Purina Dog Food Aims To Help The Community And Dogs Around The World

The Nestle Purina pet food brand has been one of the top companies in the world since two major pet care businesses merged in 2001. In most reports the brand is known as the second largest in the world, which is aided by the fact a wide range of brands are produced under the Nestle Purina that cover a number of budget ranges to make sure almost every pet parent can provide their dog with high quality food. The company is seen as one of the most impressive in the world for the way it works to protect the environment and make sure as many dogs as possible have a bright future.

Purina has also been looking to create a popular number of campaigns that are designed to raise awareness of the brand and allow pets and their parents around the world to become as healthy as possible. In recent years, the trend for overfeeding dogs and pet obesity have been amongst the causes taken up by the executives in charge of the company. Partnering with a well known human dieting Website gave Purina the chance to create a community based program that looked at the best ways of reducing the weight and increasing the fitness levls of dogs around the world. This comes as a large number of programs have been introduced that are designed to allow animals around the world to show their skills in agility courtses touring North America. Purina attempts to help dogs of all ages to get the most out of their fitness levels as they embark on competitions in a range of categories.

Purina has looked to make sure the largest number of dogs have the chance to remain fit and healthy into the future by embarking on the development of a number of dog food lines. Purina’s Beneful range is one of those that has grown in popularity since it was launched in 2001 to create a natural alternative to processed foods. The name Beneful has been described by some company executives as meaning full of goodness and has grown in just over a decade to become the world’s fourth most popular dog food line. Beneful is well known for the natural inredients that are included in the product line and has become well known for being one of the most nutritionally important dog food lines in the world. The need to keep animals fit and healthy is one of the most important aspects of the line, which has made a commitment to placing the needs of the pet at the top of its list of priorities.

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