George Soros Warns Of Putin’s Plan For EU Destruction

George Soros has issued another dire warning to the European Union (EU). This time he is warning of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s plan for the destruction of the EU.
In an opinion piece posted to the Project Syndicate website the billionaire activist warns that Putin’s aim is to “foster the EU’s disintegration” by posing as an ally in the fight against ISIS.

Soros contends that this is merely a Trojan horse so that Putin can hasten the disintegration of the EU. His reasoning is as follows.

He believes that Putin has so mismanaged Russia that the country will go bankrupt in 2017. He sites the Western economic sanctions and the falling price of oil as two factors that will contribute to this.

Russia’s involvement is the war is Syria is a way for Putin to help force Syrian refugees to relocate to Europe and thereby quicken the EU’s demise. Soros argues that both the EU and Russia are on the verge of collapse. If the EU collapses first, he contends, then they will not be able to continue the sanctions against Russia. Thereby saving the Russian economy and keeping Putin in power.

The EU, led by Angela Merkel, is doing its best to stave off its own destruction. Soros points out that Merkel understood that the refugee crisis had the potential to weaken the EU and perhaps lead to its dismantling.

Soros astutely points out that the EU has been bouncing from one crisis to another lately, but now it faces “five or six” crises all at once and my not be able to solve all of them.

The terrorist attacks being carried out by ISIS in the West are are a threat but, according to Soros, they “do not compare with the treat emanating from Russia.”

George Soros has always had in interest int he plight of displaced people. As a teenager he fled Nazi-occupied Hungary, landing in London where he became on of the richest hedge fund managers in the world. He most famously known as the man who broke the Bank of England.

He currently runs the Open Society Foundation which seeks to protect human rights throughout the world. The Russian government has recently labeled the Foundation as an undesirable organization and prevented it from distributing grants to other organizations in the country.

Soros has been a major player in Democratic politics in America and recently donated $6 million to a super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton.

Why are premium dog food sales increasing

The trend towards higher quality dog foods is very noticeable in the marketplace with sales that have grown by 45% in the past five years and now encapsulate $10 billion of a market space of about $25 billion. This growth is clearly clearing the way in the space and many large dog food manufacturers like Beneful are releasing high quality foods to gain traction in this market. This article will provide some insight into why are premium dog food sales increasing and how manufacturers are adapting to reach those customers in the space.

Dog food owners are increasingly concerned with not only their own diets and the ill effects that our mass-produced food culture has on our health, but also on their health of our best friends, our dogs. It is this concern that is driving the trend towards premium dog foods. Beneful even came out with a website that allows pet owners to select the individual ingredients in their dog’s food and to, along with their vet’s advice, formulate a special diet for their dogs that will help them to be healthier.

Individuals also have more disposable income than in the past and are having children later in life which is also contributing to the trend towards mothering your dogs and spending more on them. Premium dog food makers are capitalizing on this trend and it is leading to additional sales in a growing market space.

Better science is also expanding on what foods are good for dogs and brands are able to scientifically design diets that are more healthy for pets and provide them with a more balanced diet than the traditional dog food options. Dog food makers are increasingly attempting to enter into and expand in the premium dog food space as a result and are increasingly releasing products to do so. Examples are Beneful’s new medium grade triglyceride fat product to appeal to owners with older dogs and other brands that are releasing premium dog foods that are designed to fit into a paleo diet. This is leading to a healthier dog food and of course pet.


The Stars of YouTube

YouTubers are the new rockstars. They write music, play games, and make videos chronicling their daily lives. YouTube is open to all, and thus ordinary people have been catapulted into the limelight as a result of their popular and entertaining content. And their fame is long lasting, resulting in book deals, worldwide tours, new companies, and even feature films.

One of the most famous YouTubers is Michelle Phan. Beginning as a makeup artist, Michelle quickly gained recognition for her transformations into pop culture artists and characters. Now, she is the author of her own book, founder and CEO of her own company, and creator of her own cosmetics line. She was named to Forbes 30 under 30 just this year.

Tyler Oakley has also made waves. A YouTuber who offers advice, does challenges, and in general is seen as an inspiration to people around the globe, Tyler has been on a few worldwide tours and done spots on television talk shows. He also has his own book and documentary chronicling his life over one year.

Another renowned makeup artist and YouTuber, Wendy Huang is based in Austrailia and founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie. She is a blogger, reviewer, and marketing expert who constantly tests out the latest products for her viewers. She gives advice as to daily beauty and pampering routines and is currently on of the most subscribed channels in Australia.

