While many politicians have recently brought attention to the US’s incredible healthcare costs, few have discussed the high costs of pet care.

However, in a country where around two out of every three households own a pet, it’s no surprise that it’s becoming a more commonly noted topic. In February 2020, The Economist claimed that Americans spend over $150 per person annually on pet care. In Japan, Spain, and South Korea, that number was less than $50.

In fact, some American pet owners are so frustrated with the high costs of pet care that they’re traveling to other countries to seek it out. In April, USA Today alleged that an increasing number of people are bringing their pets to Mexico for budget animal care.

“In 2019, just over 20,000 dogs and cats traveled from the U.S. to Mexico,” writes author Bailey Schulz. “Last year, there were more than 33,500 crossings – up 68% from 2019.”

For those who seek treatment in the United States, they can be hit with surprisingly high medical bills, as TikTok user Sarah (@sarahcaceresx) recently shared.

In a video with over 742,000 views, Sarah shows the bill from an emergency veterinary trip with her “$20 sick hamster.” The total cost? $1129.46.

In the caption, Sarah jokes, “He better live up to 10 years.” For context, the average lifespan of a hamster is 18 to 36 months.

In the comments section, users were divided on the issue of paying such a high price for the hamster’s care.

Some claimed that they would not seek the treatment or pay the bill if they were in a similar situation, or that they had opted to forgo similar procedures in the past.

“Mines will probably be in the trash,” claimed a user.

“I remember we HAD a Guinea pig…They wanted to do a $2500 surgery and survival rate was only 30%,” recalled a second. “RIP Teddy.”

“Just find one that looks the same & keep the name,” offered a third.

A few alleged they had actually paid for high-cost procedures—with unfavorable results.

“Happened to me with a ferret. $3000 onto a new CC for ‘exploratory surgery,’” remembered a commenter. “it died 24 hours later.”

“Paid 1,100 for first dog emergency visit and she died two days later,” stated another. “After that we got my other dog insurance which makes it easier to afford the vet.”

However, there were some commenters who shared positive stories of going through such surgeries, and others who simply encouraged Sarah to stomach the cost of the bill to save the hamster’s life.

“Fr I spent $900 on an amputation and I'd do it again,” claimed a user. “I loved having her so much an extra 1.5 years without pain.”

“Y’all really care about him,” expressed a further TikToker. “He has a good life.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Sarah via Instagram direct message.

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