Kyle Bass: The Genie That Turned Villain


Kyle Bass, the manager at Hedge Fund, has found himself at the receiving end of criticism, as financial institutions continue to rack in losses thanks to his ill-advised decisions and predictions.


The hard economic times experienced by Kyle Bass date back to March 2015. It’s believed that Bass sought advice from none other than the legendary Dallas-based energy guru T. Boone Pickens. It’s thought that Pickens told him that the capacity of energy storage would not be overtaken by the supply of oil domestically. Not to be the one to be outwitted, Bass decided to come up with his “own” price range something that backfired badly on him. Companies which believed him have felt the full force of his wrong predictions.


The Hayman Capital Management Fund owned and managed by Kyle Bass has also fallen pretty badly when compared to the market in general. Financial experts believe that the overall capital fund of the company has hit rock bottom by around 7%. This decrease is well below the previous 1.3% gain in S&P 500 that the company had earlier recorded. If these figures are to be trusted, this will mark the third straight year that the company has recorded losses.


With all of these problems breathing around his neck, Kyle Bass has remained firm on his decision, and it’s not hard to see why. In 2008, Bass successfully made money to a good number of investors by buying credit default swaps during the subprime mortgage crisis. During this time, Brass had successfully predicted the shift in the mortgage market. So when this came to pass, many investors saw Bass as the genie when it came to predicting markets, little did they know what was coming next.


Apart from his wrong decisions based on the oil and energy sector, Kyle has been quoted as saying that the economy of Japan will crush. The funny thing about his “predictions” is the fact that he has been saying so since the year 2010. Six years down the line, the economy of Japan is still growing by ten-folds while his predictions keep turning on him. As time progress and the economic trends change, it will be fascinating to see just what comes of him.

Armani Switches To Fur-Free Fashion

Armani is a fashion icon across the world. They have long turned heads and made news when it comes to fashion. That’s because they are always the trendiest and are big on making the boldest moves. Often, their fashion lines shock people in the best way possible. It was recently that perhaps they made the biggest announcement yet. They have decided to stop using fur in their lines. He released a statement on Tuesday that basically said that using fur is cruel and unnecessary.

His announcement came with some shock value but overall there was positive feedback. The upcoming Autumn and Winter collection will be fur-free and many organizations were quick to chime in with their support. The Chairman for the Fur Free Alliance spoke of how this makes a statement that fashion icons can still make great clothing without resorting to using fur. The Humane Society International also chimed in saying that killing animals for their fur is never fashionable.

According to an article in Reddit, Armani is not the first to switch over to a fur-free fashion line. It’s actually a trend that has been catching on for a while. Although, it’s hard to say what brought this announcement about. It could be because other fashion icons have made the switch to synthetic long before and haven’t had much negative feedback. It could also be because of the countless protesters and letters that Armani received, asking them to switch. No matter what the reasoning, it seems that this is the way of the future for fashion tycoons. Now, it’s up to them to keep at this promise after the next two fashion lines debut.

2016: 1970’s Inspired Fashion

When it comes to fashion, staying current is very important to most women. Styles that were trends years ago may not always be so desirable, but when it comes down to it, many of today’s styles have stemmed from trends years ago. Surprisingly enough, most of the fashion trends this year originated in the seventies, when many of your mothers were your own age or growing up. They’re making a huge comeback, as read in one article.

Today, lace is all the rage. Tops accented with lace or mostly made of lace or very in right now. But they didn’t become popular suddenly- this was a fashion comeback from the seventies! In addition to lace, patterns have become increasingly popular. Vibrant zig-zags and floral patterns can be found in most retail stores but were likely found in your mothers closet first.

If you’ve seen off-the-shoulder maxi dresses on your shopping adventures, those certainly aren’t new either. That was a huge trend back in the nineteen seventies that came back to make a statement. Along with maxi dresses, are denim dresses which is a trend that seems to be timeless. This reoccurring fashion statement always comes back and is such a versatile look. Let’s not forget about high-waisted jeans being a huge trend right now. For example, Taylor Swift is seen sporting them often. Yet, it’s another trend that decided to make a comeback! To read more about articles of clothing that have reappeared in recent years visit:

Whether it’s dresses or tops, trends from the seventies have recently emerged thanks to the comfortable, carefree, feminine look they give. Maybe it’s time to check out your moms old clothes from the seventies hidden in the back of her closet!

Denim Overalls And Jumpsuits Hot Trend And Celebs Showing Them Off

Even though leggings and active wear are outselling denim these days, we still find it hard to believe that jeans would ever go out of style. Denim is beautiful on everyone of all ages, and the sizzling trend of the moment are jeans designed in overalls and jumpsuits.

Before you scream, that is so 1970s, relax and read on.

Celebrities have been rockin’ this modern style for a few weeks now, and the fashion must is ideal for all shapes and sizes. Denim overalls and jumpsuits are casual chic, in addition to being super comfy and versatile for many occasions.

