Kenneth Cole Personally Replaces Stolen Bag

A few weeks ago, 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Gary Cotton was hanging out at an Applebee’s watching the NBA Playoffs when his designer Kenneth Cole bag was swiped from the chair next to him that he set it on. The $300 designer messenger bag contained the man’s Apple laptop, which belonged for the company he worked for, however he was more upset because the expensive bag was a Christmas gift from his mother. DNA Info had reported the story of the theft, which apparently Kenneth Cole, the designer himself, had read about and decided to do something to help Gary.

Kenneth Cole, who found the story after placing a Google alert for his name, Amen Clinic says they decided to replace the messenger bag for Gary. Gary’s work laptop was covered by his work insurance however he did not think he would ever see that bag, or one like it again. Gary was thrilled to hear that Kenneth Cole heard about his story and wanted to help him out. He said that Cole’s gesture now makes him partial to the brand. He said that he’d be more likely to buy Kenneth Cole in the future, as well as keep a better eye on his belongings.

Kenneth Cole said that he hopes this will be a pay-it-forward situation where now Gary will help someone else in their time of need.

The Luxury Real Estate Awaits You in New York City

Get a taste of the fabulous life when you choose an apartment that suits your personal preference in New York City. Luxury real estate comes with a variety of amenities and services that you will love. Choose from the different luxury real estate options in New York, including low and high-rise apartments. Regardless if you want a cozy and private atmosphere, or an area known for its hustle and bustle, the real estate in New York City definitely has something to offer everyone.

When it pertains to the luxury real estate in NYC, there is no shortage. There are buildings that fill the skylines and streetscapes of the New York City area. Choose from luxurious residents, condominiums, apartments, and mixed-use properties within the Upper West Side, Roosevelt Island, Chelsea, Union Square, Battery Park City, Midtown, and Tribeca areas, amongst other locations. You can choose from studio apartments, to real estate with one, two, three, four, or more bedrooms. These properties are available in great neighborhoods that feature fantastic schools, chic shopping, renowned restaurants, and a variety of cultural offerings.

Finding the right real estate could prove to be a difficult task, which is why you should choose a realtor that not only has the experience, but a realtor that is well-known and respected within the New York City real estate market. TOWN Real Estate is one of New York’s leading luxury real estate firms, and they can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to rent a luxury apartment in the New York City area, a low-rise apartment is typically a great option. The sale price for low-rise apartments in NYC is often negotiable. A majority of the luxury low-rise real estate offers include gardens, fitness centers, a great team of property managers, and much more.

High-rise apartments in NYC are the most popular because they have the most room. High-rise real estate typically has more leasing options due to the extra room that they have available. The luxury services that accompany a high-rise property makes it that more appealing. There are convenience stores, laundry service, pools, small grocery stores, and more, all on-site. Most properties have 24-hour doorman service, as well as property managers that live on-site.

If you are looking to rent, lease, or purchase an apartment, or any type of luxury residential NYC properties, choose TOWN Real Estate to help you find the perfect place that suits your personal preferences. Enjoy the search process, and be hands-on when finding your new luxury home!

Kung Fury Released online

Kung Fury has finally been released online on May 28 as a result of a kickstarter campaign to get it going. The trailer promised a lot of over the top fun as the star takes on many different adversaries including arcade machines and Hitler “Kung Fuhrer” himself.

The short film itself more than delivers on its promise, at least in the eyes of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This film was done in the quality of a VHS tape. There are a few sequences where the tracking drops out during a part where the tape has obviously been eaten. It resulted in what looks like a couple of minutes total lost from the sequence.

There are other sequences that are very over the top fun. The acting is over the top and hammy in that 80s way. The director and star David Sandberg has teamed up with David Hasselhoff for the music video done in the retro 80s style.

Overall, this short movie does what it sets out to do and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It i great retro fun. Kung Fury is actually somewhat reminiscent of Axe Cop.

Berkeley, California Right To Know Law for Cell Phones Sales

Did you know that carrying your cell phone in your bra or pants pocket exposes you to too much radio frequency? Not many of us did. That’s one reason Berkeley, California passed a Right To Know Law which requires retailers that sell electronics to warn all their customers about the potential danger.


The government has set federal guidelines for the amount of radio frequency exposure which is deemed to be safe for humans. Carrying a cell phone in your pants or shirt pocket or tucked inside your bra, while the phone is turned on and connected to a wireless network, causes the exposure to radio frequency to exceed those guideline limits.
Radio frequency has been determined to be a carcinogenic and can cause cancer and are particularly damaging to children. Sergio Cortes didn’t really know that until recently when checking LinkedIn. The Right To Know Law suggests that all cell phones be carried in a holster to prevent unwanted exposure to radio frequency.

Creating The Dorchester Collection brand without sacrificing individuality

To manage the luxury hotel brand, former Dorchester hotel manager Christopher Cowdray was appointed as CEO and given the difficult task of creating a brand from the five very distinct and individual hotels The Dorchester Collection included. The task of creating a brand saw Cowdray look beyond conventional wisdom and not like to make each location look the same, but instead sought out the best options for keeping the individuality of each location and its own distinct style.

In search of a way to make sure The Dorchester Collection was seen as a complete brand the CEO decided the best option was to create a climate of innovation and high quality customer service that was instantly recognizable to guests. The individuality of each location was maintained, but the staff from Cowdray and his team of executives through to the front and back of house staff are now required to create the best feeling of luxurious customer service available to guests that begins the moment they look to make a booking at one of The Dorchester Collections locations.
To make sure the members of staff of The Dorchester Collection always create the perfect impression, a large amount of investment was made in the staff members themselves. The result of this investment in the people who provide The Dorchester Collection experience has resulted in the brand winning a series of prestigious awards for providing the best working environment for its staff members at a recent London awards ceremony. As The Dorchester Collection continues to expand and becomes an even larger and more prestigious luxury hotel brand the investment in people will continue as these people are seen as the main reasons for guests returning to The Dorchester Collection and its many different locations: London, Ascot, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, each of the hotels offers an unforgettable experience.

