How to Be Desirable Without Following a Stereotype

One of the most common goals for people is to be desirable. However, when people think about a desirable person, very few images come to mind. For men, it is a suit and a tie. Alternatively, there is also the jeans and the t-shirt. For women, it is anything that is tight. However, not everyone is comfortable with following these stereotypes. At the same time, when everyone follows these stereotypes, they make themselves a little less likely to stand out. Fortunately, there are ways for people to make themselves desirable while being who they are. For one thing, it is about dressing to one’s own body types.

For men, they can find some items that are unique which are not necessarily the suit and tie but is every bit as presentable. There are items such as the Henley and similar items. When people keep their eyes open, they will find some subtle and creative versions of the known outfits. The next thing that is needed is finding ways to coordinate. The right type of color coordination will bring about desirability in a man. For one thing, it shows that he takes pride in himself.

For women, there are tons of clothes that are loose fitting and yet flattering. When women find that happy medium between tight and formless clothes, they actually bring about an elegance that is very classy. As a result, they become even more desirable whether they stick to classic styles or try to keep up with the latest trends.

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