Indigenous Canadian Designer Will Be Featured At World Fashion Week

The indigenous woman, Becki Bitternose, will be showcasing her latest designs at the World Fashion Week in Paris. With the financial aid of Sask Fashion Week and Power of Pink, she was given an opportunity to represent Canada at the show.


A group of women from Regina decided to create a fund raiser. Lois Vanderhooft and Kayla MacKay lead the fund raising efforts for Becki. Becki did not previously know these women prior to the fund raiser.


Becki was very emotional when donations suddenly came in to help her with the event. She received over $20,000 for the cost of materials and the entrance fee. The entrance fee for the Fashion Week even is $14,000 alone. She would have never been able to afford this without the help of donations.


Her passion for design began when she converted a Pendleton blanket into a jacket. She eventually went on to producing her PlayBuffalo clothing line. Her products were presented at the Couture Fashion Week in New York. She will go to Paris in February for the next fashion show.


The World Fashion Week will feature many unique collections from around the world. Their fashion week is to promote global unity, sustainable development, diversity and environmental responsibility.


Many underrepresented designers are brought to the event to showcase their products to international traders. It is also a network event for international media and trade representatives, opening up new avenues for worldwide industry. This event typically has over $200 million in orders per event.


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