Michael Zomber: Antique Arms Expertise

Michael Zomber is a man who loves antique weapons along with antique armor. His expertise is strongest from the sixteenth to nineteenth century. His collection contains pieces from parts all around the world and includes European, Islamic, Japanese, and American arms.

As a world renowned antique arms and armor collector he has been seen sharing his knowledge with the world, as he’s been featured on shows such as the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series which included several different episodes. Michael has been collecting these antique for more than 30 years. He loves to share this passion with the world and is often known for his love of storytelling, with several novels for sale on Amazon.

Michael Zomber is not only an antique collector but also has several screen plays and novels. Some of his work includes Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy, Soul of Samurai and several others.

Most of his work is focused on the negative consequences of war where he tends to have the most knowledge of these subjects. Michael Zomber tends to supports the work of many peaceful organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Global Exchange.

Graduating from the University of Illinois with degrees in English and Psychology, he finished out his masters of English Literature at UCLA. Michael is also a family man. He and his wife have two children together and currently live in Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay.

Michael’s wife was the one who encouraged him to start writing screen plays which is what lead to him writing novels. This is when they formed their film production company Renascent Films, just one of the many projects they have collaborated on. If you are looking to research antique arms and armor Michael Zomber is the person to look to for his vast array of knowledge in this area.

Mushrooms Are the New Responsible Leather

For generations, people have searched for a biodegradable, responsible, natural, and vegan alternative to leather for fashion. A new alternative is going to be available in the industry with the creation of mycelium leather products. In the article, The Next Leather Jacket Will Be Made from Mushrooms, Phil Ross, artist and founder of Mycoworks, discusses how he is bringing the art of growing leather from mushrooms over to fashion.
Mycoworks is creating a leather-like product from the skin of mushrooms, called mycelium. Ross has been working with mycelium as a medium for his art for thirty years. Through his fascination with reichi mushrooms, which he originally used for medicine, he discovered that it is easy to manipulate and create texture and patterns in the skin of the plant by changing what you feed it or by altering the environment the plant is growing in.
He has been able to produce furniture and faux stone from mycelium and eventually realized that he could also grow a leather-like product from the mushrooms that was comparable to many of the leathers used in the fashion industry. He has produced leather with alligator, ostrich, and other luxury textures that are popular in modern fashions and hopes to make the mycelium leather an alternative to animal hide for health and ethical reasons.
The mycelium leather products are perfect for fashion because they can be manipulated as they grow to take on nearly any texture or shape. Mycoworks has also been able to add zippers and other hardware to the leather while it grows, in order to attach it naturally and permanently instead of sewing it on later. Ross also claims that it can be molded and shaped more easily than cow hide, but he is working on creating a mycelium leather product that is closer to the look and feel of cow hide since it is the most popular leather used.
Your next leather jacket may have a surprise up its sleeve. Just imagine the faces of people when they complement your jacket and you inform them that it’s made from mushrooms. You will feel great wearing it, knowing that it came from a sustainable, biodegradable, and responsible source that doesn’t involve cruelty or the mistreatment of animals.

Feeling Down? A Wardrobe Update Might Help

For those that are feeling down in the dumps, or struggling with their sense of self worth, there is some good news. There have been studies that have suggested that a simple change in wardrobe could have an effect on how on feels about himself. In fact, fashion in and of itself could affect the person’s own feelings about his life. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of outfits.

This doesn’t mean that one should run around and jump on the latest trends. For one thing, trends are always changing. It is impossible to keep up with trends. Instead, it is better for the person to find the clothes that he wants. It doesn’t matter what type of clothes that is. All that matters is that the person is able to express one’s own self. He or she could choose clothing from the 70s. After all, some of the trends that were popular in the 70s are making a comeback.

Also, vintage clothing from older eras can give one a sense of uniqueness. This is one thing that could help with self worth. If a person buys some unique clothes, he will be more likely to feel like a unique and irreplaceable person. Fortunately, there are tons of stores that one could shop at that carry unique and impressive clothing. Also, they are very affordable. Therefore, one does not have to break the bank, go broke or bankrupt in order to buy the type of items that he wants. He will still manage to put together impressive outfits on a modest budget.

Kevin Seawright Unveils New Plan

Due to changes in industry and local economies, it is very possible for a thriving city to suddenly find themselves struggling financially. In many cases this can lead to a significant reduction in population, which will lead to a large amount of home vacancies. One city that has struggled with this in recent years has been Baltimore,Maryland. Baltimore has had some economic struggles, several different groups have formed companies that have helped to give the city a chance to thrive.

One individual businessman that has taken various steps to help Baltimore is Kevin Seawright. Kevin Seawright is a real estate investor and businessman that has spent his career working in various real estate focused roles in both the private a public sectors. His latest venture, RPS Solutions is looking to find ways to provide affordable housing solutions.

