Igor Cornelsen Explains Why Brazil Offers Investors A Good Option


Igor Cornelsen may not be playing a major role in the Brazilian banking industry following his 2010 retirement, but the former head of some of the top banks in the country still remains active as a leader in the investment industry. The state of the investment industry and the chance to invest in areas of the world often under served by financial experts are all areas Cornelsen is looking to change through his work with Bainbridge Investments Inc.; Igor has been an active investment specialist with the company since 2011 when he established the Bahamas based company as a way of remaining an active investor despite his retirement.


Over recent years, Igor Cornelsen said on Facebook that he has looked to slow down the pace of his busy life by dividing his time between his homes in Brazil and the U.S. state of Florida where he originally hoped to spend his time playing golf and relaxing. For Cornelsen the pull of the financial markets proved too strong and his career as an investment specialist was launched in 2011 with the hope he would be able to help others find more unique and newer forms of investments from across the world.


Igor Cornelsen believes his own career as a banking specialist in Brazil has given him an advantage over other investment specialists who do not have the deep understanding of the Brazilian economy and other Latin American areas; Cornelsen has gone so far as to refer to Brazil as his secret weapon in finding investment success. The success of Igor and his own Bainbridge Investments Inc. has come after he spent a large amount of time exploring the many opportunities open to investors in Brazil, the world’s fifth largest economy; despite the position of Brazil’s financial options in terms of the global economy many investment specialists are failing to look at South America, which he believes offers an amazing set of opportunities every investor can enjoy. Yolasite paints a more complete picture of Igor, and it’s a great place to get a feel for what this famous investor has done up until now.

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