more apparent with every new tone-deaf comment that makes the headlines. Whether it's about work ethic, feminism, the war, the pandemic, social issues, or their own behavior, many stars have been putting their feet in their mouths lately. A little research, planning, or a publicist could have helped any of them greatly! With this in mind, click through to see which celebrities failed to read the room in recent times.

The 33 Best Sunscreen Products Of 2023 For Head-To-Toe Protection

With so many sunscreen products to choose from, TZR editors share their favorite SPFs that offer protection from head to toe.

Exercise stars then and now: How they've transformed over the years

Catch up with your favorite fitness icons of the past.

Why Does My Weight Fluctuate So Much?

No, your scale probably isn't broken.

After eating a meal, be sure to wait to workout: This is how long you should wait to exercise

Trying to exercise on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and lead to cramping — here is how long you should wait. The post After eating a meal, be sure to wait to workout: This is how long you should wait to exercise appeared first on The Manual.

Blood Biomarker, Brain Imaging Data Shows Coya Therapeutics' Alzheimer's Candidate Lowers Neuroinflammation

Coya Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: COYA) reported additional biomarker and brain imaging results from an open-label proof-of-concept study for COYA 301 for mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease. Trending: Nancy Pelosi Unloads 2,900 Apple Shares Right Before WWDC — But There's A Catch - Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Must Read: Shiba Inu Slides In Tandem With Dogecoin Following 1-Day Crypto Rally: The Bull, Bear Case Last month, Coya reported that COYA 301...