Brian Bonar, The Hot Ticket on Wall Street

Brian Bonar was born a leader and continues to provide the best financial advice in the business today. He began his career working at IBM after receiving his Bachelor’s in Technical Engineering from James Watts Technical College and continued to refine his craft at Stafford University where he earned his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian’s experience with providing expert financial and investment advice allowed him to launch his own brand called Bezier Systems. His passion for his work makes him the best leader as well as financial collaborator on Wall Street. Brian’s collaboration with Delrada Financial Services, in particular, proved to be a pinnacle in his career. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

This collaboration led him to become the chairman and CEO of the company. His talents for facilitating mergers and acquistions make him not only a great executive, but a respected mentor with every company he works with.

Among Brian Bonar numberous accomplishments in the field, he was named ‘Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The honor is bestowed to professionals who have excelled in their accomplishments in the financial world along with their acedemic achievements and leadership skills necessary for success!  Read more: Brian Bonar –

Since 2010, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept Inc. (formerly Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc.) in addition to overseeing Delrada Financial Services. The company assists other companies with human resource services as well as providing permanent staffing solutions along with employee benefits. Brian Bonar’s services in the world of finance and investment include:

  • Obtaining Building Permits
  • Contract Admin
  • Building Design
  • Design Elements
  • Overseeing Development
  • Market Strategy
  • Venture Capital
  • Merging & Acquistions
  • Employee Relations

    A company is only as good as it’s leader. Brian Bonar’s lives by this mission statement. His leadership skills and natural abilities to unite businesses together to where both sides profit is more of the business ethic we need in our financial and investment firms across the map. The goal is to be able to let businesses focus on their brand and let Brian’s services take care of the details. His expertise as a dependable colleague, mentor, and Chief Executive Officer make Brian Bonar the hot ticket on Wall Street.

NYC Real Estate Has Tons of New Projects Coming Out Of The Woodwork

NYC real estate is the most sought after and exciting market in the world, and there are a lot of different people who come to New York looking for some kind of excitement in real estate. These people will find all that they need in NYC real estate when they approach TOWN Residential for help. The brokers who work at TOWN Residential can give the client a look at the interesting projects that are happening around the city, and the brokers will even help clients find something that is near one of these projects.

Real estate values are going to keep going up because of the new projects that are nearby, and someone who wants to shop in these new areas can do that with help from TOWN Residential. A new house might be found near a new office building, and the client will settle into a home that is truly perfect for them. That is why TOWN Residential is so helpful because they are there to send the client on a journey nearest the newest projects in New York for increased real estate value.

The office buildings and new retail locations that are growing in the city are incredible because they bring hope to an older community, and they allow people to move in with their businesses when they are ready. A client might be able to get into a suite in one of these new buildings, and they can get a better price for the suite because they were working with TOWN Residential in the first place.

Savings in real estate comes from the professionals at TOWN Residential who know the way to save customers money. Every customer can make a special request, and they will find a house or office befitting their needs. That is why real estate deals and TOWN Residential are a natural match.

WEN By Chaz Transforms Beauty Blogger’s Fine Thin Dull Hair

It’s not her fault, really. Blogger Emily McClure has been fighting this challenge for years now, and it’s due to her DNA. Her fine, thin, dull hair is genetic, but that does not mean she can’t create a hair miracle.
Emily has seen those famous WEN by Chaz QVC infomercials where gorgeous stars show off glossy big hair with shake-able movement. As a beauty blogger, she has access to a variety of beauty products, so she decided to reach for a bottle of the no lather shampoo.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the west coast celebrity hair guru Chaz Dean. He knew in his heart that all those store shampoos and conditioners were made with a dirty, little secret- sulfates and other damaging chemicals. So, he created his WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioners that promote healthy, botanicals that nourish strands from root to end. These no lather shampoo formulas are ideal for any hair type in any condition.

Chaz Dean’s star clientele have remained loyal to the brand, because it works, and each formula is made from only the highest standards of quality and research.

Emily planned on a 7-day hair journey with WEN hair by Chaz, choosing the FIG cleansing conditioner for dry, damaged hair. She kept a hair diary and posted hair selfies for

Emily enjoyed the no lather experience in the shower, because her strands seemed to double in volume and become soft and shiny. She skimped on the amount of product for her medium-length locks but still achieved a great crowning glory. After she blow-dried and styled, her hair looked A-list. Her selfies show enviable tresses.

Emily advises readers to use the WEN by Chaz system if you have the time and effort to give your hair. That way, your results will be amazing.|

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White Shark Media’s List Of Services Provided

White Shark Media is a specialized Google AdWords management company. Google AdWords is what businesses use to market themselves, creating campaigns that display their websites and phone numbers, and that attract new customers to them.

