What it Takes For Young Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Panama According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Many people have the perception that entrepreneurship is a preserve for individuals who are in their middle ages. This is a totally misleading perception, because young entrepreneurs have all that it takes to succeed in business. Young people are tech-savvy and like taking risks. These are some of the attributes of a successful entrepreneur in the modern business world. Panama has widely been described as the hotbed of business opportunities in Central America.

Creating a successful entrepreneurial career in Panama

You should ensure that whatever you do is unique. This will go a long way in setting you apart from the rest of the pack. Remember there is wisdom in uniqueness, which fully explains why going with the grain may not be a wise idea. Be uncompromising and revolutionary, and success will come your way. You should also master the art of flexibility. In this regard, you should not dwell your focus on coming up with a pioneering idea. In retrospect, think of ways that can help you actualize that idea. Once your idea has been actualized, seek out like-minded people who can help nurture your dreams.

Avoid people who will pull you back. Network with people who have the potential to be your business partners. Choose people that you can trust with your ideas and resources. Pooling ideas and resources with another like-minded individual will give you the means of achieving twice as much as what you were initially intending to achieve. You should similarly endeavor to avoid all form of shortcuts. In as much as they might appear to be an easy road to success, short cuts are a major stumbling block in the long run. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come on a silver platter. Minimize your costs, set realistic goals and find a mentor who is well versed with the game.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa in Brief

Adrian is a highly successful young entrepreneur. The Panama resident is originally from Venezuela but chose the Central American nation due to the vast business opportunities that he identified. He holds senior positions in more than 5 Panama based companies, all of which are prosperous. Besides his corporate duties, Mr. Velasquez has carved a niche for himself by being one of the most prominent members of the business community in Panama. He has had a hand in the success of over 20 companies due to the insightful advice that he offers to young entrepreneurs seeking to invest in Panama.



Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa official site: http://www.adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com/

Doe Deere and Lime Crime

For those that are looking for a new style or a new and innovative way to wear makeup that will showoff the beautiful features of the face, one brand in particular has become an internet sensation for offering a new type of makeup that emphasizes bright colors that can be used by both men and women. This makeup brand is known as Lime Crime and was officially created in 2008 by Doe Deere, an individual with a creative side as well as a passion for business that started this company to give more and colorful options for putting on makeup for everyday activities.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 as a side business to her clothing design business that featured bright colors and patterns of her own making. Doe Deere created Lime Crime as a side business in order to have a makeup that would not be washed out with the beautiful and bright colors that she chose for her clothing designs. As a result, the Lime Crime company soon took off and is now an internet-based brand that has been giving both men and women new options as to how they wear makeup and how they accentuate their beautiful features.

In a recent interview with Galore magazine, Doe Deere stated that she sometimes feels as though she cheated with her career due to the fact that she has stated that she loves her career too much to even feel like a job. Doe Deere feels lucky in her position and has dedicated her career as a businesswoman to continue building the brand and to use the customer opinion to not only keep herself humble, but also to make sure that the product continuously improves into the future. Doe Deere hopes to one day have a traditional brick and mortar store to sell her products in.

Doe Deere has had a passion for makeup even at a young age in her life. Doe Deere, at the age of nine, remembers playing with her friends during play dates and sleepovers. As young children, Ms. Deere and her friends dressed up in some of the most colorful outfits with colorful accessories to match the outfits. Doe Deere distinctly remembers adding makeup to the faces of her friends in order to complete the entire look. Though she was not a professional artist back then, this inspired Deere to pursue her dreams.

The Many Financial Skills Of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is that rare person who truly knows and cares about financial issues. He has done much to help provide assistance and step up the plate for his employees in order to offer them help each day. At present, he is the head of the highly respected Imaging Technologies Corporation.

Imaging technologies Corp is one of the world’s a leaders when it comes to developing highly useful color management software that many rely on each day. The company is also an integrator and service organization that offers various kinds of digital imaging hardware.

Such products have helped bring it to forefront of the global technological field and help create a group of highly satisfied clients both in the United States where the company is based in other parts of the world where officials hope to expand in the future.

