Gold Can Create Financial Stability

Recently CBS 19 has reported recently reported on CBS 19 the US money Reserve has given its online site an entirely new look. CBS19 The new look highlights the company commitment to customer service. The online site has been completely redesigned with new photography and a coin photo collection.

The objective of this site is to allow people to purchase gold coins while educating the consumer about the positive aspects of owning government bullion. The new online platform enables customers to interact and have a greater level of interactivity and allows for security while browsing the store front (you can get to read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – The US money Reserve offers PCGS certified coins as well. The site offers competitive pricing on both gold and silver. There’s plenty of information available to consumers to help them decide which purchase would be best for them.

U.S. Money Reserve provides customers with the highest quality precious metals available. These coins are a great investment and are in high demand. US money Reserve are the most trusted precious metal and coin providers. US money Reserve has highly qualified account Executives that are ready to answer any questions that you may have. It has been known for many years that precious metals such as gold silver and platinum maintain their value. Read more:  US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

In times of an unstable economy, precious metals will retain their value and protect your assets. Many people are turning to these valuable metals to invest their money to safeguard for the future. It is the U.S. Money Reserves opinion that economic inflation will devalue the dollar.

That is why it is wise to invest in metals such as gold silver and platinum whose values will maintain over the course of time. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find gold. This lack of availability is a primary reason why gold will maintain if not increase its value in the coming years. It is suggested that people invest in gold during times of war and civil instabilities to protect their financial future.

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Wikipedia: Just Another Ordinary Bureaucracy


When people think about the future of companies, most of the time, they think about some of the digital ventures like Wikipedia and Reddit. These companies have some noble goals of decentralizing power and offering everyone the freedom to develop and also disseminate knowledge. In theory, this is considered to be a good idea.
However, it is unfortunate that the system does not work as good we everyone believes. According to a new study that was conducted recently, Wikipedia is believed to have drifted away from its main goals and has become a conservative, corporate bureaucracy. The institution has recently become something quite different, and it is ruled by several elite individuals.
If you are a fan of the website, these results of the new study might surprise you. Wikipedia has always avoided establishing top down management in its contributor and editors. For a individual who is writing for the institution, it is possible to get ranks such as super contributor, and they come with several editorial privileges. However, power over the rest of the contributors was actually not supposed to be one of these privileges.
Two people known as Simon DeDeo and Bradi Heaberlin coming from Indiana University had an opportunity to analyze 15 years of Wikipedia data. During their study, they researched about over five million articles that had been written by thousands of contributors. The research clearly indicated that the big site is governed by iron law of oligarchy. This actually means that the ruling power has come out of the egalitarian system that was once decentralized.
During the research, something else was also revealed. The community has grown significantly in the recently to about thirty thousand individuals that influence everything in the site, from how the people were interacting to how they were selecting and editing content, and they have been well established by a mere one hundred users during the early days of the site.
Wikipedia articles are not difficult to work on, but they require a lot of expertise for them to be published. Many individuals are not able to write and get their articles approved. However, there is some good news for everyone. Get Your Wiki is a company that will make a Wikipedia page. The company is managed by a team of experienced professionals who have a lot of experience in Wikipedia articles, and this means that your work will be approved very fast. If this does not happen, the customer gets their money back.


Wikipedia is basically just another giant bureaucracy, study finds

Beneful Premium Dog Foods Are Packed With Nutrients

Have You Considered Buying Premium Dog Food For Your Dog?
When walking on the trails behind my home with my dog and going to the dog parks with her, we will often find other pet owners. The other owner and myself will often talk about our preferences in dog foods and dog treats if we start talking in the first place. I noticed that many of the people that care enough to spend a lot of time with their dog are already feeding their dog a premium dog food. This makes sense because caring about your dog enough to take the dog on these excursions would usually condone caring enough about the dog to feed him or her a quality meal of premium dog food.

There was this article on the Daily Herald that I found just a little while ago that speaks to the quality of premium dog foods. I already knew this information about these brands, but I thought I should pass it along to the rest of the pet owning community. There’s a lot of valuable information in the article that shows you exactly how many precautions the premium dog food companies take in order to make high quality products. You will see that the manufacturers of premium dog food companies really care about the product that they are making for us.

When I choose my dog’s food, I always choose Beneful. This brand is packed with nutritious ingredients. It has a wholesome blend of real vegetables and real meats. There is no other food on Wal-Mart that provides our dogs with such a high level of nutrition.

Beneful is able to support the active lives of dogs by using high quality ingredients. According to the article I mentioned from the Daily Herald, the premium brands are spending more on the cost of ingredients. Purinastore Beneful ( makes a great wet food that my dog really loves. It is made of real beef. This wet food is called Chopped Blends, and it looks delicious. Here’s the article that I was speaking about from the Daily Herald.

Yeonmi Parks’ Harrowing Story of Defecting From North Korea

She was thirteen years old when Yeonmi Park escaped North Korea in the middle of the night with her mother in 2007. They crossed through the frigid Yalu River and entered into China. Though they managed to escape, it would be another year before they managed to get to South Korea. The journey would take them through China’s less habitable territories in a trying and difficult process that eventually saw Yeomi and her mother board a flight to South Korea.

