Some New Developments In Dubai That’ll Make You Say WOW

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has been on the limelight for some years now owing to its growing economy and the groundbreaking technologies that have been realized in the city. This has been possible under the able leadership of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, His Excellency Mohammad Al Gergawi. Gergawi was born in Dubai in the early 60s and to be precise in 1963. He was a bright student and he went through his primary and secondary education in Dubai. After his secondary education, Gergawi moved to the USA to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Eastern Michigan University. Although he had passion for business, he also had other overriding passions that led him to the position he holds today.

He was a pioneer in the newly formed executive council position in the Dubai’s governments. Al Gergawi was appointed the first secretary general in 2003 a position he held for three years before he was appointed the minister of cabinet affairs. His appointments in the government has helped him to grow and become more seasoned for politics and foreign policies. He has made numerous contributions to the business community while he served as the chairman of the senior executive board of Dubai Holding.

The news came in as a huge surprise to many people who anticipated to see just how the 3D office printing will look like. The technology is new and ground breaking making the oil rich country the first to exploit this technology. The will be a one-story building and it will be have a 2000 square feet floor. According to the officials, the building will be built in 3D and it will also include furniture’s built in the same technology. The first of its kind will be the proof of just how effective the 3D printing technology can be.

It is anticipated that the success of this building will change the entire shape of the construction industry as we know it. The materials to be used are of high value including reinforced concrete and gypsum which will also be reinforced with glass fiber and plastic materials according to Gergawi. Dubai has sought the expertise of a Chinese company, Win Sun Global to partner in the construction of this new technology on the face of the earth. The Chinese company has used this technology before in the construction of small houses and a record of 10 houses in less than 24 hours has been set. Therefore, with the experience that the Chinese company brings along, the project has greater chances of being successful.

Andy Wirth in the Press Play Show Opens Up About the Drought

I listened to Andy Wirth, the CEO and president of Squaw Valley and his interview with KCRW in the Press Play program was just amazing. I am a great enthusiast of Skiing and any information and news regard the same has been my endeavor. Currently, the California drought has been posing as a challenge to the skiing industry and Squaw Valley is anticipating losses as a result. The drought has been caused by the EL Nino effect. The ski resorts in the areas have reported negative implications with the low amounts of snowfall in the recent past. However, Andy Wirth has surprised the players in the industry by stating that the drought has not affected the Squaw Valley resort. He has been in charge of the resort for the five years and throughout this time, he has made tremendous progress.

He joined the Squaw Valley five years ago and since he was brought on board the resort has realized notable progress in the right direction. I tuned in to listen to Andy as he talked about the effects of the current drought in California on KCRW. He was being interviewed by Madeline Brand and he remained very objective with the current situation. He remained positive and he did not express any shred of doubt in the capacity of the Squaw Valley to remain resilient to the current dry spell.

While he admits that the reduced snowfall has resulted into the reduction of the amount of land used for skiing at the resort, he remains adamant that the Squaw Valley resort has remained profitable nonetheless. While the snowfalls where stable, the resort would provide 6000 acres of land for skiing according to Wirth. However, the amount of acreage provided by the company has reduced with the dry spell and the current reduced snowfall. As such, the company has reduced the amount of skiing land to 4000 acres. Regardless of the reduced amount of acres offered by the resort for skiing currently, Squaw Valley has remained profitable.

To my amusement, the charismatic CEO made a light moment about the drought saying that I has been a beneficial to the resort because the employees are keen in conserving the snow. Judging by his responses all through the interview, Wirth is a very positive leader and he constantly replied to the questions asked without hesitating to express his positive and high expectation of better performance in the industry amidst all the crisis. While others are worried about the drought, Wirth affirms that he has no concerns about the current situation and that it does not worry him that the drought is taking quite long. He banks on his man-made snow strategy to keep the business running and he is optimistic that this will work just fine.


