Highland Capital Management: The Global Leader in Alternative Investment Management Industry

Highland Capital Management is known as the global leader in alternative investment management industry. Since the firm founded in the year 1993, it created significant expertise in various asset classes and ensured a value-based approach to ensure efficient results. One of the unique characteristics of the firm is that it operates as an investment platform with diverse services and target groups. Highland offers its services to both retail investors as well as institutions. The innovator of the industry has created its own path to grab success with right strategies. The market forecast and analysis of the firm have helped the investors to earn significant returns in the recent years. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.


The finest example of greater returns on the products of Highland is its Small Cap Equity Fund. It produced almost three times return in 2016 compared to S&P 500 Index. Interestingly, the firm was betting largely on energy stocks to register an excellent return for the investors. The smart intervention of Michael Gregory, the CIO of Highland, ensured the high return from the market. He said that while the price of oil was hitting bottom in the early months of 2016, the firm made significant investments in the pipeline partnership. Interestingly, those investments produced over 50% of the fund’s return in 2016.


Even MLPs of the firm also produced almost double-digit dividend yields for the investors. Per the latest information, the firm is accessing non-traditional markets and coming up with unique services based on the needs of various demographics. In May 2017, its South Korea affiliate completed a healthcare-based equity fund for nearly $147 million as part of the capital commitments in total. Interestingly, South Korea’s NPS acted as the anchor investor for the healthcare-focused fund. Interestingly, the investors of the fund get additional objectives apart from investment returns. It includes options to co-invest in the healthcare space to achieve their strategic goals in China, Korea, and the United States. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.


Highland Capital follows a wide range of investment strategies including high yielding credit-oriented products, structured products, long/short term equity, and healthcare investments. The firm also invests in real estate, emerging markets, and distressed investments. Per the latest data, Highland Capital has almost $18 billion worth assets under its management. The firm has a diverse client database including public pension plans, corporations, endowments, fund of funds, foundations, high net-worth individuals, governments, and financial institutions. Highland Capital played a crucial role in making CLOs a highly popular financial tool.


The firm was the idea of James Dondero, the current President of the firm, and Mark Okada. Though Highland is headquartered in Dallas, it made its presence across the globe, in all the major financial centers. Today, it has offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Seoul, São Paulo, and Singapore.

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