Wendy a.k.a. Wengie has found huge success in speaking to the Asian community. She is able to give recommendations for the best products for Asian features and skin types, hitting a demographic that often feels lost in the beauty world. She experiments with circle lenses for her eyes, give tutorials on all her favorite looks, and blogs about her best routines and daily finds. She is accessible on multiple platforms, increasing her influence in the online world.

Television and movies simply can’t keep up with the phenomenon that is YouTube. With high quality content being produced in a relatively short time frame, it is no wonder these video stars are some of the most common household names.

Andy Wirth Encounters Relief after Four Years of Struggle

Wirth Andy serves as the current head and the president of the Squaw Valley Ski Incorporation. Wirth works hard to make sure that the welfare of the Lake Tahoe residents is well maintained. Executive Andy is also a philanthropist who dedicates most of his time and money to improve the socio-economic life of his fellow citizens. Mr. Andy has been committing most of his time to ensure that the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings serves as a reliable tourist destination site.

Apart from being the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Company, Sir Wirth is also a humanitarian and an environmentalist. Andy Wirth has made great contributions to the maintenance and sustainability of the Tahoe Lake and the surroundings. He works in close association with the residents of Lake Tahoe and the organizations that are headquartered in the area. Wirth primary aim is making the city a better and safe place to all the residents and visitors.

The official Reno-Gazette Journal that operates in the area made a complete release concerning the current state of operations in Tahoe Lake. According to the liberation, the recent years has not been favoring the activities undertaken in the area. The publication outlined the effect of a natural disaster that affected the winter resorts that generates a lot of revenue to the residents and the communities living on the north shores.

Apart from the natural calamities affecting the Lake Tahoe communities, the residents also faced a turnover in the political set up. An incorporation struggle was evidenced that was based on the Olympic Valley, which serves as the homeland of Squaw Valley resort and the well-known winter terrain of North America. Fortunately, the four terrible years’ experience is about to bear good fruits after nature acted in the favor of the residents.

Season storms appeared early than expected and naturally engaged in a combination with the present cold temperatures in the area that featured the early opening of Squaw Valley tourist destination and other resorts in the area.

A relief in the political struggle was encountered after the backers withdrew their claims of wanting to incorporate the Olympic Valley. Mr. Wirth was in total opposition to the move as the residents would face difficulties in the change of administration set up of the area. According to Andy Wirth, the incorporation posed a threat to Lake Tahoe public relations and business ventures. Click to learn more Lake Tahoe struggle to maintain the Olympic Valley.

Digital Superman

Status Labs is a public relations firm based out of Austin, Texas. Status Labs specialize in online reputation management and digital marketing. If it pertains to social media or Google search results, Status Labs will find a way to repair and maintain a strong presence. Status Labs has more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries worldwide. The man behind the growth and success of Status Labs is Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of Status Labs and he has previous experience as a political consultant and copywriter. He is responsible for the growth the company and has opened offices in New York, as well as Sao Paulo.

Darius Fisher is heavily experienced in all phases of digital hygiene. He can implement several methods that can rid the negative Google search results and replace them with positive subjects that show up on Google search engines. One of his clients was a businessman going through a difficult divorce. The press filled social media with the messy details about his divorce. Soon, several negative articles started showing up at the top of Google search results, defiling his reputation. Darius Fisher got involved and applied many proven techniques, such as showing off all of the clients personal interests and business success stories through different websites. Before long, there was absolutely no mention of his divorce at the top of Google search results.

Darius Fisher offers advice to everyone looking to protect there online image via a checklist. Darius recommends that you get rid of all your personal information online, such as your home address and phone number. He advises that you do this every three months to be safe. Darius advises that you set all of your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to private. Don’t post anything on your accounts that you would not want the public to see. Do not rely on the privacy settings alone, as information could still leak out and destroy your reputation. To remain safe, Darius Fisher recommends to change your passwords multiple times a year and to make sure your passwords are difficult to hack. Fisher advises people to google themselves often and see what shows up. If it’s negative there are ways to fix that such as obtaining a domain name and your own website. That way when you google yourself, chances are, that is what will show up.

George Soros: Fighting The Good Fight!

George Soros is a self-made Forbes billionaire and has not achieved his fortune or fame by being faint of heart. He has strong opinions of how Donald Trump is handling his rise in the polls while running for the Presidency of the United States. According to an article on the zerohedge website, Soros believes that Trump is making headlines because of the American people’s fear of threats to our society by terrorists and that we as, Americans, should fight our fears. Soros’ belief that fear as an emotion can cause anyone to make bad decisions and therefore, through fear, Soros is wary that the United States is heading into a state of irrational behavior that should and could be avoided.

George Soros is originally from Budapest. Soros was born in 1930 and was a survivor of the Hitler regime. He escaped to England at the age of 17 and was able to attend the London School of Economics. He left England for the United States and was able to work in the investment and managerial fields for several different companies.

