A 27-year-old influencer who created a bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish after receiving a terminal diagnosis died ten days after she checked off her dream of getting married. 

Last year, Morganna Bezerra da Silva from Palmas, Brazil received a cancer diagnosis, and although she never gave up hope and intensely fought against the disease, she passed away on March 29. 

Following her diagnosis, she created a bucket list of 20 things she wanted to do before dying, including getting married. 

She kept up with her list on Instagram, where she boasted over 23,000 followers and touched the hearts of many. 

Just days before she passed away, Morganna ticked off one of the items on her list: marriage. 

She tied the knot to her long-term boyfriend Willy prior to her death.

As one of Morganna's wishes, the couple got married in front of 150 friends and family.

The reception was held in one of the best known ballrooms in Palmas and included a buffet of Japanese food along with video and light shows dreamed up by Morganna.

However, the bride was already very weak by this stage and was unable to speak or join the celebrations for long periods of time.

Immediately after the reception, she returned to the General Hospital of Palmas (HGP) to continue her intensive treatment. 

Hours after announcing that she was dreaming of beginning a new treatment and begging her followers for financial help, she tragically passed away. 

She said: 'We have started a different treatment. The doctors have already given up on us.

'With this new treatment, we will fight until the end. However, it is very expensive. Now we keep asking for help to try until the last moment.'

Morganna's loved ones announced her death on the morning of March 30.

The statement read: 'I inform all the beloved and dear followers that our warrior fought until her last minute.

'No one was stronger than her.

'We are in mourning. We thank you from the heart for all the immense support you showed.'

Her husband Willy also took to social media to share his reaction to the death of his beloved wife. 

Posting on Instagram, he said: 'How am I going to live without you? My God, what a nightmare! My God, what a nightmare.

'Your departure hurts so much! It hurts so much.'

In one of her last posts, number 13 on her bucket list, she asked her followers for help to renovate her children's room after heavy rains caused flood damage.

She wrote: 'The reform is not only a wish, but also a necessity.'

It is unclear whether she got to see the finished result before her death.

She leaves behind three young children.

Morganna was buried in her hometown on the afternoon of March 30.

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