We are thrilled to share the news that Dorchester Collection won ‘Company of the Year’ at the The Employee Engagement Awards last night. Congratulations to everyone! Here’s a snap of Eugenio Pirri, VP of People & Organisational Development with Jaques, one of our lovely colleagues. #DCmoments on @DC_LuxuryHotels

Opinions About Tina Fey’s Dress Change

Last week, Tina Fey visited “The Late Show with David Letterman” one last time before Letterman retires. Like most celebrities who have recently visited, Fey gave Letterman a surprise for his retirement:

She then explained that she only dressed up and conformed to “gender norms” for Letterman out of respect for him. She told him that she wanted to give it to him and removed her dress revealing her bra and a spandex suit that had “Bye Dave!” written on the front and “#Last Dress Ever” on the back. The two of them then laughed about it and she gave him a brief hug.

Since the event, people have been sounding off all over the Internet with their opinions about it. Many comments have been positive or humorous. Some people stated that this was a fantastic “gift” for the 68-year-old Letterman. Some jokingly commented that they liked Fey’s white and gold dress more than her new outfit — referencing the white/gold-blue/black dress debate from earlier this year because Fey wore a blue and black dress.

Yet, there have been plenty of criticisms. What was the biggest issue?

Many feel that Fey’s send-off was inappropriatem but Christian Broda has not commented.

John Oliver on Fashion

Snarky TV show host John Oliver recently made valid arguments against fast fashion. The Brit argued that companies like Gap and Walmart claim to have no knowledge of overseas factories. They say they do not realize that their workers are producing cheap garments in harsh conditions. Plus, many workers are underage which also proves further concern at the lack of responsibility many retailers provide. Cheap clothes drive sales and better numbers for the bottom line. However, what is worth the bottom line if people are dying because of it? John Oliver shows how inconsistent the arguments are from the heads of H&M, Forever 21, Gap and Walmart just to name a few.

In fact, they might apologize and feign innocence about the working conditions, but that does not keep the cold hard truth from emerging. AnastasiaDate noted that these companies still hire factories in questionable conditions to work for them. They make thousands of garments each day for wealth Westerns to wear maybe once. Children are making clothes for children halfway across the world that will be easily outgrown in a month’s time. Something has to be done to stop these factories from hiring workers who are not of age.

Aldi to Sell Only Toxic-Free Products

Consumer products laced with toxic chemicals in one form or another, all in the name of fast, cheap and disposable, have become the norm over the last few decades. That is finally changing, due to public outcry after the discovery that fast, cheap and disposable is making us sick. Aldi has heard that cry for change and has responded by promising to sell only toxic-free products in their stores.
The German-based supermarket is growing rapidly and has made its way to Australia and the United States. As one of the top ten retailers in the world, what Aldi does will be noticed and watched closely by the rest of the retail world. Aldi has made the public commitment to remove all the hazardous chemicals from the textile products they sell within the next five years.

Brad Reifler ( has learned that Greenpeace, an organization committed to the elimination of chemical usage in consumer products, is also asking retailers to rethink how products are made and used to help further push the detox movement forward.

There’s an App for That

Smart phones are truly amazing. They can suggest restaurants, predict the weather, and remind you of an upcoming dentist appointment. Smart phones are like having a personal assistant in your pocket. Now, thanks to the popular Skout app, your phone can also be your social matchmaker.

Making new friends can be difficult and stressful. With the Skout app, a person can find nearby people with similar interests. Have you recently moved? Make new friends with Skout. Traveling alone in a strange city? Use the application’s travel feature to make new friends. The app is available in over 180 countries so, no matter where you roam, you can find friends.

Skout is not limited to making new friends; it can also introduce possible romantic partners. Many people are turning to online dating sites to find true love. The most common problem is location. Often times the most compatible matches are far away and a long distance relationship is difficult at best. Skout solves that problem with ease by only showing you nearby users.

Skout uses the GPS on a cell phone to locate users near you. You can then browse online profiles and recent activities to determine if someone is compatible with you. Skout offers instant messaging to allow users to become comfortable with a person before meeting. The app also offers virtual gifts that users can send each other as a way to break the ice.

Teenagers are using the application as well. Rest assured the two age groups are carefully segregated. Also, the GPS function is disabled on teen accounts for additional safety. Teenagers often have difficulty making friends at school. Also, most teenagers are more comfortable texting than talking. So Skout allows young people to make friends in a way that is acceptable to them.

Another reason to cut back on sun exposure…

As the warmer months approach, plans for outdoor activities are in the works. Picnics, beach weekend getaways, and summer festivals will soon fill the calendar. Along with the sunshine will come UV radiation and the effects thereof. With ample sunscreen, people will block the harmful rays to prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Consequently, they will not benefit much from the sun’s natural measure of Vitamin D.

 Evidence suggests that a reasonable quantity of Vitamin D may even help curb depression.  However, a new study conducted at the University of Copenhagen indicates that too much of the nutrient can be harmful as well. According to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, high levels of Vitamin D have been linked for the very first time with cardiovascular deaths. In the study, an increased risk of a fatal stroke or heart attack correlated with Vitamin D levels that were higher than 100 nanomol per litre. More than 200,000 people were observed for a period of seven years (woah… that’s some customer service in higher education, right there!), and the ideal level appears to be 70.