How Fashion and Film Blend Beyond the Red Carpet

Everyone knows how big of a role fashion plays in Hollywood, especially when stars are walking down the red carpet, but the fact of the matter is that fashion is a bigger player than some might imagine.

There are several successful fashion designers working in the movie industry to help create the look of characters in every movie. It is easy to think that fashion designers can only create a high-fashion look, but that is not the case. A fashion designer understands the psychology of a person and how it might translate into what he or she may wear.

The line between fashion and film have become even more blurred recently. In 2009, Tom Ford directed his first film called “A Single Man,” which was beloved by many critics that year. Most recently, the Mulleavy sisters just directed the “Woodshock” feature starring Kirsten Dunst. The film has a dreamy feel to it that is unmistakable and a look that tells the viewer that the film was brought to life by artists. Of course, the plot of the story is still very human as it deals with grief, drug abuse, and guilt, but it does so in a way not quite seen before.

This transition into film could have been predicted. It is not abnormal to see the face of an actor on a fashion magazine anymore. Several filmmakers have been contracted to make a short film for a designer. There is no doubt that, at least a few of these designers, were interested in storytelling enough to hire masterful storytellers like Martin Scorsese to say the least.

In the end, films are images, and designers know a thing or two about images. It is safe to say that this trend is going to continue to grow, and it is likely going to transform the way some cinematic escapades are going to look.

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