Yeonmi Park’s story made the international news Daily Mail UK when she documented her escape and subsequent trek to South Korea in her Amazon released book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Yeomi’s life as a refugee in China took troubled and nearly disastrous turns when she was subject to abuse and extreme hunger. Her father died shortly after escaping due to cancer. Yeomi’s book details this horrifying ordeal leaving little to the imagination. Her painful and exhaustive escape is written about in excruciating fashion that sheds light on the plight of North Koreans who leave the regime.

Since her escape, the North Korean regime has levied attacks against her, accusing her of working to discredit the country and being allied with the United States. They went so far as to release a video in an attempt undermine her message. She has refused to acquiesce to Pyongyang’s narrative.

Aside from the North Korean government, others have accused her of using her story in an attempt to garner fame. Some skeptics from outside the country view her more gut-wrenching claims with suspicion and have even suggested inaccuracies. However, Yeonmi has not shied away from responding to the doubters, who she views according to the NK as misinformed.

Speaking with Reason TV, Yeonmi Park acknowledged that the reason she didn’t initially come forward with her abuse claims is because of the shame such allegations carried in her culture. She also points to the language barrier as a reason for some of the confusion that exists over her book. Nonetheless, Yeonmi has become a symbol for strength and hope for millions around the world who live in dire circumstances.


Incorporate Olympic Valley

The past few years have proven to be tough for Squaw Valley Resort and other partnering north shore residential areas. The drought has slowed down a lot of the moisture and snow that is needed to make the resort thrive. It’s definitely created a challenge for Andy Wirth, CEO and founder of Squaw Valley Resort. Not only has he had mother nature and the shortage of moisture to deal with, but also faced some challenges in the political world in the form of an incorporation feud. Wirth has found some relief with the arrival of an early storm, which allowed the Squaw Valley and other Tahoe resorts the opportunity to open earlier than expected. The opposing incorporation has also withdrawn their efforts from the Olympic Valley.


Andy Wirth has worked hard for many years to make the Squaw Valley Resort one of he top destinations in the world for outdoor adventures and skiing. Throughout his years in the industry, he has spend many hours working in the resort world and perfecting his business skills. He is also a major supporter to many environmental organizations as well as community service businesses in the Lake Tahoe area. His goal has been to improve the overall general area for people of all ages.


After surviving a near fatal skydiving accident that truly changed his life, he has committed much of his fund raising efforts to the Navy SEAL Foundation. This foundation was set out to support Navy Seals and their families after they come home from active duty. Wirth wanted to find a way to honor the Navy SEALS for their service and for all they do for the people, communities and the services they do for our freedom.


Wirth wants to see the community work on transportation issues and other issues that arise in the community of Olympic Valley rather than support the incorporation. Wirth would like to hope to agree that both parties love the community and can agree on exactly what the community needs. Until then, he hopes that the division created can be repaired and that there is a chance for healing. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, Wirth would like to see the money placed towards bettering the community and providing the needs that the citizens need. His hope is that they can come together and solve this issue and move forward with business in the future.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal



Slyce Releases Fourth Quarter Report

Slyce, a leading visual search provider for retailers and brands that allows you the customer to connect with product search technology at any moment has announced their financial results for the year and fourth quarter which ended October 31, 2015.

Key important notes of the business side of Slyce reports a new partnership with This new partnership will allow customers to take photos of pictures they see in stores or magazines and instantly be able to find where these shoes can be found. Additionally, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters and Shoe Carnival have also joined in their partnership.

Slyce unfortunately terminated their short form prospectus and are now using private placement financing.

On the technological side Slyce has achieved much success in new innovations. These innovations include a universal scanner, slyce link, Enhanced 3D Object Recognition,2D Content Management System and coupon author.

While their were some significant losses during this year Slyce continues to evolve as a company and strives daily to create innovative products that will not only become profitable to the company but will be a product that many customers across the globe can rely on no matter where they are.

Slyce’s business model offers ways for the company to obtain multiple revenue streams thanks to not only it’s search platform but also consumer apps.

Donald Trump in Trouble after Being Sued by a Model For Breaking Immigration Laws

