How A New Startup Has Revolutionized Home Cleaning Services

What Is Handy?

Handy is an online cleaning booking service that was created in 2012. The original name of the firm was Handybook before it was changed to Handy. The founders of Handy are Irishman Oisin Hanrahan and India native Umang Dua.

The story of the idea behind Handy goes back to the college days of Oisin and Umang. They were roommates and were studying business. One day Oisin said wouldn’t it be great if he could just order a maid to come up and clean the mess that his roommate had made. Roommate and future business partner said if such a service was available he would use it. Oisin Hanrahan also saw a need for being able to hire the services of handymen, electricians and other contractors quickly when he was working as a real estate developer in Eastern Europe.

Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan then took their idea while still in college and tried to develop an on demand, online booking service for cleaning in homes. It was to be the Uber of home cleaning service and maid service. While it is not as instant as Uber, it does provide you with a home cleaning professional to clean your home in as little as 24 hours. Oisin Hanrahan currently serves as CEO and was a co-founder of the company. Umang Dua is the present chief operating officer and was co-founder of Handy alongside Oisin Hanrahan.

How Does Handy Work? shares that to get a book for yourself using Handy you need to fill out a simple online form. The slogan of Handy is that you can schedule a cleaning for a home or office in as little as 60 seconds. All you need to do is select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms your home or office has. Then, you select the number of hours you want the cleaning professional to spend at your location. Finally, you select a date and time when you want the cleaning scheduled.

The Advantages Of Using Handy For Home Cleaning

Some of the benefits of using Handy for home cleaning services include the fact that all cleaning supplies are included. You do not have to leave out any cleaning supplies. Nor, will you be charged extra for this, as it is included in the price. Each cleaning is insured and the employees at Handy are background checked. The company also offers a 100% money guarantee for every cleaning.


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