Jim Larking and His Stand in Fighting For the Rights of the Workers

James Larking remains one of the recognized people who will always be remembered in the history of Ireland. Born in 1876 January 21, James Larking was responsible for the establishment of the Irish Transport and General workers union. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

The England born and bred James grew up in the slums of Liverpool. He took various jobs as a youth to sustain his family. He, later on, ended up as a foreman at the docks of Liverpool. James had joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) due to his belief that the workers received unfair treatment. In 1905, James worked full time at the trade union as the organizer.

James founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union after his transfer to Duplin in 1907. He later established the Irish Laborer Party which led a series of strikes.

The party achieved to gain the right to fair employment for the workers. It was after the 1913 Dublin Lockout that saw more than 10, 000 workers go on a strike that lasted nearly eight months.

James Larkin was also responsible for staging massive anti-war demonstrations in at the break out of the World War 1 in Dublin. James traveled to the United States in 1914 for a lecture tour that would help in raising funds for to be able to fight the British.

He had joined the Industrial Workers of the World and the Socialist Party of America while in the United States. In 1916 the Easter Rising happened in Ireland, and James Larking suffered demise of his friend James Connolly. The James Connolly Socialist Club was founded in the year 1918 on the 17th of March in New York. The Club became a center for the activities of the left wing.

James was deported back to Ireland after undergoing a conviction in 1920 of criminal anarchy and communism and later being pardon after serving three years in prison.

Larkin gained international recognition from the international communist in 1924 through Workers Union of Ireland he established the Union in 1924. In 1945, he joined the Irish Labour Party. James Larking was married to Elizabeth Brown, and they had four sons. He died in January 30th, 1947.

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