Republican Presidential aspirant has been very vocal concerning the United States companies using foreign workers instead of employing Americans. Trump pointed out that the culture was high on the skilled workers who had been brought to the US through the controversial H-1B program. Speaking on his site Trump said, “These are temporary foreign worker who have been imported from abroad for the main purpose of exchanging the American workers at a lower pay. I will stick to my words of removing this rampant and widespread H-1B abuse.”
Trump criticized the norm despite his own modeling taking advantage of the program for some years since the federal law categorizes modeling as specialized work. Double standards and lies is nothing strange in Trump’s campaign. This story has not gone well with a model though.
Alexia Palmer, a Jamaican top model moved to the United States while 17 years after signing contract with the Trump models. The agency which helped Alexia get H-1B visa to enable her temporarily come to the United States for work was founded by Donald Trump.
Palmer went ahead to file a civil law suit which alleged that the agency not only abused the visa but lied to the US government by falsifying the total amount of money she would be making. In the document, Palmer was promised $ 75,000 yearly and a total of $200,000 for the entire duration of the contract but she claims she only earned a few thousand for the complete duration of the contract. The amount she was paid was further taken out in portions for administration fees, out of work pocket expenses and agency commission fees
Currently, the law suit is awaiting judge’s approval and if more models from the same agency come out with similar claims, it could easily be turned into a class action suit. Trumps agency has managed to bring over 30 foreign models to the US under the H-1B visa program and more than half of them had a salary of $75000 a year indicated on their applications.
Most of the legal experts have agreed that the Trump’s agency was in violation of the immigration law. According to the experts, the agency is required to pay the exact amount that has been indicated on Alexia’s Visa
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China Aims for 6.5 Percent Annual Growth in Next Five Years

The Premier of China, Li Kequiang, opened China’s Parliament March 5 by saying China planned to grow its economy at an annual rate of 6.5 percent over the next five years, but faced tough struggles. The government intended to create more jobs while restructing industries that were currently inefficient.

6.5 percent growth would be the Chinese economy’s slowest rate of growth in 25 years. However, China is facing a softening of world demand for its exports and tumultuous financial markets. The government also wishes to stop environmental destruction.

The 2016 goal of the Beijing government, according to the article, is to achieve growth between 6.5 and 7 percent. And it aims to increase the money supply by 13 percent while keeping inflation around 3 percent. In 2015 the actual rate of inflation was around half that figure.

In the inefficient sectors of the economy, so-called zombie firms are inefficient and underperforming. They account for a lot of the corporate debt still leftover from the 2009 stimulus money China spent. China will be layoff 5-6 million workers in the coal and steel industry sectors over the next two to three years. It will restructure the zombie firms through mergers, debt deals and bankruptcies. They wish to hold the rate of urban unemployment below 2016. With the layoffs, this means they plan to create 10 million jobs.

To reduce environmental problems, they plan to hold the consumption of energy to 5 billion tons of coal. They also intend to raise spending on their military by 7.6 percent, which is the lowest rate of increase in six years.

Economists expect China’s rate of growth to come in at around 6.5 percent in 2016, a figure most countries would welcome.

Li said the government planned to reform the bond and equity markets. This comes after a period when the Chinese stock market caused worldwide concern through its widespread losses. Its currency the yuan went down in value. The government intervened in these cases. The Parliament will no doubt consider what measures to take to control the stock market.

China’s government aims to maintain stability and reduce the chance that economic problems and unemployment lead to widespread political and social unrest. Chinese citizens are allowing the government to manage the economy with the assumption higher growth will continue to make the Chinese people more affluent.

Another economic issue inside the country is the disparity between property values. In big cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, values are spiking up. However, in smaller cities they are stagnant.

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Lime Crime Eyeliner Is Perfect For Me!

Eyeliner is one of the things I’ve wear each day. I love playing around with different kinds of eyeliners. My eyes are my best feature. I have relatively large eyes in a shade my mom likes to call emerald. I also have really long eyelashes that I got from my dad. His eyelashes are so long he could practically drag them on the floor. So I look for eyeliner that helps me bring out my eyes and eyelashes even further. One of best places to buy eyeliner right now is Lime Crime. My friends and I love this site.

Their Liquid Liners

One of my favorite products that I like to buy from Lime Crime are their liquid liners. Liquid eyeliners are great. They’re easy to apply to your face and they really help your eyes look bigger. The eyeliners from Lime Crime are some of the best liners I’ve ever found on the market. I am so happy to know they’re made from vegan ingredients that are high quality and never irritate my skin. I also love how they’re hyper-pigmented and really stand out. You can put them on your eyes and bring out the colors of your eyes. This is one of many reasons why I buy them all the time.  They’ve got cool coverage from the Twitter for Lime Crime as well.

Some of My Favorite Colors

My eyes are generally a shade of green but they can look lighter or darker depending the light. The classic dark black quill is just right for me when I want a shade that is bright and intense. When I’m in the mood for something that is a bit lighter, I will go for the blue milk. The light blue is so very pretty! Sometimes i like to mix it up even further. The orchidacious is so wonderful. I love the really deep purple color that works well with a lot of items in my clothing closet. I’m really happy when I put in on and see how good it looks on eyes. My friends and I also like the other great colors in the line that Lime Crime has for sale.  The entire line is available on the Lime Crime website.

Burberry Makes Shocking Changes


The news hit recently that Burberry is making a few changes to their fashion line. Well, people are probably going to like the changes, because they are focused on satisfying the customers need for immediate gratification. At one time, the big fashion houses were focused on the spotlight and the fashion magazines. They wanted to create the biggest fashion buzz about their new seasonal designs. However, in order to stay competitive, changes have to occur. Making new runway clothing collections immediately available to the public is something new. Let’s hope that it catches on with other fashion houses. Perhaps, the see now and buy now model is something that will really work for everyone.

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