Investment banking is one of the services industries. Investment bankers like Ken Griffin offers help to individuals, corporations and governments in terms of giving financial capital, funds and acting as client’s agents in the issuance of securities. Investment banks are different from commercial and retail banks because they do not take money deposits.
Investment banking provides partnership to those who sort for their services. Investment banks work with their customers together; that is hand in hand with the primary driving objective being to make a profit and formulate successful deals through the mutual agreement signed.
Investment banks carry out many different banking activities. Like, for example, they advise and offer information to firms or corporations issuing securities and investors buying securities on when and how to place items on the open market for buying and selling. So, it is justified to say that investment banks play a significant role in identifying and issuing new security offerings to corporations and security buying firms.
Another important role investment banking plays is offering pieces of advice to the world’s largest organizations on surrender of companies stock; how to gain acquisition of the companies on sale and provide details on fundraising strategies to the organizations. The investments banks here does deep research so as to give these organizations reliable information.
For individuals like innovators and entrepreneurs who want to establish business firms; investment banks come to their aid. They help the individuals raise funds i.e. the capital, and give advices on the idea because they have experts who do forensic analysis and scrutiny to the business ideas to find out the positive effects and the negative impacts of the design. Investment banks have a goal of seeing ideas implemented and that is why they embrace aiding the business minded.
Investment banking also takes the coverage role in industries; supermarkets; private/ public firms; and product groups in case of any damages. For example, if an industry that has ensured its production with them burn down due to faulty fire outbreak or other disasters, the investment banks cover and fully compensate the sector as per the agreement between the banks and the corporation. Also, it offers medical covers to the employees in the industry so long as they were injured while in the line of duty.
Also investments banks carries out: the ‘sell side’ which involves trading items for cash or other items for the client and the ‘buy side’ which involves providing advice to institutions concerned with buying investments services. With such reputation that have seen investment banks propel, we can say investment banks are your sell and buyout partners.
One of the investors who have worked to see the investment firms live up to their expectations is Mr. Kenneth Griffin. Mr. Griffin is an American investor. He is the founder and the CEO of Citadel, which is a global investment firm. Mr. Kenneth Griffin has worked to see that his firm delegates its duties and be a world investment company that is well known.

North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park Visiting DePauw

North Korea is one of the most isolated countries, not thanks to its geographical position, but thanks to its communist leadership. Censorship is at such a level to the extent of the violation of human rights. For young people living in such a country, life may feel more like a prison. It is hard to escape from such a system, where even the Internet is highly censored. For some people life in these conditions was unbearable and for Yeonmi Park escaping the country was the only option.

The young human rights activist was born in on October of 1993. She escaped North Korea in 2007 and currently lives in neighbouring South Korea. Park rose to International fame after a speech delivered at the One Young World 2014 Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The event gathers young people from all over the world to develop solutions to the worlds biggest issues. Her speech about her experience on escaping from North Korea was seen by millions on YouTube and other video sharing services. She comes from a wealthy family. Her father worked as businessman and was a part of the ruling Workers party, while her mother worked as a nurse in the North Korean Army. After escaping, she spoke out about her life in North Korea and was featured the Washington post as well as The Guardian.

This video interview of Park will give you an idea as to what you can expect at DePauw:

This is why it will be an honor to see this brave, young woman on the 5th of October on the grounds of the DePauw University. I have read that she has a new book coming called In Order to Live, that is about: “ the resilience of the human spirit and the transcendent power of love to overcome the most ghastly horrors and the most hopeless circumstances.”. She is a big inspiration to those who dream of freedom in many repressed countries and regions. At this year’s Women in the World summit, Park stated, “For the first time in my life, I own me. I own myself, and this is so powerful to me. I always belonged to the states or to a man who bought me, and I have a voice now. Freedom allowed me to have a voice. I want to use this voice, and I want everyone else to use their voice, too.”, further inspiring millions.

So, this year the Ubben Lecture Series will have its youngest speaker ever. The Ubben Lecture Series was established through the support of DePauw graduates Timothy H. and Sharon Williams Ubben. The series was designed to “Bring the world to Greencastle”. There were many famous speakers presenting, and some of them include Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, General Wesley Clark and many more. There is a huge list of previous lecturers that can be found on the University’s website. Furthermore there are also many video montages of previous events available on YouTube.

It is great opportunity to meet someone who knows what it is to fight for your freedom, rather than just seeing it on TV or reading about it on the Internet. It is definitely an event that should not be missed and a great honor for both the University, and Yeonmi Park herself, to speak at a place where many of the most influential people of the last century have spoken.

Technology and the Great Outdoors

As an outdoorsman, technology changed the game. I used to hunt, but I mostly photograph the outdoors and guide tours into the pineywoods of East Texas. Formerly, I had to work my way through endless woods that all looked the same with a compass and what I call wilderness wit. Things like knowing on which side of trees that moss grows, the North Star, the direction of the sun and things like this. However, no matter how much I tried to teach these things to the people that I mentor, someone will inevitably get lost. The previous Nokia handset type phones had excellent range, so we readily utilized the technology, but the newer smart phone’s range is awful as far as getting a signal is concerned.

