How to Choose the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body This Summer

When it comes to getting ready for the summer, there’s one thing that all women have to do, and it’s not very fun. We all have to pick out a brand new bathing suit.


If you’re getting ready for a summer trip or a spring break jaunt to the coast, you’ll want to find a bathing suit that flatters your body and makes you look great on the beach or at the side of the pool. These tips will help you!


  1. Get the Good Stuff


First, don’t buy a cheaply made bathing suit. You’ll want to save as much money as possible, and purchasing a bathing suit that is not made out of quality materials or one that is not properly put together will always make you look worse than you really do! With that being said, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on your suit.


  1. Thicker Material Is Better


In addition to purchasing a well-made suit, you’ll want to find one that is made of thicker material. This will help you hide flaws better.


  1. Look for Ruching on the Bodice of the Suit


Ruching is a style of folding material. The folds created on bathing suits can also help hide bumps and extra baggage. It will make your tummy look super flat!


  1. Go for Prints


Solid colors may make you look bigger than you actually are. Try prints that are large and colorful to avert the eyes from trouble areas. You might also try polka dots, but stay away from stripes as these will only attract attention to your stomach.


  1. Try a Tankini on for Size


Tankinis are like bikinis, but the top is longer. It usually meets at your belly button, or it might cover up your entire stomach. For people who are nervous about their stomachs, this can be great.


As you go shopping for your bathing suit this year, try to keep all of these tips in mind, and this will help you pick out a suit that you feel good about.


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