Lime Crime Eyeliner Is Perfect For Me!

Eyeliner is one of the things I’ve wear each day. I love playing around with different kinds of eyeliners. My eyes are my best feature. I have relatively large eyes in a shade my mom likes to call emerald. I also have really long eyelashes that I got from my dad. His eyelashes are so long he could practically drag them on the floor. So I look for eyeliner that helps me bring out my eyes and eyelashes even further. One of best places to buy eyeliner right now is Lime Crime. My friends and I love this site.

Their Liquid Liners

One of my favorite products that I like to buy from Lime Crime are their liquid liners. Liquid eyeliners are great. They’re easy to apply to your face and they really help your eyes look bigger. The eyeliners from Lime Crime are some of the best liners I’ve ever found on the market. I am so happy to know they’re made from vegan ingredients that are high quality and never irritate my skin. I also love how they’re hyper-pigmented and really stand out. You can put them on your eyes and bring out the colors of your eyes. This is one of many reasons why I buy them all the time.  They’ve got cool coverage from the Twitter for Lime Crime as well.

Some of My Favorite Colors

My eyes are generally a shade of green but they can look lighter or darker depending the light. The classic dark black quill is just right for me when I want a shade that is bright and intense. When I’m in the mood for something that is a bit lighter, I will go for the blue milk. The light blue is so very pretty! Sometimes i like to mix it up even further. The orchidacious is so wonderful. I love the really deep purple color that works well with a lot of items in my clothing closet. I’m really happy when I put in on and see how good it looks on eyes. My friends and I also like the other great colors in the line that Lime Crime has for sale.  The entire line is available on the Lime Crime website.

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