Highlights From Men’s Fashion Week 2016

Now that Men’s Fashion Week has officially come to a close, many reporters are posting their review lists all over the Internet. In this short article we will take a look at what most fashion commentators saw trending in London, Florence, Milan, Paris, and New York for men this fashion season.

One thing that stood out to all fashion reporters this year was the popularity of cobalt blue. Whether the models were in workout clothes or casual wear, the main color designers used in all the major cities was a vibrant cobalt blue.

Another popular trend for black male models was blond hair. This may be because of the media influence of American Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson. Also, while on the subject of hairstyles, dread locks were definitely in this season. Across all of the major shows, there were many models rocking the dreads.

The major accessory this year was hats. Although hat sales for men have slumped in recent years, this accessory looks to make a comeback. All kinds of hats were used throughout this fashion show, including turbans, broad brims, and porkpies.

Another major trend this year was wide-leg trousers. This style of pants in men’s clothing actually comes from Japanese fashion. Japanese fashion shows have been known to feature many male models in khakis with a fuller volume. It was only this year that American and European designers have added this feature prominently into their wardrobes.

Kendall and Kylie Handbag Line Launched

After three months of anxious waiting, Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s line of handbags has finally been released. Currently the line is only available at Saks Fifth Avenue, but starting in August you can also buy the bags at Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, Revolve, Holt Renfrew, and Bloomingdale’s. If you want to get your hands on one, start saving up your money now: the line starts at $195 and goes as high as $450.

The handbag line consists of 18 bags including chic adult backpacks, huge totes, functional satchels, and glamorous cross-body bags. You can also buy leather key chain versions of Kylie’s dogs for a mere $95 a pop. The line is surprisingly colorful, with bags in black, white, grey, red, and shades of blue. When the line was announced back in April, Kylie described it as “super modern” and noted that it “pairs well with pieces from [the] Kendall + Kylie ready to wear and shoe collection for fall.”

While the handbags are decidedly unique, the two sisters clearly used other designers for inspiration. For instance, the furry dog key chains are clearly based on Fendi’s Karlito bag charms; the only difference is the price and that they are dogs, not weird furry men. This bag is also a pretty obvious knock off of a Celine bag that Kendall is often seen wearing.

Latest Summer Fashions for Curvy Women

The summer has arrived and with it all of the new and fun beach fashions. New trends are flooding the fashion industry, with pieces designed to fit curvier figures slowly becoming more available. If you are on the curvier side and want to look as fabulous as you feel this summer, there are a few looks you can try.

Bare your shoulders. Choose shirts that have this kind of cut to add a bit of sexiness to your look! An off-the-shoulder shirt or dress is perfect this summer season, especially if done in a light fabric and in bright colors. Midi demi shorts are also a fabulous option. They keep you cool and show off your curves to their best. Pair with a fun shirt and your favorite sandals to complete the look.

Wrap around dresses are a must for this summer. When done in cotton, they offer the lightness you want on the hottest of days with the waist defining style that will make you look like a knock-out. Accessorize with fun necklaces and large sunglasses for an ultra glamorous look. Do not be afraid of texture when choosing the style of shirts or dresses for summer. Go bold and colorful to let your personality shine through.

This summer season, invest in a great cotton dress, a fun pair of shorts, and an off-the-shoulder option and then go out and enjoy the sun!

The Nature of Design

Creating pieces that mimic nature is customary in the art world. Whether one is sketching a character design for a supernatural odyssey or creating an abstract sculpture out of a chain link fence, the influence of nature may come into play.

When an artist conceptualizes an idea, it’s likely she’ll reach for organic shapes and patterns of movement. Even architecture, while often thought of as an explicitly geometric construct of organized measurements, can benefit from more natural elements. Subtle curves and asymmetry can break up the rigid quality of man-made shapes, making a building feel more connected to earth and imagination.

The fashion industry is also enamored with nature, and some of the results that flit down runways create an aesthetic that is distinctly reminiscent of flora, fauna and other natural phenomena. It’s not uncommon to see models that resemble woodland nymphs and whimsical water spirits. A collection created by Iris Van Herpen was made to be a three dimensional manifestation of sound waves. Some of the pieces are sleek and architectural, echoing the hulls of insects or the sleek glide of scales. Others are more light and diaphanous like wings or porous like honeycomb.

While the avante garde nature of high fashion runways is often outside the sphere of practicality, it’s a shimmering example of how artists glean inspiration from Earth. If you’re a designer that’s in need of some rejuvenation, consider stepping outside and examining the life in your own neighborhood. You just may surprise yourself and find a muse scurrying on the ground or floating with the clouds.

Leslie Jones Gets a Dress

Leslie Jones is one of the biggest names in comedy right now. She currently appears on Saturday Night Live, and she stars in the upcoming Ghostbusters film. She is known for her big personality and fearless flamboyance. Despite her success and visibility, there is one arena she is struggling to break into: fashion.

Jones recently updated her Twitter account to report that no couture designers are willing to loan her a dress to wear to the Ghostbusters premier. The red carpet event should be a great opportunity for a label to promote its latest designs, yet no one wants to put his or her creations on Leslie. She speculates that designers don’t want to be associated with a black woman over 40 who is not a runway sample size. Some designers have spoken to the press regarding sizing in the fashion world. They claim that Jones should have known ahead of time that no one would have dresses in her size to loan out for events. They seem satisfied with this conclusion, but Jones is not.