An Important Evolution

The company’s transformation has been quite swift under the leadership of Brian Bonar. He is someone who has helped push it from being a developer and manufacturer into a new organization that is focused more on marketing services of all kinds that are based on the needs of their clients. Learn more about Brian Bonar: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/brian-bonar

Bonar’s leadership has been very much behind this much needed change. He knows how important it is to use all the skills of the employees inclduing their expertise in imaging products and services that are related to this particular subject. It is with that aim in mind that he has helped create a series of strategic acquisitions that are all about being able to expand into brand new markets besides that of providing high quality imaging products for their clients.

Specific Practices

Bonar brings many years of management skills with him as he helps decide where the company should go next. He is a native of the United Kingdom where he received a thorough education in various important fields.

His earned both an undergraduate degree as well as multiple graduate degrees, providing him with a solid and firm foundation in fields that are related to the business he conducts now.

His expertise has long been focused on helping to create new and innovative companies that can serve the needs of the public and help make the world a better place at the same time. His has spent many years in the field, honing his skills in order to figure out how to add value to any company.

With his latest venture, he hopes to bring in new customers who can benefit from his brand of insightful communications. His work here has been about helping employees deliver products that are just right to the needs of the company’s many clients. They know they can count on him for help.

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Revealing The Facts Surrounding The Brazilian Legal System

Brazil is a federal state that is governed by a constitution, so their legal system is complex and focused on some areas. It is necessary to understand all the information about the parts that make the justice system of the country so one can make the right follow-up in the event of an issue.

First, it is vital to understand how the court system of Brazil is configured before moving into other issues. A simple overview of the court system shows that the justice system is divided into two parts namely the specialized courts and ordinary courts.

Specialized courts
Examples of specialized courts in the Brazilian court system include the military courts, which are headed and controlled by the Superior Military Court. These courts integrate military and civilian members. Labor courts also fall under this category and these are tasked with handling all matters employment and addressing the grievances presented by workers in the country. Finally, there are electoral courts that are tasked with solving election mysteries and ensuring justice prevails in the electoral system.

Supreme Federal Court
This is the highest ranked institution in the legal system of Brazil and its roles vary from serving as the guardian of the constitution to working as constitutional court. When judges are caught contravening the constitution, this is the court that tries them and offers disciplinary measures against the errant public servants.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is reputed for creating a mass litigation area that he manages from an organized and efficient office. His performance in the legal system of Brazil has been applauded by many since he has displayed exceptional wit and experience in the industry. He is viewed as a leader in the market due to the influence he has had in assisting upcoming professionals to understand what the legal arena is all about.

Additionally, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has emerged as a prolific author of several journal articles giving deep thought into the legal system and the correlation of the industry to the business world. He is also an admirable public speaker and his skills at solving issues have earned him competitive advantage among his peers.

White Shark Media: The King of Digital Marketing Aiding

Starting in 2013, White Shark Media Inc. is a search and digital marketing firm with offices located in Central America, the United States, and Denmark. They deliver solutions in online marketing tailored especially for small and medium sized organizations. They specialize in offering Bing Ads Management and AdWords. White Shark Media Inc. has a massive experience with the Shopify platform. They provide services in PPC, SEO, and SEM.

Tons of small and medium-sized businesses have prospered drastically when working with using keywords and keyword phases more effectively. Many companies have higher page rankings in the SEO, and as result, many of them have been having a large percentile in sales.  Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

White Shark Media Inc. offer product listing ads in all their ecommerce clients’ management plans, and they offer Google Analytics implementation and full Conversion Tracking for their clients on all Shopify platforms. As a matter of fact, White Shark Media Inc. refer all their current ecommerce clients to the Shopify platform.

Their Achievements So Far

Just started in five years ago, White Shark Media is already recognized as one of only 29 Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners within the United States. They have also been acknowledged of being one of the fasting growing digital firms in North America.