Because of this, people that could formerly find a high spot and call us are now simply lost in the woods. However, since the advent of GPS, I do not let them enter the woods without a personal location device because anything can happen, and help can be many miles away, and accidents happen all of the time. Before this technology, people would die in the wilderness that had simply lost their way and not for a very long distance. It was just simply too hard to find the people without GPS. Now I map coordinates so that now, the wilderness is really not the wilderness anymore for anyone that is connected with our group, and anyone else that we can help if lost.

I also have hunting dogs. We do not catch, but we chase feral hogs and sometimes cougars from around settlements and communities. Every year hunters and outdoorsman lose their dogs to being lost on the chase. I personally have found dogs that have ranged hundreds of miles from their destination, and the only thing that returned them to their owners were microchips. I never have these issues, but I do microchip all of my animals. However, the GPS system that is made specifically for my dogs keeps my buddies from getting lost. This is important because my dogs are also my pets, and my girls would never forgive me if I lost their friends. Additionally, not only does it cost approximately $3,000 to replace the special breed, the selection, training and time that I put in to these animals is often irretrievable.

It would only take a few losses like that and of particular dogs to hurt my business for at least a year or more, and maybe permanently. I was reading about how Shaygan Kheradpir had ushered many of the world’s largest tech firms into the digital age with his technological and business acumen, and I thought about ways that I could incorporate technology into my business. He lifted these companies up by simply instituting the technologies that were available but underutilized and in their infancies in some cases. This is the type of forethought that I utilize now for the safety of those that I mentor, those that are lost and even my dogs.

Economists Help a Business to Gain Success

Every business wants to be the most successful that they possibly can be, and most businesses will do all that they can to achieve great success. Some businesses hire help to get them through tough times, and some businesses hire help to guide them to a greater future. Economists offer help to businesses in a variety of ways, and they can help any business to make it. A business needs to know what is trending, what is going to be taking place in the world, and they need to know how they should be spending their money. A business needs to know just what they should be doing if they hope to make it, and an economist can help them out with all of that.

When a business is willing to accept the kind of help that an economist offers to them, that business can use the advice that they are given to help them to grow and to find success. When a business gets the right kind of advice and assistance from an economist, that business can succeed. An economist can make predictions about the future and help a business to plan accordingly. An economist is trained to do things that are helpful to businesses, and they can use their training to really make a difference. Every business needs to do all that it can to succeed, and an economist can help them to do just that and to really make it.

Christian Broda is an economist that is out there, and he has been fully trained in that world. A business can grow through the help of someone like Christian Broda and all of the advice that they have to offer. Economists know the financial world, and Christian Broda is someone who is an expert in that world. Christian Broda is a leader, and he is someone who knows just what is required from any economist out there. When a business chooses to accept the help that economists have to offer, that business can grow and succeed. Christian Broda is one of the many educated economists that are out there.

Doe Deere : Color Is Not A Crime

It all started with the search for the right cosmetics. Doe Deere was once just another woman trying to find the perfect make-up. She desired saturated pigments that would pop that were also vegan and cruelty free. She was surprised to stumble across the number of cosmetics lines that are not vegan, such as companies that use blubber or honey in lipsticks. She wanted pigments that looked as though they had been lifted from the pages of a fairytale, with all of the magic and no animal byproducts. When she could not find what she was looking for, she set off to create her own and the Lime Crime cosmetic line was born.

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime is a full time beauty entrepreneur. Her cosmetic company celebrates color and embraces a playful spirit. Lime Crime has been featured in Nylon magazine and Deere was named as one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs” by SELF-MADE magazine. This success echoes of that of a fairytale.

Though she has experienced a great amount of success, Doe Deere still recalls her humble beginnings. She started the business with a few hundred dollars and realizes that she would not have been able to build her business empire without the use of the internet. When she began, she was solely an online retailer. She would not have been able to cover the costs of renting a space for a brick and mortar store on a shoestring budget. The use of social media afforded Deere the opportunity to find customers from all around the world. This is ideal for her bold makeup line. A brick and mortar shop that sells such vibrant makeup would only fare well in very specialized markets, but an strong online presence drew women that crave dramatic makeup from all around the globe to her website.

As an entrepreneur, she recognizes that it can be a difficult road for other female entrepreneurs to find their footing in the market. Deere often offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs or businesses run by women. There is a bit of trial and error. Sometimes you have to try new approaches and fail. Some failure is necessary and humbling, and should always been seen as an opportunity for growth. The key to growing from failure is not to avoid it all together, but to try to not repeat patterns and to not fail in the same manner twice. Above all, it is most important to have the courage to get back up and stand once more in spite of opposition.

