How to Find the Best Swimsuit for This Summer

With swimsuit season coming up, it’s time to shop for this season’s bathing suit! This can be a big decision for many women who love to hang out at the beach or pool, but most women dread trying these items of clothing on at the store. Fortunately, with a little help, this year’s bathing suit decision won’t be too hard. Use the following guide to make your final choice.


Two Piece or One Piece


The first thing that you’ll need to decide is whether or not you want a two or one piece bathing suit. This should be a fairy easy choice as it has most to do with how comfortable you feel in either of these types of suits. For example, if you feel comfortable in a two piece, go for it! Many women want to cover up more, so they’ll opt for a one piece or a tankini, which covers more of the abdomen. If you have a pear shaped body, a bikini can look amazing, but if you have an apple shaped body, you might want to go for a one piece.


Color and Design


The next factor that you’ll need to consider is the color and design of your bathing suit. You’ll want to pick a color that flatters your skin tone. Those with olive colored skin tones may look good in bright oranges, corals, pinks or reds. Those who have a lighter skin tone with pink undertones might consider going with something a little cooler like blue or green.


If you hate trying bathing suits on at the store, consider ordering your bathing suit online this year. Simply shop online and put a number of your favorite bathing suit styles and sizes on a credit or debit card and return whatever you don’t like.


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