James Dondero – Giving back to the people of Texas

James Dondero, president of Highland Capital Management, through his vast experience in the credit and equity industry has built his company from its humble beginnings in 1993 into the Dallas based super giant that it is today. Dondero’s business is now responsible for providing goods and practical solutions for many institutions and private investors.

Dondero, and his company, also routinely donate to many charities in order to give back to the community of Dallas and beyond. One of his more notable contributions was to have the hippopotamus enclosure renovated through a one million dollar contribution, along with additional contributions totaling more than 14 million dollars so that the community of Dallas could continue to enjoy the joys and wonders that this exhibit brings to many people of all ages throughout the year. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

His contribution has had such an impact on the zoo community that zoo officials were proud to name the newly revamped hippopotamus enclosure the Highland Capital Lodge. This is just one charitable contribution among many that James Dondero has given to several organizations over the years. Other institutions that have benefited from Dondero’s generosity include The Perot Museum of Science, Uplift Education, and the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Follow James on Linkedin.

By giving back to the community that has helped him become a success Dondero is investing in the futures of many of the children that live in socioeconomically diverse communities within many of the major cities in Texas. Giving these children a chance for a brighter future and an opportunity to learn about innovation and zoology may just be one of the longest lasting contributions that a person can give to their community.

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  1. After making so much from the community it was always a noble thing to do by giving back to community just as James Dondero has done so far. Perhaps his actions can make rushessay service key into what he has done thereby causing others like him that has made a fortune out of the community invest back in the people which has aided their respective successes.

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