Kevin Seawright will be the principal of RPS Solutions, which is a joint venture that has raised a significant amount of private capital. The new joint venture will focus on acquiring and redeveloping vacant properties throughout Baltimore. These vacant properties will then be converted into livable real estate that will be used to provide citizens with an affordable housing solutions.

Kevin Seawright was recently interviewed by a local radio station and stated that his ultimate goal is to increase the home ownership rate in Baltimore. To do this he is reserving a portion on the assets that will be sold to qualified first time home buyers. The balance of the units that are not sold will be held as affordable housing units for renters. In most cases the units will be able to take advantage of local and state affordable housing programs.

Hippeas: Taking Snack Food To A Healthier Place

hippeas bisterzo


Can the small chickpea actually be the next big thing when it comes to healthy food snacks? When one looks at it, it hardly seems likely, after all, it isn’t exactly a food that has had large impact to American consumer’s diet to date. But when one takes a look at what chickpeas health properties, a case can be made for it becoming a staple for those who are looking for better for you alternatives. Chickpeas are low in calories, delivers a supply of fiber and protein.
Livio Bisterzo saw the appeal and the possibility of a snack based on chickpeas, when he embark on a journey to create a healthier alternative snack, Hippeas. The vision was to produce a snack that would be ideal for millennial consumers, knowing that many are very conscious of their eating habits.

Bisterzo and his company Green Park wanted to be sure that the health benefits were just as rigorous as the need to have a fulfilling and delicious snack treat. By combining the two, they have introduced what may very well turn out to be the next big global snack treat.

In today’s competitive market, Bisterzo realized that his idea had to be well differentiated when compared against the  snack options available to consumers.   Since its introduction earlier in the year, Hippeas has taken off, and is quickly set to become one of the most exiting fast-growing snacks in America.
Hippeas has recently joined the snacks available in over 7500 Starbucks stores.

The Apparently Limited Fashion Of Men

When a lot of people think of a well dressed women, they think about dresses of many different cuts, styles and patterns. However, when it comes to a well dressed men, the only image that comes to mind is a suit and a tie. Some men may find it frustrating that there seems to be very little room for creativity. However, when men take the time to look closely at men’s fashion, they will find that there are actually quite a bit of variety in the styles that are available. They get to look at various aspects of clothing such as the fabric and the quality of the fabric.

When men look at the different types of clothing that they are allowed to wear, they may find some items of clothing that they may be intimidated by. For one thing, they actually like it. However, they may be a little worried about the possible ridicule they might get when they wear. The good news is that most people are not going to ridicule their interesting choices of outfits. In fact, some people, particularly of the opposite sex might actually like what they have put together. This will give them enough confidence to go for what they like.

Men that are interested in upgrading their wardrobe would do good in looking at brands such as Calvin Klein in order to find some interesting items. There are also other stores that sell a lot of interesting that men might like. Among these clothing stores are H&M and Urban Outfitters. Men will get to experience fashion as the fun and creative activity it was meant to be. Many men will find their own style and be satisfied with their selections. They can find some of the fun pieces of fashion such as jeans and underwear by companies like Calvin Klein. Men will also experience some of the joys of wearing a lot of great fashionable clothing.

Brian Bonar’s Career Bio Is Impressive

Brian Bonar is someone who likes to get involved in a great many different financial endeavors. Bonar is the quintessential highly-achieving entrepreneur. He does not limit himself to one enterprise or industry. Since he maintains involvement in scores of different ventures, he does not suffer from any limitations or other issues of concern associated with a particular market or industry sector.

Being involved with more than one enterprise is fairly easy. All one has to do is direct time and, more importantly, money towards a particular venture. Brian Bonar has done more than put money in. He has earned money – and acclaim – thanks to his ventures being successful.

Probably one of the most interesting businesses Bonar had gotten involved with was the North San Diego County restaurant named Bellamy’s. Brian Bonar came across a restaurant he felt was not living up to its potential. To rectify the situation, Bonar actually purchased the establishment and renamed it Bellamy’s. The restaurant quickly became known as a fine gourmet establishment with a fabulous restaurant.

The purchasing strategy proved a few things about Brian Bonar. One, he is someone willing to take chances and venture outside of fields he has the most experience. He knows how to take something and make it a success. Bonar never rests on achievements. He is always looking forward to do more and climb the next entrepreneurial mountain.

Brian Bonar’s personal career history is an interesting one. Bonar was born in Scotland and received a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Strathclyde and, later, he would gain an MBA from Staffordshire University. Bonar returned to Strathclyde to earn a PhD. Career-wise, he has been very successful in design and finance-oriented activities. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/imaging-technologies-ceo-brian-bonar-interviewed-on-wallstreetreportercom-74409637.html

Brian Bonar would go on and win awards for his work in the business world. In 2010, while serving as CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar was named “Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance”. Winning the honor was a very prestigious accomplishment. This example of past success shows Bonar professional resume is one filled with amazing performances.