Model Christie Brinkley and model daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook are loving denim overalls with their cute sneakers and simple white tees. Of course, the two look like sisters, as ageless Christie displays her amazing youthful looks in a pair of overalls from head-to toe, while Sailor sports the overall shorts version. Their coordinated denim ensembles look fresh and modern, from age 18 to 62, in this case.

Top Chef hostess Padma Lakshmi is also into the denim fashion trend, as she headed out the door in New York City holding hands with her adorable daughter Krishna. Both ladies were wearing sleeveless denim jumpsuits in the scorching city heat and looking absolutely chic and polished. Padma’s was a cropped version she teamed with green platform heels, while Krishna’s denim featured a onesie playsuit with cute ballerina flats.

Even Jennifer Lopez has been strutting her famous curves in the denim jumpsuit trend with a fitted, retro style and wide legs.

Denim overalls and jumpsuits elongate the body, letting every women look taller and sleeker.

Embroidered Patches Are Making a Comeback

Many of the clothing pieces we consider wardrobe staples first became popular in the military. Items like the bomber jacket, chinos, the peacoat and cargo pants were uniform staples for individuals serving in the Armed Forces. The patch also has military roots, and it’s making a fashion comeback this season. Here are a few companies offering trendy patches for you to add to your clothing.

Ball And Chain Co.

This company started with just one patch, but has grown into a thriving label that now offers pins, as well as headwear and clothing. Ball And Chain Do. offers both iron-on and velcro patches with ironic and sentimental sayings. Some of the favorites include one that says “Growing Old and Moving On.”


This accessory brand is based in Canada and the patches the company sells are 100% embroidered and inspired by pop culture. Halfpatch recently introduced the “Emoji” collection, which translates popular social media emoji into patches. Other catchy patches include ones with phrases like “In Pizza We Crust” and “Kanye West 2020.”

Tough Times Press

Tough Times Press, a streetwear label based in New York, is designed by Maurice Blanco. Blanco manages the brand with his girlfriend. Funny and sassy patches are what Tough Times Press is known for, and their products feature phrases like “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda” and “Go to the Beach.” The patches are also easy to iron onto clothing.

As you can see, it’s easy to get in on the embroidered patch trend. All you have to do is choose the patches with colors or sayings that appeal to you, and iron or sew them onto your clothing. It’s a simple yet effective way to make your wardrobe pieces one of a kind.

Reappearing Trends of 2016

There are some trends that have reappeared in the past year or so, that originated in the seventies: right around the time when many of our mothers were teenagers or growing up. Like most other trends, its normal for them to make a comeback, though funny to be wearing clothes similar to our mothers in a completely different time. Listed below are some of the trends you’ve probably seen before- in old photos of Mom!

The first one noted is high-waisted jeans. Whether it’s on you, or your favorite celebrity, these have made a HUGE comeback. Taylor Swift is one celebrity known to rock this look with a crop top. Also, wide legged pants can be found in many retail stores. They are comfortable and can be dressed up or down. It’s no mystery why this trend is reappearing again.

One huge trend this year is off the should maxi dresses. Well, this is certainly not new! Mom probably rocked this way before your time, and it’s not surprising they’ve come back. They are comfortable, vibrant and feminine, coming in many patterns and colors. The denim dress is one that makes comebacks fairly regularly. This simple stated look is perfect in the spring and summer time- simply timeless.

Let’s not forget about the infamous suede skirts in the seventies. Well, this is one trend that you may have not foreseen making its way back into the fashion industry, but it certainly has! Opposite of suede, there is lot’s of lace going on in fashion today. Lacy tops and dresses all started long ago, but certainly make quite the statement today. To read more about these comeback styles, go to:

Assisted Living on the Central California Coast



If you have made the decision to consider Assisted Living for a family member or perhaps even for yourself and you live in or near the San Luis Obispo County area there are many options you can consider. First of all, talk to your Physician and see what recommendations he or she has and what they think is needed in terms of assistance. There are many resources you can go to for information. Check with your local area Agency on Aging, AARP or look up Assisted Living on the internet if you are computer capable. Gather as much information as you can to help you decide the right course of action and the right place for you. There is a wealth of information available and many places such as “Senior Housing Net” will help you narrow down what you are looking for according to your needs.

One of the premiere places available is The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo. This is an exceptional campus offering independent living options such as Homes and Cottages and apartments in addition to full time, private Assisted Living accommodations either permanently or for short term needs. They offer the best in 24 hour care with well trained caregivers, medication technicians and a Registered Nurse. Each guest is evaluated to assess the level of care they will need and that is provided on a round the clock schedule with the utmost dignity and compassion. This stellar community offers all the comforts of home in a beautiful. serene campus setting that allows full time residents and part time residents the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of a senior community. Everything is designed with the needs of the residents in mind. Activities include exercise classes, crafts, a library, entertainment, shopping and many other choices. All of their residents wear a pendant that can reach a staff member instantly 24 hours a day. You are never alone to worry if you need assistance. Our discreet daily check ins also allow them to see you each day.

