Our legacy SS2017

Our Legacy has released their new spring summer collection, and it is another notch kn the belt for the minimalist menswear heavyweight. The collection can be seen here on Vogue. While their resort collection was heavy on the pastels, this collection sticks to a more subdued palette. However, nothing is held back with respect to fabrics, and there are several luxurious materials making an appearance. Our Legacy is known for their incredible knitwear, and there are some beautiful distressed pieces in this release.

For those favoring a more put together look, the label also has a wide range of tailored garments. It appears that the label is pushing wide leg trousers, including a pair in a jaw-dropping red velvet. The jackets and blazers show crisp clean lines and tasteful details. Our Legacy continues their obsession with denim in this release, and the material makes an appearance in many washes and cuts. A long sleeve denim shirt with a half zipper fastening stands out as a hint towards the vintage masculine look that some associate with the brand. Other hints towards this theme are evident in the structured cut of the suits and the appearance of pinstriped fabric used in shirts and outerwear. The label also loves to produce shirts out of unconventional materials, and the famous terry cloth shorts make an appearance. The silk shirts are top notch, and will likely sell out quickly.

Marigela SS2017 Menswear

Maison Margiela just released their spring/summer collection, and it is another great showing of the label’s deconstructionist yet luxurious aesthetic. The collection is viewable at Vogue. The collection features a series of motifs and references to tailoring, ranging from visible tailor chalk on garments to intentionally-removed seams and playful twists on normal garment construction.

Maison Margiela has been under the auspices of their new creative director, and his influence can be seen throughout the menswear collection. Tailoring chalk makes an appearance on several garments, hinting at the hidden bits of structure that underlines the garments. There are jackets that have been taken apart and left half-assembled, with exposed stitching and arms missing. The fabrics are as luxurious as ever, with lush prints showing up on flowing silks. The highlight of the prints shows a fox chasing a duck through a marsh, and the paint appears to be applied by hand. The level of detail is immaculate and shows incredible attention to detail. A deconstructed plaid shirt nods to the grunge influence and the success of Saint Laurent in the past two years. Short shorts make an appearance, and the collection is not uncomfortable using feminine sex appeal on their male models. One outfit features short shorts and hip cutouts on a garment made of stiff olive fabric. This collection is exciting yet wearable, and the label is adapting well to their new head designer.

The Kaballah Center Offers Spiritual Healing

Religion in America is undergoing a revolution. Mainstream religions, Christianity and Judaism have members advancing in age and dwindling in popularity. The only aspect of religion growing is the segment that has no affiliation. Atheism is increasing in numbers in this one nation under God.
Sadly, spirituality even among the major religions is decreasing. There is a feeling of disconnection in society. People have come to almost worship their privacy in America. One of the most enhancing and rewarding aspects of religion is the sense of coming together as an extended family, congregation. The dwindling and changing concept of community has come to the point that Americans fear their neighbors and definitely do not love them. As we extrapolate this out into the global community, we are confronted by this truth. America has become a spiritual wasteland.
Is there hope? A new movement, the Kabbalah, with a functioning center in Los Angeles offers hope; it stresses the importance of giving and makes the connection between spirituality and giving.
Peter Berg and his wife, Karen, are the motivating forces behind this spiritual movement that has attracted the attention of the rich and famous and the just ordinary in the world. Courses are available both online and at the center in Los Angeles and at meeting places throughout the world.
Originally the movement focused on elements of the Jewish traditions but has since become more open to those who seek a spiritual answer to the problems of the world.
There are fascinating concepts built within the Kaballah movement which include astrology and mystery religions. They have a website that details in word and photo the concepts of the Kaballah Centre and its movement.
Religion by its very nature does not change. The hierarchy of the church fathers demands the strict maintenance of the religious texts and mandates. Religion has become archaic, a dinosaur in the ever-changing world. A stone aged value system that can not work in a society that produces ideas, and sees that change and updating are necessary in every aspect of the real world.

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Why WEN by Chaz Conditioners Stand Out

The cosmetics market has been proliferated by many substandard and potentially harmful products. This situation makes it hard for consumers to discern high quality products from those that are second-rate. WEN hair by Chaz http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html is a line of hair conditioners, which have continually stood out as a must-have for those who care about the wellbeing of their hair. The products were recently put to the test by commentator Emily McClure, who was quite impressed in the end.
Before embarking on her experiment, Emily had a degree of apprehension concerning the products. She nonetheless decided to give them a try and see whether they could transform her strands, which were initially thin and kinky. After a long and hectic day at work, Emily washed her greasy and unruly hair using a Wen Hair conditioner. She carefully massaged it onto her scalp, waited for a few minutes and thereafter, washed it off. She was surprised by the immediate effect that the conditioner had to her hair.