Bonar’s capacity as a pricipal at MG2 is also noteworthy. The incredible design solutions completed by MG2 have Bonar’s handwriting all over them. In the years ahead, even more impressive works are sure to be coming from the desk of Mr. Bonar.

Read more:

Brian Bonar – about.me

Finding A Staple When Shopping For Fashion And Finding A Style

When it comes to fashion and style, a large part of it is in the stores that one goes to. It is important for one to be willing to shop at various stores when she is new in the search for her style. However, at some point she is going to have a favorite store or a go to shop for most items that she wants. Her main store depends on the type of clothes that she likes. Often times, one is going to find a store that sells unique items that are exclusive to the store. The unique item that she wants could be any item. It could be a trending item, or something that has been off trend. Either way, what matters the most in style is what the person prefers.

A staple could be anything like a store or a piece of clothing. For people that have a certain type of staple that is sold at a wide variety of stores, they should consider themselves fortunate. All they have to do is find a store that sells the product at the lowest price so that she will get a good deal on the item. It also does help to have the item on sale.

For people that are limited to one store, the good news is that the store often has plenty of other unique items that can be found for those that are willing to look. These items could be vintage items from the 70s. This would be a good style to adopt because a lot of people are starting to love the 70s. At the same time, it is not just about what others want. It is about what the individual wants. In the end, the individual lives with one’s self for 24 hours a day. The individual’s own acceptance is what should be the most important.

Kyle Bass: Encouraging American Economic Decline For His Own Gain?

Kyle Bass used to work for Bear-Stearns, one of the top investment banks on Wall Street prior the 2008 financial collapse. Shortly after his employment relationship with that organization was no more, Bass let a prominent financial journalist know information regarding trading between the banks. That information dropped Monday, by the end of the week Bear-Stearns was hemorrhaging stock so bad J.P. Morgan Chase was forced to buy them out. By the end of the year, the US stock market imploded. Kyle Bass wasn’t the cause, but he did push over a kind of domino culminating in the collapse. It’s like he came upon a gymnasium of dominoes set up for a show beforehand and knocked everything down before the day’s big performance. He became famous for it, because he made millions short-selling against US sub-prime mortgages. It was a good, common-sense move; but his benefit came at the result of substantial losses.

Now Kyle Bass is saying that Chinese investiture should be carefully considered in light of that country’s decade-old credit bubble, which is yet expanding. Bass knows this growth isn’t sustainable and will force a currency devaluation within the next two to three years. As a result he’s tied up a billion betting against Chinese currency and for the US Dollar. However, Bass has also said he expected the devaluation to hit by the end of 2016. Well, 2016 is over in four months, and it’s yet to come. Bass said in April that there was a forty to fifty percent chance China’s bubble implosion would force American economy into decline. That’s a chance less than binary. In fact, it appears to be a kind of investor scare tactic which may force the Chinese implosion earlier as rich interests are curtailed that would otherwise not have been.

When China’s economy bottoms-out and forces currency devaluation, it’s going to drop a fifth right out of America’s economic value–again according to Bass. Looks like he’s involved in manipulating another recession. Between his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and the poor performance of his Texas hedge fund Hayman Capital Management, it almost seems like Kyle Bass uses front organizations to accomplish subterfuge financial victories.

How Some Trends Leave and Return

While some trends will leave, there are some that stay around. However, there are some trends that make a comeback. Perhaps it is some form of nostalgia. Either way, it is not uncommon to see something that was on trend about 30-40 years ago make its comeback in present day in some form. Often times, right before the comeback, these old trends are ridiculed. Either way, there are some trends that are making a comeback for a new generation to experience for themselves. Some of them may even like these bits of clothing that have once been deemed out of style.

Among the types of clothes that have been off trend for a while are the off-the-shoulder maxi dress, wide-leg pants, overalls, and some other items. Of course, they are not necessarily the same as the earlier items. There are a few differences in the fabrics, patterns and the overall design of the clothing. However, this is something that the people that are all about fashion are going to look at in order to stay up to date. However, a lot of these items have not gone out of style to some people. There are certain subcultures that have kept these items alive.

While there is nothing bad about keeping track of the trends, it is important to know that it is better for one to find her own style so that she can be totally satisfied with her own choices in clothing. Some of the more stylish people often know that what was once in style may likely come back in style. Either way, they don’t choose a product based on what is popular. They find a product that they like regardless of what someone else may think about it. In the end, each person lives with his or her own fashion choices.