Due to their rapid growth, Google identified them in early 2012 by inviting them to take the Google HQ in Mountain View, California. This is where a support team was designated to assist White Shark Media in leveraging their clients’ needs and their growth more intensively.

White Shark Media’s growth came from their reputation of creating cost effective search marketing campaigns while offering superior customer service. And as a result, they helped tens of thousands of organizations across the Americas to grow their companies by using White Shark’s proprietary marketing tool suite and online marketing techniques.

Another reason why White Shark Media is so successful is because they track all their clients’ marketing efforts thoroughly. This is done through Google Analytics, proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, and tracking of the keyword-level call. And furthermore, they go that extra mile for their clients in full accountability every month.


With their rapid growth, accolades and recognition of their service, and great results and customer praises from their clients, White Shark rules el supreme in their industry. They always go that extra mile for their clients.

Securus Offers Automated Document Processing

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that has been a leader in providing technology and communication products to the prison and correctional facilities industry for the past decade. The newest product offered by Securus now ensures that correctional facilities will be able to run more efficiently.


The latest product sold by Securus is a new mobile application called ConnectUs. ConnectUs is an online application that can be used by an inmate to file a wide variety of pieces of paperwork. The paperwork can range dramatically to include forms that include requests for visitation, to complaint forms, to those needed to request a medical check. Regardless of the form, an inmate will be able to use the device to quickly find the form that they need and then have it filled out on a more automated basis.


While the new product is clearly a convenience for inmates, it is also very convenient for the prison system as well. Prisons and correctional facilities are required to document almost every event that occurs, regardless of how minor it is. ConnectUs will allow much of this documented to be automated. This can greatly reduce the amount of paperwork that is needed and can help to free up valuable resources.


Brian Bonar, The Hot Ticket on Wall Street

Brian Bonar was born a leader and continues to provide the best financial advice in the business today. He began his career working at IBM after receiving his Bachelor’s in Technical Engineering from James Watts Technical College and continued to refine his craft at Stafford University where he earned his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian’s experience with providing expert financial and investment advice allowed him to launch his own brand called Bezier Systems. His passion for his work makes him the best leader as well as financial collaborator on Wall Street. Brian’s collaboration with Delrada Financial Services, in particular, proved to be a pinnacle in his career. Learn more about Brian Bonar: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-bonar-a123136

This collaboration led him to become the chairman and CEO of the company. His talents for facilitating mergers and acquistions make him not only a great executive, but a respected mentor with every company he works with.

Among Brian Bonar numberous accomplishments in the field, he was named ‘Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The honor is bestowed to professionals who have excelled in their accomplishments in the financial world along with their acedemic achievements and leadership skills necessary for success!  Read more: Brian Bonar – about.me

Since 2010, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Inc. (formerly Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc.) in addition to overseeing Delrada Financial Services. The company assists other companies with human resource services as well as providing permanent staffing solutions along with employee benefits. Brian Bonar’s services in the world of finance and investment include:

  • Obtaining Building Permits
  • Contract Admin
  • Building Design
  • Design Elements
  • Overseeing Development
  • Market Strategy
  • Venture Capital
  • Merging & Acquistions
  • Employee Relations

    A company is only as good as it’s leader. Brian Bonar’s lives by this mission statement. His leadership skills and natural abilities to unite businesses together to where both sides profit is more of the business ethic we need in our financial and investment firms across the map. The goal is to be able to let businesses focus on their brand and let Brian’s services take care of the details. His expertise as a dependable colleague, mentor, and Chief Executive Officer make Brian Bonar the hot ticket on Wall Street.

NYC Real Estate Has Tons of New Projects Coming Out Of The Woodwork

NYC real estate is the most sought after and exciting market in the world, and there are a lot of different people who come to New York looking for some kind of excitement in real estate. These people will find all that they need in NYC real estate when they approach TOWN Residential for help. The brokers who work at TOWN Residential can give the client a look at the interesting projects that are happening around the city, and the brokers will even help clients find something that is near one of these projects.