The Manse on Marsh is the brainchild or Chris Skiff who since the age of 23 has had a passion for developing the best in senior living communities and has been involved the planning, construction and/or development of 20 communities. He takes pride in providing the best in care and amenities to his residents. This has been his life’s passion and it shows in the Caring Stars The Manse on Marsh has been awarded. Chris has been married for 28 years and has 5 children, has run 11 marathons and is frequently honored for his contribution to senior living in the Central Coast community. In 2016 The Manse ranked in the top 1% of senior care providers nationwide. With an outstanding and dedicated management staff every option is considered to find the best ways to improve and enhance the lives of their residents. Their health and happiness is everything to them. That is why they love what they do. We take personal pride in giving the best and most compassionate care anywhere.

Please visit their website at and take a look at all they have to offer. They strive to provide you or your family with the very best in assisted living options in a beautiful community atmosphere.

Re-Emerging Fashion Trends

If you’ve seen old photos of your mother when she was your age, you’ve probably let out a few laughs. Trends were so different in the sixties and seventies, but what’s surprising is that most of these styles have made a comeback at some point within the past couple of years. In a recent article, it discusses a few specific trends that are popular in womens fashion currently and how many mothers were sporting those same exact styles years ago.

For example, the article discusses the importance of off-the-shoulder maxi dresses in fashion. While maxi dresses emerged last year, the off-the-shoulder trend is one that was popular in the late seventies. These flowy, soft and feminine dresses are easy for dressing up or down and come in awesome patterns. Patterns, themselves have made a comeback this year. Whether it is zig-zag or floral, patterns are a huge fashion statement in 2016, and it’s likely you’ve seen your mom wearing some of those same patterns.

Along with maxi’s comes denim dresses. This timeless style has re-emerged several times, thanks to its comfort, and ability to be versatile. You really can’t go wrong with a denim dress, and this will always be a part of current trends. Denim is very important in fashion. Right now, high waisted jeans have made their comeback. You’ve probably seen Taylor Swift rocking some high-waisted jeans. Well, it’s likely your Mom did way before Taylor, that’s for sure.

These are just a couple of the trends that have made huge comeback this year. You can read more from the recent article to see what else has made their way back into the fashion world here:

A Good Return On Investment For Bruce Levenson

The Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team which was initially owned by Bruce Levenson and a group of other businessman including Michael Gearon Jr was recently sold to the highest bidder at an auction. The highest bidder was non other than billionaire Antony Ressler the cofounder of Ares Management. After months of back and forth the deal was finally sealed at $850 million which was slightly less than what was promised to Bruce Levenson when he hired bankers from Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs. They predicted a sales value for both the team and the operating rights of the Philips arena at $1 billion. This might have oversold the team slightly and scared off other potential bidders from entering the race. However the businessman and UCG Founder Bruce Levenson are happy with the way the deal turned out.
Antony Ressler also told the ESPN news that he was excited to be the new steward of the Atlanta Hawks and wishes them the best of luck in the playoffs. The owner of the private equity firm tried to aquired the Los Angeles Clippers last spring however was up against 2 other bidders and lost out on the race. Steve Ballmer won this sale at $2 billion that he submitted. The Atlanta Hawks were only valued at $425 million earlier in the year by Forbes but the sale of both the Bucks and the Clippers restructured the market and pushed the price up.

Bruce’s keen business sense has allowed him to not only excel at his business information company but also set his sights on various philanthropic engagements. He is helping a number of prominent organizations and is one of the founding donors of the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. which opened in 1993. For more info, check out:


The Nineties are Making a Fashion Comeback

The nineties were known as a time of plaid, denim, Keds and some funky pops of color. The plaid, metallic colors and denim is making a serious comeback right now. Here are a few of the nineties inspired fashion items you can add to your 2010’s fashion.

Pops of Color
The nineties fashion sometimes incorporated some pops of electrifying color into wardrobes. A pair of blue sparkle jelly shoes would make your feet come alive. The Lisa Frank brand of school and art supplies recently released a clothing line that you could add to a nineties inspired wardrobe easily. Lisa Frank has leggings, tees and sweatshirts that you can select from. You can accessorize with a bright yellow smiley face backpack if you want to add a nineties color pop to your bags.

Plaid and Lots of It
Almost everyone was rocking plaid in some way shape or form in the nineties. Rock stars, angst ridden people, models and movie stars were wearing plaid shirts, skirts and pants like they thought there would be a plaid shortage in a few years. To modernize your plaid get a plaid jumper and plaid skirts to add to your 2010’s wardrobe. Finish off all of your plaid ensembles with a pair of comfortable white Keds.

Add Bling to Your School Accessories
You should get funky keychains, bright stickers, backpacks, water bottles and notebooks. Look for some Lisa Frank or smiley faced school supplies for a nineties edge.

Decorated Denim
Pins, rips and keychains will make your denim rock a nineties vibe. You should add a denim jacket, jeans and a denim backpack to your wardrobe, if you are a big fan of the nineties denim trends.