Kung Fury Released online

Kung Fury has finally been released online on May 28 as a result of a kickstarter campaign to get it going. The trailer promised a lot of over the top fun as the star takes on many different adversaries including arcade machines and Hitler “Kung Fuhrer” himself.

The short film itself more than delivers on its promise, at least in the eyes of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This film was done in the quality of a VHS tape. There are a few sequences where the tracking drops out during a part where the tape has obviously been eaten. It resulted in what looks like a couple of minutes total lost from the sequence.

There are other sequences that are very over the top fun. The acting is over the top and hammy in that 80s way. The director and star David Sandberg has teamed up with David Hasselhoff for the music video done in the retro 80s style.

Overall, this short movie does what it sets out to do and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It i great retro fun. Kung Fury is actually somewhat reminiscent of Axe Cop.

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