The concept of AdWords sounds simple, but creating top-of-the-line ads that drive in website traffic by the ton is something that few have done. So White Shark Media, and their teams of experienced AdWords developers help create these high performance AdWords campaigns, and add in more services depending on what subscription plan you have with them.
Why White Shark Media Over Other Digital Marketing Companies?

Yes, there are other companies out there you can hire for online marketing, but White Shark Media let’s you see what you’re getting ahead of time. White Shark Media does free evaluations for new customers both in PPC and SEM ads. What happens in this evaluation is you will be scheduled to meet with a White Shark Media Adwords specialist at, and while there they will go over new AdWords strategies.

They’ll take a look at the AdWords campaigns that you’re already running for your current website, and then show you how they would change them to improve results. They will not actually change your existing campaigns in the evaluation, nor does the evaluation obligate you in any way to hire them. It’s a way for you to decide whether you want to hire them, or simply walk away knowing more about AdWords.

Will White Shark Media Really Listen To My Concerns?

White Shark Media knows that making investments in AdWords needs to yield more income than expenses, and being hired to manage marketing campaigns is something they take seriously.

They’ve had concerns from clients over the years about how the company communicates with them, and how they can stay up to date with their campaigns. White Shark has monthly review meetings in which they will discuss in full detail how campaigns are performing, and whether the current strategies need to be changed or not.

They realize that sometimes new campaigns don’t always perform better than the old ones, and if clients wish to retain parts of their original strategies that did well, White Shark Media will do that. White Shark Media values the satisfaction of its clients.

Read more:

Georgia Web Marketer | White Shark Media Inc. on Atlanta Shopify

Mushroom Leather Is Among Fashion’s Newest Eco-Friendly Fabrics

There have been attempts to use plant materials in clothing instead of animal fabrics like fur and leather. Many vegan and eco-friendly clothing companies have succeeded in making fashionable pieces that are safe for the environment, and one of the latest trends in vegan clothing is mushroom leather. Artist Phil Ross is leading the way in this trend and makes clothing and accessories from the skin of the mushroom.

Ross is growing mycelium, or mushroom root structures, in a number of conditions. He and his team want to make the mycelium look like the skin from animals like snakes, ostriches and cows, and claims that making mushroom leather is less labor-intensive than animal leather. Of course, this vegan leather also leaves less of a carbon footprint and is biodegradable.

The tissue of the mushroom can all be manipulated while it’s growing. This means that while the mushroom is incubating it an be manipulated. Fashion designers can add features like hooks and zippers to the vegan leather during the incubation phase, and it’s even possible to change the texture of the material during this phase. Ross shares that the mushroom leather has an elasticity that animal hide doesn’t have, and recently debuted the first mushroom leather wallet from Mycoworks.

Mycoworks is an example of how artistry can inspire an industry. Ross asserts that this “artist survival strategy” is actually more valued in the corporate world than in the art community.

Ross has been making clothing and accessories from mycelia for almost three decades, and initially became interested in reichi mushrooms because of their health benefits. However, he quickly discovered that he could grow sculptures by feeding mushrooms waste materials and sawdust, and has even created furniture from mycelia.

Brian Bonar Does Finances And Food

Brian Bonar has become an expert at doing finances and food, and he is making sure that he will be able to get results that will make a difference to all his clients. He is the CEO at Dalrada Financial Corporation, but he is also a committed foodie. There are many reasons why his food is great, and part of his greatness is in the location.

The location that Brian Bonar has chosen is on the outskirts of San Diego, and he placed Bellamy’s in Escondidio in a nice suburban area in San Diego. He chose the name to make sure that it will fit in, and then he made sure to have a place for people to come where they would feel comfortable sitting at the bar or eating European bistro food. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The bistro food that is in his restaurant is great for everyone, and it is a nice thing that helps everyone remain comfortable and relaxed. He made the restaurant look great because he loves the way these old school bistros look and feel. He wanted everyone who comes out to enjoy it in the same way, and he also wants to make sure that people get a handle on his food brand. Read more: Brian Bonar – Chairman and CEO @ Trucept

There are plenty of people who are going to like the way that Brian Bonar looks at food, and they are also going to appreciate the fact that he has created his own event space outside the city. It will be perfect for people who want to try out his favorite food in a big space, and it will even host parties and weddings.

The ranch is a good place for people to come, and it is going to help people enjoy the way that his food is prepared. Becoming a foodie has given Brian Bonar a new career.

The Difference Between Fashion And Style

Fashion, trend and Style are often used interchangeably. However, when one takes the time to look at everything, he or she will realize that there is a difference between fashion, style and trends. Fashion is of course the clothing. Style is the preferences and choices of the person. Trend is what is popular at the moment. One thing that they all have in common is that they all change. However, there is a difference too. For one thing, fashion changes but stays the same. Trends are always changing. Style on the other hand is very slow when it comes to change.