The regimen was repeated over the next six days. She applied the recommended amount of conditioner and was amazed that her locks not only gained a new look and texture, but also started receiving compliments. Besides this, it was luscious, shiny, soft and healthy. She also started feeling confident about her hair. Basing on this, she recommends WEN hair by Chaz Dean Conditioners, more so to those who have fine hair. The article was originally posted on Bustle. To read more, click on this link: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Brief Notes about WEN by Chaz

This line of conditioners is the brainchild of notable hair expert, Chaz Dean. The products have gained a reputation for helping users attain optimal hair growth. They are also affordable and do not have a scorching effect on users’ scalps. To achieve this, a meticulous production process has been put in place and is overseen by competent specialists who ensure that no harmful ingredients are incorporated. This has made the products to achieve massive acceptance in the beauty industry.

Try Wen Hair, visit their Ebay product page now.

Dick DeVos, Jr. is the Founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy

West Michigan is home to one of the best and highly rated aviation schools in the mid-west. The West Michigan Aviation Academy began training and teaching instructional aviation courses in the fall of 2010. The academy was founded by Mr. Richard M. DeVos, Jr. who also ran for governor of the state of Michigan in 2006.

The mission of the West Michigan Aviation Academy is to prepare students for unlimited opportunities and success in the aviation field. The vision of the academy provides students with a well-disciplined environment. The vision looks at every student as having the potential to be a successful candidate. Instilling character, providing tough educational and technical training, and providing one of a kind educational experiences for their students is also a vision of the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Mr. DeVos, Jr. understands a basic philosophy that people learn best by having a hands on experience working in the aviation industry. With diverse staff and faculty West Michigan Aviation Academy is known as being among the top 10% of high schools in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Students graduate with a firm understanding of the aviation industry and the career opportunities that await them.

The academy has a website that gives a breakdown of the deans, faculty, founder, CEO and snapshots of activities that have taken place at the academy. The snapshots reflect picture of students and staff as they prepare to make a positive impact on the aviation industry. The site also provides information about events that the West Michigan Aviation Academy will be hosting, along with news about the academy. Students are also able to go to the website to utilize a list of student services that the academy offers. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the academy’s academic, career, and personal counseling services.

West Michigan Aviation Academy is developing and training the next generation of the aviation industry by training and developing young adults in their formative years of learning.

Visit Crunchbase for Dick DeVos complete business profile.

Professional Hair Stylist Converts over to WEN Hair By Chaz Dean

WEN Hair by Chaz Dean is a full hair cleansing product that was created in order to deeply clean the scalp and hair without the need to do the cleaning process multiple times. Regardless of the current hair troubles someone may be experiencing, whether it be dry hair, oiliness, texture, or volume, Wen Hair is a total care system that works on all hair. A writer for Bustle magazine published her review of the Sephora Fig version of WEN’s cleansing conditioner, found here.
Emily McClure personally wrote the review [See: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html]. She is someone who has issues with fine hair and an oily scalp even as a professional hair stylist, and she has been personally using many different styling products for years nearly every day. The cleansing conditioner offered by WEN can be easily mixed with most other styling products as well. However, it is important to note that the product can take several days to work its way into the products already working in someones hair. As one of the more healthy products out there, certain chemicals can sometimes disrupt how WEN hair will work in someones hair in regards to styling, but in most cases, the product produces excellent results for the hair.

Emily realized her hair was taking to the WEN Hair product very well despite the fact that she wasn’t using the recommended amount because she was nervous about the effects. In her reviews she explains how it made a noticeable difference in how many hairs she found falling and how thick her hair felt. She was especially revealed and impressed when the product worked as described, considering all the experiences she’s had using other volumizing products. After just 5 days of using WEN’s hair cleansing conditioner, she was able to confidently make the decision to continue using it indefinitely.


Bernardo Chua Does It All

There are some people that get appointed to CEO positions. They go to ivy league colleges and graduate at the top of their class. They often find themselves transported into businesses that they know nothing about. It is just their credentials that help them get into the door. That is one type of CEO. The other type is someone like Bernardo Chua.

He may have a resume that boasts of Harvard or Yale, but Chua has shown that he doesn’t really need this. He is the CEO of OrganoGold, and he has put his a lot of time into making this company what it is today. Chua has been the one working to get this company to the point where it is today. He has done it all. The research of the ingredients in his products, the marketing through direct selling channels and the educating of customers on the Ganoderma mushroom are all tasks that Bernardo Chua has taken on.

I do believe that his success is a direction contribution of his ability to juggle all of these different tasks. Some people may outsource their tasks to someone else. They will look for someone to take control of marketing while someone else does the research. It can become an expensive task to put so many different people in charge of different things. Facebook shows that Chua started small, and he spent valuable time researching the ingredients for the Ganoderma coffee before it was ever formed into a product. I think that this was important. He was inspired to form a product that was going to be of high quality. He has won awards for this product quality so I think that it was worth the time that he has spent to research the products.