Deere is an inspiring figure that reminds us to have fun. We don’t always have to take make up or ourselves so seriously. Life can be hard enough as it is without us being so hard on ourselves. If a bit of glittery eye shadow or high impact lipstick can make you feel like you could grace the pages of a fairytale, why would you want to suppress that? It is never too late to embrace a playful spirit.

What Should a Cosmetics Company Offer?

If a company is going to be selling cosmetics to those who are looking for them, and providing those individuals with the products that they want, what should that company be offering? What should a cosmetics brand give to consumers? Are there certain qualities that cosmetics should have? Should a cosmetics brand be more concerned about their consumers than they are about the money that they are making?

When a brand is marketing cosmetics to individuals, that brand needs to offer a wide variety of products. The brands that come out with cosmetics need to be able to provide consumers with products to meet their needs. Those kinds of brands need to offer products that meet the needs of a variety of individuals. Cosmetic brands need to work hard to produce a variety of products, so that consumers can find just the kind of products that they are looking for. Cosmetics brands need to offer consumers the kinds of products that they need for special occasions, as well as products that they can wear on a regular basis. It is important that cosmetic brands offer a variety of items like Lime Crime on urbanoutfitters.

The brands that sell cosmetics need to make sure that the products that they offer to consumers are products that are safe for use. Those who create cosmetics and sell them need to make sure that they are putting out items that will be safe for use on the skin of consumers. It is important that those brands that are creating cosmetics thoroughly research the ingredients that they use. The brands that put out cosmetics need to test the products that they produce before they release them. No one wants to be harmed by the cosmetics that they choose to use, so the brands that put those items out need to make sure that they are putting out quality items.

Lime Crime is one brand that is out there with the cosmetics that individuals are looking for. When someone is looking to buy cosmetics that offer them everything that they want out of such items, they can find those kinds of cosmetics from Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a brand that cares about their consumers, and they offer products that look out for the skin of those individuals. Those who are looking to buy cosmetics need to have a brand that they can trust and rely on, and Lime Crime is that kind of a brand.

Finding a Company to Invest In

A very important part of investment in Brazil is finding a company to invest in. For people that are looking for a company to invest in, it is important to look beyond the price. While, many investors start out investing money in order to make more money, there are plenty of other advantages to holding a stock in a company. When one invests in stocks of a company, he actually owns some of that company. This basically means that he has some say in how things are run in the company. Quite a few people can say what it is like to own shares in the company. One of the people that know about earning shares is Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen is one very knowledgeable investor who has gained many years of experience when it comes to owning shares in a company. He will advise many people on what to look for in a company before buying stocks. His advice is that it is better to invest in many small stocks from different companies than to settle on one company. He has plenty of words of wisdom for people that are willing to listen to him when it comes to making the right investments.

In order to find the right companies to invest in, one has to figure out what he or she wants in a company. One thing that is helpful in determining whether or not a company is worth investing in is whether the investor likes the company or not. When the investor decides that he is passionate about the company that he is looking to buy shares from, then he could make the investments. When he invests in a company, he can actually have a word in as to how the company is run. He can also get some regular earnings from dividends and yields depending on the company that he is investing in.

Investing in Brazil For Long Term Gains

People must be able to think carefully about where they want to be at all stages in life. Someone who is in their twenties will want to have a highly different life plan than someone who is much older. Part of life planning includes planning for various aspects of savings, investment and retirement. People must be able to save money carefully in most cases in order to avoid problems in life. An emergency fund when young can help people in the event of a temporary job loss. As people age, their thoughts begin to turn to retirement and a focus on the kind of needs they have in order to be able to retire at an age that is ideal for their specific needs and wants.

In such cases, people must also be able ot consider the various kinds of investments they can use in order to earn the highest possible rate of return on their funds. A well balanced portfolio is one that that is protected against losses and one that is focused on making sure that the capital the person owns grows at the right pace for their needs. In doing so, many people find that they can easily enjoy a pleasant retirement and the opportunity to pay all of the bills on time.

One of the best ways to help diversify a portfolio and earn a higher rate of return is via investing in markets overseas. Investing in a market such as Brazil can help the person do well by allowing them to participate in a growing economy. Doing so often means focusing closely on investors who have specialized in this area of the world such as Igor Cornelsen. Mr. Cornelsen is a skilled and highly successful investor from this area of this country who has helped provide people in Brazil and those abroad with the opportunity to participate in one of Latin America’s most vital economies.

In this way, people can realize important gains and help see the kind of growth that will allow them have a nest egg that is truly ideal for their needs. Many people are pleased to discover just how easy it can be to invest in Brazil and work with banks in this area of the world. THe net result can beneficial to both the investor and those living in Brazil who are able to enjoy increased access to liquid capital.