How Having a Colorful Wedding Dress Can Take the Cake

Most women who are about to get married are ready to look for a brand-new stark white wedding dress. That’s because traditionally, brides wear bright white on their wedding days. But trends have recently been changing. No, were not talking about off-white or cream-colored wedding dresses. Were talking about colored wedding dresses.


It may seem nontraditional, but many women are choosing wedding dresses with pops of color this year. This is a great way to show your individuality and brighten up your big day. If you don’t want to choose a wedding dress that is completely another color, you can simply add small areas of color to your white or cream-colored wedding dress.


One way that women are doing just that this year is by incorporating ombre styles into their dresses. This is mostly done at the bottom of their dresses. For example, your dress might be completely white or cream-colored at the top, and as the dress gradually descends to the bottom hem, that white color changes to another bright color. Women with this style of wedding dress have been seen with purple ombre, blue ombre and green ombre at the bottom, but you can naturally choose whatever color you want. If you would like more than one color, this is a great way to incorporate a super bright look to your big day as well.


If the ombre style doesn’t appeal to you, there are other things that you can do to incorporate more color into your wedding dress. For example, you might consider putting a colored ribbon around your waist or a colored bow in the back or front of your dress. Similarly, small colored flowers can be added anywhere on your bodice or skirt. These may be fabric filers, flowers made of sequence or real flowers that you get from your florist.


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