Soros decided in 1973 to open his own business and founded the Soros Fund Mangement. This company did eventually turn into the Quantum Fund. His drive, intelligence, and quick thinking have made him one of the richest men on the face of the planet.

In 1979, George Soros was able to participate in issuing scholarships to black South Africans who were being discriminated against. This led to the Open Society Foundation and Soros’ belief to help mankind. His a known philanthropist to the less fortunate and fights for the human rights of all.

Soros became very interested in the political scene in the late 80’s. He is an author of several books and has lectured on the United States and how the United States fights for the freedoms of people to get an education, to obtain personal liberties and freedoms, and to be able to make decisions without a threat of life and limb.

George Soros retired in 2000, but remains active on the political forefront and continues to write and lecture throughout the world. Soros writes articles and essays on our society and also writes about the political stance of the United States for several major newspapers and high profile magazines.

Soros’ wealth has given him the blessing of being able to personally help others and to continue to achieve personal growth through reaching out to others who cannot do for themselves. He stands behind his word and has a vision of the world as a place of peace.

Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Thinks The Summer Olympics Will Attract Foreign Investments

Several foreign investors have left Brazil because the country is having economic and social issues. Brazil was the darling of the investment industry for the six of the last eight years, but when China stopped exporting Brazilian goods and crude oil, and commodity prices took a nose dive, Brazil’s economy fell apart. The great emerging market of Brazil stopped emerging, and the country has been battling economic demons for the last two years.

But some financial experts aren’t convinced that the recession will continue with the force and upheaval it created the last two years. Experts like BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães recently told that Brazil will start to make a comeback in 2016 thanks, in part, to the Summer Olympics and China’s need for more Brazilian products.

China’s President Xi Jinping told that the Chinese government expects gross domestic product to grow at a rate of 6.5 percent each year for the next five years and that growth will give them the impetus they need to convert to a consumer based economy. That conversion will increase their need for Brazilian exports. Mr. Guimarães thinks the Chinese growth projection is a little high, but he does believe China will need more Brazilian products. He is basing that belief on a recent meeting between Chinese and Brazilian officials.

There has been a lot of speculation about how the Summer Olympics will impact the Brazilian economy. Some analysts say Brazil is not ready to host such an event. They say hosting the 2014 World Cup didn’t help the economy, and there is no reason to think the Olympics will be any different. But Ricardo Guimarães, in another recent interviewed with, said that more foreign investors will come back to Brazil because of the worldwide interest that the Olympics demands.

Even though Brazil has some issues to address, Guimarães thinks Olympic attention will help the economy recover starting in the second quarter of 2016. Guimarães also told that Brazilian entrepreneurs will bring the economy back to life in 2016 if they become proactive in spite of the current conditions.

Guimarães has always been proactive. It is in his genes. Antonio Guimarães, Ricardo’s grandfather, started BMG Bank in 1930. Back then the bank was known as the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais. posted an article about the Guimarães family and in that article, they called the family one of the wealthiest families in Brazil.

The Guimarães family interests go further than banking. They are also involved in mining and other business ventures, according to The article went on to say that Ricardo has changed how the bank does business. He has turned the small bank into a banking phenomenon in Brazil through football sponsorships, and the people love and support him for his decisions.

What Brian Torchin Has Done With His Company

For those who want to learn about Brian Torchin can read this article. It will discuss who he is, provide info about his company and other useful information about Torchin.

Who Is Brian Torchin
Brian Torchin is a healthcare professional, and he is a partner at a healthcare staffing solutions firm. His staffing agency is called HCRC Staffing, and they can be found on the Twitter that Brian runs himself.

About Torchin’s Company
Torchin has a great deal of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. In fact, he has spent many years in opening and managing medical offices throughout the state of Florida, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Under Torchin’s leadership, HCRC works in all 50 states, and they work in Australia, Europe, Canada and Asia. As for the jobs Torchin’s company covers, they cover medical jobs, physical therapy, nurse practitioner jobs and dentist opportunities to name just a few.

Torchin has hands-on experience with the industry, and this is because he has built experience working as a physician of chiropractic practice as shown from Google +. He is very knowledgeable of the industry and the success of his business proves it. He and his staff work hard at making sure they provide the best talent possible. Torchin and his company offers staff that is available to work nights and weekends and any other time.

Torchin’s Blog
It is worth mentioning that Torchin is a very busy person, as he runs a highly successful business and he has a personal life. Regardless of this, he makes time to publish articles on a regular basis, and these articles can be found on his firm’s blog. Some of the topics he covers includes making online marketing easier, hiring a physician assistant and things of that nature.