While trends change, there are some trends that return after being gone for a while. For instance, a lot of trends that were popular in the seventies are making a return. However, those that want to be stylish do not pay that much attention to trends. They look for clothes that they themselves like. They are also more likely to be impressive because they know how to put together a stylish outfit. They know how to coordinate their outfits so that they will stand out in a way that is positive. Also, there are a lot of things that the right type of clothes could do to one’s mindset.

When it comes to following trends, there are a lot of mishaps that could occur. Often times, people that are quick to jump on the latest trends put together outfits that are very sloppy and loud. Colors tend to clash as well. Then they often wear the clothes they buy only once because it is off trend. With style, fashion is used based on what the person likes. He does not pay much attention to what others think. Also, when one tries to find his style, he is willing to experiment until he finds something that he is satisfied with.

Why One Should Try Before Buying Clothes

In many cases, one that knows his or her size is going to be alright when it comes to picking out the right clothes. However, there are always going to be certain issues when it comes to clothing. For one thing, different items that are labeled with the XL label will fit differently. Therefore, it is important to take the time to try some clothes on before buying it. This is especially true for people that try to dress right at their size as opposed to a couple of sizes over. At least when trying on sizes, one would know how to find something that fits them well.

This principle applies to all kinds of clothes. It is good to find an interesting and fun piece of clothing that fits well. It could be any clothing from an earlier era or an earlier trend. What matters is the person involved in the shopping for clothes. While fashion is always changing and there are certain types of clothes that many people will like, there will always be unique bits of clothing that a relatively few would like because of it being of a unique style.

If there is one thing to say about style, it is that all styles are valid. If many people were allowed to be honest about their own style and were allowed the articles of clothing to be able to pursue their own style, then there would be a lot of diversity to how people dress. There are people that like trends that existed back in the 70s, 80s and other eras. Fortunately, stores are making efforts to offer some unique bits of clothing so that fashion can be fun for both men and women. In the end, a lot of fashion is about making people feel good about themselves.

Lisa Frank Clothing is Riding on the Wave of Nineties Nostalgia

Lisa Frank Popularity in the Nineties
Lisa Frank was a hugely popular artist during the nineties. She created cutesy animals and brightly colored patterns and turned them into trapper keepers, notebooks, folders, backpacks and art supplies. These cutesy, colorful school supplies were everywhere during the decade of the nineties.

More recently the Lisa Frank brand became a RageOn! clothing line for those who are nostalgic for their trapper keepers from back in the nineties. The Lisa Frank clothing line includes shirts, leggings and dresses.

Lisa Frank Shirts
The Lisa Frank shirts come as either tees, sweatshirts or crop tops. So far unicorns, kitten, multi-animals, dolphins and cheetahs have been springing up on the Lisa Frank shirts. More could be on the way though! The Lisa Frank shirts are probably best suited for casual wear, although depending on your work place’s dress code you might be able to wear some of the sweatshirts with a professional skirt of professional dress pants.

Lisa Frank Leggings
The leggings from Lisa Frank come as either polka dots with brightly colored Lisa Frank decoration, dolphins, cheetah print, unicorns and kittens. The leggings are tons of fun and comfortable. These leggings are perfect for casual wear, work wear or evening out with friends wear.

Lisa Frank Dresses
The Lisa Frank dresses come in skater dress styles. One of the dress patterns is of multiple colorful lips all across it. The other dress pattern is the face of a smiling rainbow colored unicorn. Both dresses are just simple and excellently made for long lasting wear, These dresses would be perfect for casual wear or an evening out with friends wear if you’re going to a fun rock or pop concert.

Michael Zomber: Antique Arms Expertise

Michael Zomber is a man who loves antique weapons along with antique armor. His expertise is strongest from the sixteenth to nineteenth century. His collection contains pieces from parts all around the world and includes European, Islamic, Japanese, and American arms.

As a world renowned antique arms and armor collector he has been seen sharing his knowledge with the world, as he’s been featured on shows such as the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series which included several different episodes. Michael has been collecting these antique for more than 30 years. He loves to share this passion with the world and is often known for his love of storytelling, with several novels for sale on Amazon.

Michael Zomber is not only an antique collector but also has several screen plays and novels. Some of his work includes Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy, Soul of Samurai and several others.

Most of his work is focused on the negative consequences of war where he tends to have the most knowledge of these subjects. Michael Zomber tends to supports the work of many peaceful organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Global Exchange.

Graduating from the University of Illinois with degrees in English and Psychology, he finished out his masters of English Literature at UCLA. Michael is also a family man. He and his wife have two children together and currently live in Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay.

Michael’s wife was the one who encouraged him to start writing screen plays which is what lead to him writing novels. This is when they formed their film production company Renascent Films, just one of the many projects they have collaborated on. If you are looking to research antique arms and armor Michael Zomber is the person to look to for his vast array of knowledge in this area.