It is true that Jones does not conform to the Hollywood ideal, and that is one of the many reasons why she has gained so many fans. Her fans want to see her enjoying her red carpet moment in a dress just as glamorous as the ones worn by her thin white costars. One of these fans is Christian Siriano, who has responded to Jones’ tweets by offering to make her a dress. He has refused to accept praise for doing something that he perceives as being a normal part of his job.

Is Fur-Lined Fashion Fleeting?

The use of fur in the fashion industry has always perplexed me. Wearing fur is traditional in many cultures, particularly societies that reside in cold climates. Indigenous communities make use of fur, as well as every other part of an animal that is killed. In such a way, fur can be used in a manner that is quite ethical and parallel with a respect and reverence for nature and wildlife. The same cannot be said of fur in the fashion industry.

Animals harvested for designer brand fur may be housed in cramped cages before being brutally dispatched. Since fur is rarely a byproduct of the meat industry, their bodies are often thrown out and their fur becomes an exorbitant status symbol on the runway. Real fur may be beautiful, plush and warm, but when it’s harvested for purely cosmetic purposes, it quickly loses its luster. Once shimmering and pristinely coifed fluff garners a dim and ashen aura.

The Armani Group’s decision to bow out of the fur game is an important step in making the fashion industry more ethical and conscientious. Killing animals in the name of beauty is completely unnecessary and the use of fur as a luxury item for the rich feels steeped in darkness. Many people criticize the fashion industry, thinking of it as a playground for shallow ideals and egoism.

As more designers commit to avoiding fur in their collections, the fashion industry will surely gain more respect from admires and outsiders alike. It’s vital that beauty be manifested on not only a surface level, but from within.

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Bohemian Luxe is a Thing, and It’s Wonderful

When you hear the word,”bohemian” with regard to fashion style, you may think of earthy, flowy and colorful designs that are also affordable. The term doesn’t often elicit visions of refined, chic and expensive pieces that could be seen on fashionistas vacationing in the Hamptons. That’s probably about to change after you check out The Jetset Diaries lookbook for the summer of 2016. This Boho label showcases clothing that can best be described as, “bohemian luxe.”

The lookbook was shot in a location that practically screams luxury, Antigua, and it features pieces such as the Fuego romper and the Aztec short and bustier pairing. These outfits are breezy and airy, with the addition of sophistication and sex appeal through plunging v-necks, high-cut slits and flirty details like fringe.

The website itself describes the brand’s collections as,”a contemporary collection for the quintessential jetsetter wardrobe,” that is, “inspired by the need for luxe bohemian pieces for the modern nomad’s wardrobe.” The models in the Jetset Diary’s 2016 summer lookbook definitely fit this description and look quite at home in the ethereal setting of Antigua’s weathered architecture and tranquil waters.

You can almost feel as if you’re there, ready to enjoy a day of sight seeing, soirees and exotic fare. The Jetset Diary has definitely succeeded in solidifying its bohemian luxe brand with this most recent lookbook and the sophisticated, sexy collections within it.

Fashion and Technology Meet at Paris Fashion Show

At her couture fashion show on July fourth, Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen showed how fashion can merge with technology to make truly breathtaking pieces. The designer’s strangely beautiful dresses were inspired by cymatics, or the visual representations of sound waves. The clothing was symmetrical and featured geometric shapes, with textures and patterns resembling honeycombs, insect shells and wings, bubbles, and marine life. The dresses played with volume, dimensions, and material in a unique way.

According to Van Herpen, creating the line took a lot of trial and error. Because she worked with delicate, unconventional fabrics, getting the pieces to come out according to her vision was time consuming. Her “dewdrop dress,” created by suspending Swarovski crystals in a silicone dress, took lots of experimentation to achieve the perfect shape and stretch to make it wearable.

This heavy use of technology and science is rare to find in fashion, especially couture. Couture designers pride themselves on not using mass production methods and utilize “petites mains,” highly skilled craftspeople who sew and decorate the pieces on display in the world’s most extravagant fashion shows. Some pieces from Van Herpen’s show did still require this painstaking handiwork, however. One example is a dress made of tiny handblown glass spheres glued together with liquid silicone. This dress is a perfect example of the designer’s over the top, unforgettable style.

Transparent Bridal Gowns: The Latest Trend in Wedding Dresses

This year, a daring new trend in wedding dresses has emerged that is decidedly not for the blushing bride. Illusion wedding gowns have appeared on catwalks and in bridal collections everywhere. Formed from transparent fabric, with artfully placed intrusions of lace or appliqué covering the most “delicate” places, these dresses are a far cry from the traditional image of the modest bride in white. These are the gowns of the sexually confident 21st century bride.

The queen of the transparent dress is designer Vera Wang. In her hands the border between undergarments and outer garments has been dissolved and her wedding gowns resemble something more like ghosts of dresses or the skeletons of complex lingerie.

This is an intriguing style, but not many brides will have the audacity or the inclination to display their entire bodies when they profess their vows. Gowns that highlight a small area of transparency, revealing only the back, or the bib area, are a more restrained yet fashion forward choice.

One intriguing way that designers have tempered the outright sexiness of the transparent dress is by pairing transparency with an otherwise demure dress. These are both beautiful and perfect for the bride who enjoys a bit of irony.

On the other hand, pairing the transparent dress with another up-to-the-minute bridal trend, the plunging neckline, and you have one unabashedly sexy bride!