If a company needs healthcare staff and they want to work with a reliable and affordable staffing agency, then they should contact Torchin at his company’s phone number.

Alexei Beltyukov: The Rise of the Serial Entrepreneurship

Alexei Beltyukov is a well-known philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur. Since his 1997 graduation from INSEAD with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Alexei Beltyukov has moved a milestone in his career as he founded numerous companies.

Throughout his career, Alexei viewed the formation of the new businesses as a stepping ground to face new challenges to push his career forward. Mr. Beltyukov uses his skills in the fields of Education, Executive Leadership, Technical Recruiting, and Investment Strategy to reach his objectives in his career.

In 2013, makes special note that Alexei Beltyukov spearheaded the formation of Endemic Capital. Endemic Capital portfolio of business included the provision of angel funding to Russian emerging companies. Endemic Capital comprises proficient professional entrepreneurs, managers, and investors. Alexei Beltyukov formed the company with an objective of helping talented entrepreneurs establish profitable enterprises that result in substantial financial returns.

Additionally, Alexei Beltyukov is the founder and manager of the A-Ventures Ltd. The Russian Company offers aid to other companies in the country that require financial support especially when they are struggling. A-Ventures Ltd manages assets with a pre-crisis valuation of over $400 million.

Currently, Alexei Beltyukov expanded his entrepreneurial endeavors to the education sector by the establishment of SOLVY. SOLVY is interactive educational software that involves teachers, technology experts, and administrators to provide state of the art educational products. is an online homework platform for high school platform that generate assignments following the set parameters allowing teachers to provide learning exercises in timely and efficient manner. The software has no multiple choices hence allowing students to embrace progressive thinking, make mistakes and learn from the errors. Recently, SOLVY was listed as “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups” by as well as being mentioned in the “Top 100 New Startups Today” of the BetaList.

Moreover, Beltyukov helped in the establishment of the Russian Alumni Scholarship program of INSEAD. His belief drives his contribution in the scholarship program that education plays a vital role in the creation of successful businesses. Alexei Beltyukov credits much of his success to his education of which he acquired in INSEAD. The scholarship offers grants to students who could not afford school with Alexei together with his classmates pledging over $150,000 for the program.

Furthermore, Alexei Beltyukov works hand in hand with the Russian government to offer economic assistance and backing via the Skolkovo Foundation where he acts as the Vice President. The foundation provides opportunities and grants to emerging entrepreneurs.  He’s also become reputable as a writer, where he continues to take on new challenges.  Alexei can be found on Twitter, to further follow where his career goes from here.

George Soros Has a Plan to Solve the Syrian Refugee Crisis


Billionaire investor George Soros is one of the most prolific hedge fund managers in the world. As the founder of the Open Society Foundations, Soros has always explained that his success in the financial world has given him a certain degree of independence and personal freedom that most people do not have; ergo, he also believes that he is obliged to take a stand on certain issues because others are not able to.

In late September 2015, online financial news daily MarketWatch, part of the Dow Jones media empire, published a think piece authored by Soros about the chaotic refugee crisis unfolding throughout Europe. Soros specifically wrote about the displaced Syrian refugees who are not likely to return home anytime soon.

Faced with an asylum chaos, Soros laid out a plan that he believes the European Union should implement for the purpose of dealing with the refugee crisis in a manner that is both humanitarian and efficient from a socioeconomic standpoint. To this effect, Soros laid out a six point plan:

1 – The European Union should realistically provide about $17,000 per year for each refugee seeking asylum for the first two years they are in their new countries. The idea is to give them some economic freedom so that they can settle in communities they believe will accept them instead of warehousing them in refugee camps.

2 – There are four million Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The European Union should also help fund the efforts of those Middle Eastern nations; otherwise, the flow of refugees will simply increase towards Western Europe.

3 – A single European agency should be created to handle refugee and asylum affairs, and a unified border guard system should also be implemented. Soros believes that the status quo of 28 separate agencies trying to work together is expensive and inefficient.

4 – Safe channels for refugees should begin from the battlefront to waypoints such as Greece and Italy. The idea is to avoid terrible situations such as boats sinking and refugees drowning as they desperately attempt to flee war zones.

5 – Once the European Union is able to implement the four points above, an international agency such as the United Nations should gather all the lessons learned for the purpose of coming up with global standards that other nations can implement. The 2015 refugee crisis in Europe could easily spread to the Americas during these times of uncertainty.

6 – The European Union cannot solve this crisis on its own. The private sector should be mobilized, starting with non-governmental organizations such as those endowed by the Open Society Foundations; the goal is to increase funding capacity while providing human and technology resources.