Investment banking is one of the services industries. Investment bankers like Ken Griffin offers help to individuals, corporations and governments in terms of giving financial capital, funds and acting as client’s agents in the issuance of securities. Investment banks are different from commercial and retail banks because they do not take money deposits.
Investment banking provides partnership to those who sort for their services. Investment banks work with their customers together; that is hand in hand with the primary driving objective being to make a profit and formulate successful deals through the mutual agreement signed.
Investment banks carry out many different banking activities. Like, for example, they advise and offer information to firms or corporations issuing securities and investors buying securities on when and how to place items on the open market for buying and selling. So, it is justified to say that investment banks play a significant role in identifying and issuing new security offerings to corporations and security buying firms.
Another important role investment banking plays is offering pieces of advice to the world’s largest organizations on surrender of companies stock; how to gain acquisition of the companies on sale and provide details on fundraising strategies to the organizations. The investments banks here does deep research so as to give these organizations reliable information.
For individuals like innovators and entrepreneurs who want to establish business firms; investment banks come to their aid. They help the individuals raise funds i.e. the capital, and give advices on the idea because they have experts who do forensic analysis and scrutiny to the business ideas to find out the positive effects and the negative impacts of the design. Investment banks have a goal of seeing ideas implemented and that is why they embrace aiding the business minded.
Investment banking also takes the coverage role in industries; supermarkets; private/ public firms; and product groups in case of any damages. For example, if an industry that has ensured its production with them burn down due to faulty fire outbreak or other disasters, the investment banks cover and fully compensate the sector as per the agreement between the banks and the corporation. Also, it offers medical covers to the employees in the industry so long as they were injured while in the line of duty.
Also investments banks carries out: the ‘sell side’ which involves trading items for cash or other items for the client and the ‘buy side’ which involves providing advice to institutions concerned with buying investments services. With such reputation that have seen investment banks propel, we can say investment banks are your sell and buyout partners.
One of the investors who have worked to see the investment firms live up to their expectations is Mr. Kenneth Griffin. Mr. Griffin is an American investor. He is the founder and the CEO of Citadel, which is a global investment firm. Mr. Kenneth Griffin has worked to see that his firm delegates its duties and be a world investment company that is well known.


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