Bernardo Chua has certainly seen his company take off, and I think that many more people will see what this company has to offer in time to come. His success is not a coincidence. This is sheer determination that has become the cornerstone of his success in the role of CEO.

By choosing to bypass the department stores Chua would gain more control of the way that his products were hitting the market. I think that he would have narrowed his growth margins if he would have made a product that sits on department shelves. The direct selling platform was more realistic for a product line like this one.

JustFab Has Me Hooked This Summer

JustFab has me hooked this summer because they have all the clothes I need just to get through one day of the summer. There is a nice pool here by my condo, and there are a lot of places to visit where I can enjoy the outdoors. I am the kind of girl who likes to wear my swimsuit all day because I never know when I will need it, and I can wear simple shorts and tops when I need them. Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab and http://www.heels.com/shoe-brand/just-fab-shoes

JustFab is turning out to be the best site for this, and I am shopping there right now even as I write this. It is a great place to go because I can search for the exact colors I need, and then I can get the tops and shorts I need. I have found a lot of great outfits, and they come to me ready to go.

I just take them out and get dressed as soon as they arrive. I work in these simple clothes, and I found some nice dresses for all the functions I need to go to this summer.

The dresses on the site look great, and I match a lot of my girlfriends because we are all shopping at JustFab. There are a lot of people who want to make sure that they can find better clothes, and I always tell them to use JustFab because they can shop there really easily.

I am very happy to have found all my summer clothes already, and I am even happier that the company will help me if there is a problem. They make sure I always get the right clothes in my shipments, and they show me how to manage my orders. Read more: JustFab Summer Shop

JustFab is the best place to go when I am shopping, and I always start there, according to their Facebook page. They have what I need, and I can even order for my friends when they need me to. It is so helpful to be able to get the same bikini in multiple sizes, and then we can all match when we get to the beach. We are much cuter when we have shopped at JustFab, and we are cute because JustFab gives us the best clothes to wear.

Bounties of Benefits in Beneful

No matter how hard a day you had at work, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you come to be greeted by your best friend, with his tail wagging so happily and fiercely that you think he’ll fall over. Dogs are amazing creatures and they deserve an amazing food. Nestle PurinaStore‘s Beneful has many different varieties to suit any dog’s taste.

The Healthy Puppy variety will give puppies a healthy start to life. This dry dog food is made with real chicken that puppies will go nuts over. Is your older furry friend a bit larger in the midsection than you’d like? The Healthy Weight dry dog food will satisfy his taste buds while keeping the calories down.This variety is also made with real chicken.

Has your old girl turned into a bit of a couch potato? Try Playful Life, made with real beef and egg. Then dig out her old tennis ball or rope toy and watch her inner puppy return.

Prefer wet food for your princess? Beneful offers several varieties. Beneful Incredibites (in beef, chicken and salmon varieties) gives your pup bursts of flavor with the protein she needs. Beneful Medleys offer a tasty mix of flavors to keep even the most finicky eater coming back for more.

The people at Beneful.com pride themselves on making healthy, nutritious dog foods that dogs of all sizes and shapes are sure to love. They use real meat to satisfy the carnivorous nature of a dog and other high quality ingredients. Pet parents will feel good about giving their canine family members Beneful as much as dogs will enjoy eating it.

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How NutriMost has been of Benefit to a Brookfield Couple

Chubbiness continues to affect many people all over the world. This has mainly been accredited to adverse changes in people’s eating habits and lifestyles. A Brookfield couple that has struggled with health issues for long recently had a reason to smile after being introduced to a groundbreaking weight loss program known as Nutrimost. Al and Linda Sparaco are impressed with this technology after it helped them shed 59 and 83 lbs. respectively.
Linda’s weight issues in particular had made her grapple with blood pressure, acidic reflux and high cholesterol level. These conditions are a result of excessive weight loss. Al on his part had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and was also on the verge of getting diabetic. In as much as the couple focused their attention to losing weight, their attempts were always unsuccessful. They ended up spending huge amounts of money on methods that failed.

Linda came across NutriMost after seeing its advertisement on facebook. Although she was initially apprehensive about the program, she persuaded her husband and together, they sought professional help. Their program was presided over by Dr. Mitch, a renowned healthy living specialist. The preliminary 40 day package produced impressive results, with Linda losing 29.5 lbs. while her husband lost 31 lbs. Buoyed by this early success, they signed up for the subsequent programs, which have produces equally impressive results.

How Nutrimost Works

NutriMost.com makes use of game-changing technology to create weight loss programs that are unique and customized to suit the needs of individual clients. This customization is based on the weight of each patient, how he or she gained weight and ultimately, the most suitable methods that can be employed to cut it. This technology has gained critical acclaim for its ability to address the specific needs of each client. Its success rate is also impressive and this is evidenced by the fact that most patients lose at least 20lbs. during the first 40 days.

Read more here: http://www.nycfatloss.com/about-us