Lime Crime Is The Best Cosmetic For Clowning Around

I started dressing up as a clown for fun at parties for my niece and nephew. Although it was a blast at first, I found that unless it was Halloween, I had a hard time finding the right cosmetics to complete my look. About the fifth birthday party that I attended, a gentleman approached me and asked me if I would be interested in taking my act on the road full time. I thought surely he was joking; I was a grandmother and didn’t have the time or the energy.

Well, that crisp fall afternoon was the start of my clowning business. I tried to find vibrant colors and unusual items that would help me enhance my ensemble. However, I just had a hard time finding things in my local area that I could use in my act. I started doing some research and tried many different products. I needed vibrant colors and something that would stand out from the crowd. It wasn’t enough to just dress the part; I needed to be the part.

A friend of mine told me that I had to check out Doe Deere and the Lime Crime line on I had never heard of these cosmetics, but she told me they had an eclectic blend that she thought would interest me. What I liked was the owner’s story. She is always in character and calls herself the “Queen of the Unicorns.” She is a fashionable lady, but she has a unique talent. She reminds me a great deal of Lady Gaga, only instead of singing, she devotes her life to making the most stunning colors in makeup. She, like me, felt that the makeup industry was very bland and jaded by traditional colors and blends. She wanted to create a product line that screamed it was different.

I have been using Lime Crime for about a year now. What I love is that she incorporates so much glitter into her products. For a clown who loves to play around, glitter and bright hues work perfectly for my ensembles. I change up my look from time to time, and I can always count on Doe Deere to make something interesting that I wear for work or play.

I did some research on Deere, and I was surprised to find out that she is Russian, just like my husband. She is an avid animal lover, specifically to cats. She has three cats that she calls her children. Her business is one that has deep family roots. She brings her husband along to work with her, as well as her mother. Lime Crime is one of the best products I have found in years. Not only does she use all natural chemicals in her products, but she takes the time to develop each one personally. Lime Crime is way better than any of those large conglomerates; it’s just better.

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