Real estate values are going to keep going up because of the new projects that are nearby, and someone who wants to shop in these new areas can do that with help from TOWN Residential. A new house might be found near a new office building, and the client will settle into a home that is truly perfect for them. That is why TOWN Residential is so helpful because they are there to send the client on a journey nearest the newest projects in New York for increased real estate value.

The office buildings and new retail locations that are growing in the city are incredible because they bring hope to an older community, and they allow people to move in with their businesses when they are ready. A client might be able to get into a suite in one of these new buildings, and they can get a better price for the suite because they were working with TOWN Residential in the first place.

Savings in real estate comes from the professionals at TOWN Residential who know the way to save customers money. Every customer can make a special request, and they will find a house or office befitting their needs. That is why real estate deals and TOWN Residential are a natural match.

WEN By Chaz Transforms Beauty Blogger’s Fine Thin Dull Hair

It’s not her fault, really. Blogger Emily McClure has been fighting this challenge for years now, and it’s due to her DNA. Her fine, thin, dull hair is genetic, but that does not mean she can’t create a hair miracle.
Emily has seen those famous WEN by Chaz QVC infomercials where gorgeous stars show off glossy big hair with shake-able movement. As a beauty blogger, she has access to a variety of beauty products, so she decided to reach for a bottle of the no lather shampoo.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the west coast celebrity hair guru Chaz Dean. He knew in his heart that all those store shampoos and conditioners were made with a dirty, little secret- sulfates and other damaging chemicals. So, he created his WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners that promote healthy, botanicals that nourish strands from root to end. These no lather shampoo formulas are ideal for any hair type in any condition.

Chaz Dean’s star clientele have remained loyal to the brand, because it works, and each formula is made from only the highest standards of quality and research.

Emily planned on a 7-day hair journey with WEN hair by Chaz, choosing the FIG cleansing conditioner for dry, damaged hair. She kept a hair diary and posted hair selfies for Bustle.com.

Emily enjoyed the no lather experience in the shower, because her strands seemed to double in volume and become soft and shiny. She skimped on the amount of product for her medium-length locks but still achieved a great crowning glory. After she blow-dried and styled, her hair looked A-list. Her selfies show enviable tresses.

Emily advises readers to use the WEN by Chaz system if you have the time and effort to give your hair. That way, your results will be amazing.|

Like the Facebook page of Wen hair: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/



White Shark Media’s List Of Services Provided

White Shark Media is a specialized Google AdWords management company. Google AdWords is what businesses use to market themselves, creating campaigns that display their websites and phone numbers, and that attract new customers to them.

The concept of AdWords sounds simple, but creating top-of-the-line ads that drive in website traffic by the ton is something that few have done. So White Shark Media, and their teams of experienced AdWords developers help create these high performance AdWords campaigns, and add in more services depending on what subscription plan you have with them.
Why White Shark Media Over Other Digital Marketing Companies?

Yes, there are other companies out there you can hire for online marketing, but White Shark Media let’s you see what you’re getting ahead of time. White Shark Media does free evaluations for new customers both in PPC and SEM ads. What happens in this evaluation is you will be scheduled to meet with a White Shark Media Adwords specialist at GoToMeeting.com, and while there they will go over new AdWords strategies.

They’ll take a look at the AdWords campaigns that you’re already running for your current website, and then show you how they would change them to improve results. They will not actually change your existing campaigns in the evaluation, nor does the evaluation obligate you in any way to hire them. It’s a way for you to decide whether you want to hire them, or simply walk away knowing more about AdWords.

Will White Shark Media Really Listen To My Concerns?

White Shark Media knows that making investments in AdWords needs to yield more income than expenses, and being hired to manage marketing campaigns is something they take seriously.

They’ve had concerns from clients over the years about how the company communicates with them, and how they can stay up to date with their campaigns. White Shark has monthly review meetings in which they will discuss in full detail how campaigns are performing, and whether the current strategies need to be changed or not.

They realize that sometimes new campaigns don’t always perform better than the old ones, and if clients wish to retain parts of their original strategies that did well, White Shark Media will do that. White Shark Media values the satisfaction of its clients.

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